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Remembrance Day Canada - Classroom Collaboration Poster
Remembrance Day for Canada collaboration poster. This poster gives you 30 pages that are each colored by your students and then cut out and put together to create a large (approx. 35" x 42") poster to display in your room or at your school for Remembrance Day in Canada. ***THIS IS THE CANADIAN DESIG

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Me on the Map, CANADA - A Social Studies & Language Arts Project
The United States version of my Me on the Map Packet is my #1 best selling product of all time. I love knowing it is being used in so many classrooms, well...all over the map...and by request have created this CANADIAN VERSION for our neighbors to the north.This product will allow you to easily mak

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Ontario Gr. 5 Social Studies, Strand A Heritage and  Identity Part 1
Indigenous People and Europeans Prior to 1713, Part One: Before the Explorers is a Grade 5-7 social studies unit created to support student learning about the early origins of this country. This inquiry-based unit (previously called First Nations & Europeans in New France and Early Canada) meets

Also included in: Ontario Gr. 5 Social Studies Strand A: Heritage and Identity Bundle


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Indigenous Artists of Canada Inspired Art Projects
This set of art projects incorporates painting, oil pastels, print making and carving to study six different artists of Canada who identify as First Nations or Métis through creating a piece of art inspired by: George Littlechild, Bill Reid, Dana Standinghorn, Jason Carter, Benjamin Chee Chee and Le

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Fur Trading Post Historical Thinking Activity
Keep your students engaged in learning about life in Early Canada through this exciting project about the Canadian Fur Trade. Students are hired by a trading company to scout out a new location for a fort in the new world in this project based learning activity. Students present a map of the locatio

Also included in: Grade 5 Alberta Social Studies Bundle


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Interactions of Indigenous Peoples and Europeans Word Wall
This Indigenous Peoples and Europeans Word Wall resource is intended to provide students with clear definitions of the vocabulary associated with this topic. It includes key words mentioned in the revised 2018 Ontario Ministry of Education Social Studies Curriculum for this Grade 5 unit, although th

Also included in: Ontario Grade 5 Social Studies Mega-Bundle


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Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies:  Canada's Interactions in the Global Community
This Canada’s Interactions in the Global Community Interactive Notebook Unit is a 191 page resource intended to support the revised 2018 Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum. This unit supports an inquiry-based approach as students develop guiding questions and work in “Expert Groups” to invest

Also included in: Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies Mega-Bundle


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Canadian Regions: Information Bundle
** UPDATED! 08/19I've cleaned this up, added MORE information and a coloring/fact sheet for each of the 6 regions. Make sure to re-download it to get the latest version.*Bestseller!Are you teaching Canadian Regions to your students and find the textbook reading level way too high? Looking for a way

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Ontario Grade 5/6 Blended Social Studies:  Strand B People and Environments
This Canada’s Actions at Home and in the Global Community resource is a split Grade 5/6 unit meant to support the revised 2018 Strand B Ontario Social Studies Curriculum for Grade 5 and Grade 6. This resource blends the content from the Grade 5 Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship strand

Also included in: Ontario Grade 5/6 Social Studies Mega-Bundle


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Indigenous People in the Past A Collaborative Research Project
Teach your students in this twist on the jigsaw method about how the First Nations, Métis and Inuit people of Canada connected to the land as part of their belief system historically.This product includes:a full lesson to help your students understand how geographical location impacts cultures both

Also included in: Alberta Social Studies Bundle Grade 4


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Haida: Indigenous (First Nations, Aboriginal) Cultures Informational Article
♥♥This nine page article covers the following topics about the Haida people of Canada:♥ Location♥ Tools and Weapons♥ Food♥ Clothing♥ Travel♥ Shelter♥ BeliefsReal images are used to supplement the information.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦You mi

Also included in: Indigenous (First Nations, Aboriginal) Cultures Informational Articles Bundle


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Canadian History Reading Passages
Canada Reading Comprehension Passages This pack includes 30 non-fiction close reading passages with comprehension questions all Canadian history, trivia and people. Wonderfully versatile for classroom use - use in guided reading groups, for independent reading, at centers, as supplements to other

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Canadian Provinces & Territories Scoot!
How much do your students know about the provinces and territories of Canada? Scoot is a fun way to find out! This activity is ideal to use for review at the end of a unit, or as a diagnostic tool to assess how much your students know before they begin learning about Canadian geography. Canadian

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Canadian Government - Canada's Three Levels of Government
Are you learning about the three levels of Canadian government and want a unique way for students to show what they have learned? This flip book in an interactive way to record information learned or researched about the three levels of Canadian government.This six page flip book would be a perfect

Also included in: Canadian Social Studies Bundle - My Favourite Products at a Discount!


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Natural Resources Lesson and Activities
Teach about natural resources like forestry, fossil fuels and agriculture with these activities that include: card sorting, inductive learning, jigsaw teaching, reading, writing, drawing, discussion and analyzing text with only minutes of preparation. This product includes:complete lesson plans with

Also included in: Alberta Social Studies Bundle Grade 4


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Grade 5 Alberta Social Studies Bundle
Teach your students about the geographical regions of Canada, geography, mapping skills, First Nations People of Canada, National Parks, and the Fur Trade. We have included activities to read, write, act, draw, perform and create while learning skills of historic and geographical thinking. Bring you


French and Indian War Packet
This is a packet of passages on the French and Indian War with a lexile range of 950-1050. The packet also includes section comprehension questions, a comprehensive review sheet, fact sheet, KWL chart, Venn-diagram for the French Settlers and English colonists, and answer keys. I created this for 4t

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Fur Trading Fort 3-D Model Template
The following package contains instructions and templates for constructing a 3-D fur trading fort. Included in this package is also a page for students to complete once they have constructed their fort. I searched long and hard on-line for a simple, complete paper model of a fur trading fort for m

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Canada Powerpoint - Geography, History, Government, Culture, Economy, and More
This Canada PowerPoint presentation has 43 slides and provides an overview of its history, geography, government, economy, and culture. A worksheet that can be used with the presentation can be found here: Canada Worksheet, but it can be used separately as well. You may also like:Canada Geography Wo

Also included in: North America Bundle


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Canada & The Fur Trade: Scenario Cards
Tired of the textbook? Me too! This product provides students with the opportunity to think critically and gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced during the fur trade period in Canada. This hands on assignment is easy to introduce, assess and the learning is meaningful- a perfect addit

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Canadian Regions: Reading Comprehension Bundle
Tie Language Arts to Social Studies with this cross curricular set of reading material and questions related to the major regions of Canada. To ensure that your students are going back and re-reading, each page has them underline where they are finding their answer using a specific crayon color. Cra

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Indigenous People of Canada Drama Circle Turtle Island
This set of drama circle cards teaches students about the struggles the First Nations or Indigenous People of Canada faced during colonization. As part of the truth and reconciliation process we wanted students to understand the general series of events since the arrival of Europeans including reser

Also included in: Drama Circles for Canadian Social Studies Bundle


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Terry Fox 2 Reading Passages, 9 activities: Grades 4-6 DISTANCE LEARNING
“Terry Fox: A Canadian Hero” includes 2 reading passages and nine activities will work well in an English Language Arts class as well as Social Studies. Please check the preview to ensure the activities and reading level works for your class!Included in this resource are:2-one page reading texts of

Also included in: Terry Fox, John McCrae, David Suzuki BUNDLE Texts, Activities DISTANCE LEARNING


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Indigenous People of Canada Shelters and Dwellings
Keep your students engaged in learning about life of the Indigenous People of Canada through this exciting project about shelters and dwellings. Students are hired by a museum to design a new display in this project based learning activity.Have your students use their creative, critical and historic

Also included in: Alberta Social Studies Bundle Grade 4


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