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Figurative Language Google Classroom Distance Learning Packet Printables
These 30 ready-to-use figurative language printables (or google slides) are perfect for learning to identify and write seven common types of figurative language: simile, metaphor, idioms, hyperbole, personification, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. Each type of figurative language includes an introdu

Also included in: Figurative Language Bundle Worksheets Task Cards and Posters


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Prefixes Suffixes Roots Google Classroom Distance Learning Packet Printable
These 40 ready-to-use worksheets (with Google Slide option) are designed to help your students use affixes correctly and to understand new words by looking at affixes and word roots. It includes definitions and examples for independent learning.Google Slides added April 12, 2020. Please see the Prev

Also included in: ELA Review No-Prep Bundle, grammar and vocabulary Distance Learning Packets


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Context Clues Bundle of Activities (4th, 5th, and 6th grade)
This bundle contains 8 engaging activities you can use while teaching your students about using context clues to determine the meanings of unknown words as they read. These resources focus on the following five types of context clues:→ Definition clues→ Synonym clues→ Antonym clues→ Example clues→ I


Idioms of the Week; A School Year of Idioms!
The ORIGINAL Idiom of the Week- A School Year of Idioms! SAVE $$$ WITH THIS BUNDLE:IDIOM AND QUOTE OF THE WEEK BUNDLEDo you need a new twist on teaching idioms? This product (my best seller) is 137 pages! There are 60 Idiom posters (large and smaller versions/4 to a sheet) to choose from in this un

Also included in: Idiom, Quote, AND Homonym of the Week Bundle


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Figurative Language PowerPoint
Figurative Language Fun and Interactive PowerPoint Lesson 55 slide PowerPoint and notes page on similes, metaphors, hyperboles, alliteration, idioms, onomatopoeia, and personification. Perfect for whiteboard practice. Here's what customer's say "Worth IT!" - Rochelle C. "This is probably one

Also included in: Figurative Language Mini Bundle PowerPoint - Test Prep - Worksheet


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English Language Arts Review Google Classroom Distance Learning Packets
This is a set of 25 ready-to-use language arts printables and google slides. There are pages and slides that reinforce basic grammar concepts as well as figures of speech. This resource is meant to be used as supplemental practice material after you have taught the concepts. Answer keys also include

Also included in: ELA Review No-Prep Bundle, grammar and vocabulary Distance Learning Packets


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Multiple Meaning Words Task Cards Set 1
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to reinforce common multiple meaning words (homographs). Each of the featured words appears on two cards. For example, the word "duck" appears on card #1 as the waterfowl and again on card #17 as the verb, to bend down. Not only will this help to solidify the

Also included in: Vocabulary Task Cards: 16 Set Bundle


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Cause and Effect PowerPoint Lesson
The Smelly Truth About Cause & Effect Cause and Effect: This 28 slide PowerPoint presentation will engage your students and teach them how to understand cause and effect relationships in text. Students will learn cause and effect relationships through sentence examples and test questions. Ha

Also included in: ELA Reading Comprehension PowerPoint Bundle


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Context Clues Craftivity
Context Clues: Teach five types of context clues with this engaging activity! The five types include synonyms, antonyms, definition, inference, and examples.Your students will read 10 sentences and determine the type of context clue the author provided to help readers understand the meaning of the u

Also included in: Context Clues Bundle of Activities (4th, 5th, and 6th grade)


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NO PREP Build A Sentence Activities For Grammar Intervention- Distance Learning
I work with students who are in the 3-5 grade range that are struggling with building more complex sentences. They are also struggling with identifying the who, what, where, when in sentences and when listening to longer story passages. Even when I provided visuals and examples, my students were sti

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Sentence Building Task Cards for Writing Better Sentences
Each of these 32 cards requires students to follow instructions to improve a simple sentence by adding and/or changing words. Students will not only learn to make more interesting and elaborate sentences, but will also be reinforcing parts of speech skills. For younger grades, use the cards just as

Also included in: Sentences Task Card Bundle


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Homophones - Illustrated Word Wall
Homophones - Illustrated Word Wall: This Illustrated Homophone Word Wall set includes...- 47 Word wall cards with pairs of homophones (some triplets too).- A homophone definition poster in the form of a graphic organizer.- A large 'definition of a homophone' sentence strip.✅ 5th May, 2015 *Newer ver

Also included in: Homophone Bundle: Word Wall, Dominones, Matching Game and Flash Cards


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Context Clues Distance Learning Reading Passages | Context Clues Worksheets
NOW WITH A DIGITAL DISTANCE LEARNING OPTION WITH GOOGLE SLIDES!This no prep Context Clues Reading Passages product offers print and go, common core aligned, easy to use context clues activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. This product includes:four instructional pages to help students identify cont

Also included in: Context Clues Distance Learning Activities MULTI-LEVEL MEGA BUNDLE


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Visual Direction Cards: 57 Terms [Ashley Hughes Design]
This set compliments my best seller:Mini Material Posters. This 37 page PDF contains cards so you can 'show' your students what to do during activities. I use this with my ESL/EFL students and it works wonders. I just explain instructions and hang the cards for reinforcement. I rarely have stude

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Cause and Effect Differentiated Activity Bundle *Common Core Aligned!*
Three of my best selling Cause and Effect Products combined! Check out my 5 Page Preview to see samples from each activity! Included: *36 Generating Cause & Effect Task Cards {TEXT} *16 Generating Cause & Effect Task Cards {PICTURES} A three-tiered differentiated activity packet for use i

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Special Education: PICTURE Comprehension
PICTURE COMPREHENSION FOR SPECIAL EDUCATIONThis packet includes 20 short, simple passages followed by 3 comprehension questions. Answers can be circled or daubbed with Bingo daubbers for non- writers! This comprehension pack is perfect for early childhood or special education. Concepts are simple,

Also included in: MEGA Bundle Comprehension for the Beginning Reader


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Sentence Structure  Simple Compound and Complex Sentences Task Cards
This is a differentiated, double set of task cards for helping students understand three types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex. The first 32 cards are multiple-choice and focus on identifying types of sentences. The second set (also 32 cards) requires students to work with the three type

Also included in: Sentences Task Card Bundle


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Restate the Question Task Cards (Advanced Set for Grades 4-8)
The ability to restate a question, in order to answer in a complete sentence is important not only in test-taking situations, but also for many types of writing. These 32 task cards can help your students learn this challenging skill. There are two types of questions in this set. Cards 1-20 feature

Also included in: Back To School Task Card Bundle: 180 Task Cards!


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Parts of Speech Comics Bundle
Are you tired of your students not knowing the parts of speech? Do they look puzzled when you ask them to find the adjective in a sentence? Do they think a car is a verb? Then your students need a review! And what better way to do it through comics? Your students will love reviewing the parts of sp


Winter Receptive Language: Speech Therapy
Winter Receptive Language is 45 pages of receptive language activities for speech and language therapy intervention.Penguins: Answering WH Questions78 Question Cards, 6 special cards, 4 cue cards. Students play the game by drawing the penguin cards. Each contains an question. The student needs to an

Also included in: Winter Bundle: Speech Therapy Materials


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Shades of Meaning Task Cards
Use these 32 cards in your shades of meaning lesson plan to reinforce this language skill. The multiple choice format requires students to compare three related words and select the best one. Please keep in mind that shades of meaning is somewhat subjective. On most of the cards, all of the words wi

Also included in: Vocabulary Task Cards: 16 Set Bundle


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Homophones Task Cards: 3 Set Bundle (96 Cards Total)
Use these 3 sets of multiple choice task cards to reinforce common homophones. Each set contains 32 cards, so you get 96 cards altogether. Within each set, each of the homophone pairs appear on two cards. For example, in Set 1 for Card #1, the answer is "piece" and on Card #17, the answer is "peace


Idioms Task Cards: 3 SET BUNDLE, 96 Cards Total, Color and B&W
Save money with this discounted bundle of 3 Idiom Task Cards sets (32 cards per set for 96 cards total) to help your students learn the meanings of common idioms. In addition to the question cards, there is also a Challenge Card that can be used with every other card in the set to extend the activit


Soil Layers and Types of Soil vocabulary cards, assessments, activities, interactive notebook pages and an exciting soil SCOOT game are all included in these fun and engaging supplemental resources for your Soil Unit!Vocabulary Cards– use as a word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards,

Also included in: Soil Bundle


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