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The M&M Game
*NOW EDITABLE! This is a fun activity to do in the early days of school. My students love it and always want to play it more than once. Basically, each student has a mini-bag of M&M’s and, depending on which color they draw out, they tell different things about themselves. Students first play in

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Back to School Activity
Would You Rather Silly Question PowerPoint Game No prep! Whew! This 45 slide presentation is great as an icebreaker or a brief moment between activities during the first few weeks of school. You'll learn who would rather travel 2000 years into the past or the future, and give students a chance

Also included in: Back to School Bundle of Activities on PowerPoint


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Accountable Talk {Talking Stems, Bookmarks, Mini-Folders, Desktags, BB}
Get your students talking with this Accountable Talk resource! Accountable Talk is focused, collaborative talk meant to deepen and extend students’ thinking about a topic. Students respond to and further develop what other students have said. The more they talk, the more the learn! There are many b

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Book Talk
With a book talk you can lose the traditional book report and still hold your students accountable for their independent reading. Having your students complete book talks helps them practice their oral speaking skills and allows other students in the class to hear about (and get excited about) oth

Also included in: 4th to 6th Grade Essential Bundle


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End of the Day Closing Circle Reflection Cards - UPDATED 1/15/17!!
UPDATED 1/15/17: This product now includes 44 questions instead of 28. I have also added cut lines based on a buyer's suggestion!! You can simply re-download if you already own this product! NEW! Fall add-on pack can be found here:

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Turning the Question Around to Answer in Complete Sentences (Test Prep & More!)
Are you tired of your students giving one or two word answers? This product includes one interactive class activity and two worksheets for practice and assessment to help students lose the question word, move the verb, switch personal pronouns, and use the question to formulate their answers in comp

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Inferencing Paragraphs Card Deck
Paragraphs with questions to target inferencing skills! This product includes 30 paragraphs and 30 accompanying answer cards that explain the clues in the paragraph and talk the student through the process of making an inference. That's 60 cards total! Because of the accompanying answer cards, this

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Articulation Menus for Speech Therapy - Great for carryover and conversation!
Is articulation therapy getting a little dry and boring? Want a fun way to target language, social skills, and articulation? Check out these articulation menus! They're a super fun way to target specific speech sounds!Each page looks like a menu, but the name of the restaurant, the location, and the

Also included in: Articulation Menus Bundle


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Articulation Stories
Not only is this resource no prep, but it is also able to be used for more than just articulation practice! A long list of sounds are targeted by the stories in this product, and there are a wealth of skills and concepts targeted, such as summarizing, sequencing, WH- questions, and more!************

Also included in: Mixed Speech Group BUNDLE


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Reading & Responding, Interpreting Language & much more {with text messages!}
Who isn't hooked on their smart phones these days? Our students are communicating with text messages now more than ever! Let's use it to our advantage! I created this product to have a high interest, relevant and real-world language activity for my students. These short text message conversations

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Speech-Language Therapy Objective Binder
Are your administrators asking you about your objectives? Are your students wondering why they come to speech and language therapy? Ask no more! These objective binder pages outline generic speech and language therapy objectives for your sessions. They are meant to be very generic to not violate pr

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Drama Circle Bundle
In this zipped resource, I have bundled together 6 of my popular any-day Drama Circles. I have also included my Free Fairy Tales drama circle for a total of 7 drama circle activities.Drama Circles have a similar format to the "I Have / Who Has" game. They are a fun, any day activity that can be use


Minute To Win It: Articulation
Minute to Win it: Articulation from Speech Room News, Jenna Rayburn, MA, CCC-SLP is the perfect speech therapy activity if you need to get your kids up and moving. The document has 11 different challenges based on the show Minute to Win it. Each challenge describes an activity that must be complet

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First Day of School Activities - Back to School Ice Breaker and Writing Prompts
This low prep back to school resource is an easy way to help your students get to know each other so you can build a positive classroom environment the first day of school! There are 24 fun ice breaker questions that you can use with partners, small groups, or as a morning meeting activity. These

Also included in: Ice Breakers / Writing Prompts / Morning Meeting Questions for All Year


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Weekend Reports for Special Education Students - Differentiated
Included are 9 differentiated weekend journals for all special education students in your classroom, from symbol readers to advanced writers. This is the perfect life skill activity to get your students discussing their weekends and asking questions to each other. This activity works on social sk

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Accountable Talk with Questions & Conversation Stems - Commom Core SMPs
These stems are used in the math block when students are explaining, justifying, and critiquing other students' math problem solving work. Students use them to help formulate conversations about math concepts while looking at other students' strategies. These questioning stems are aligned with the

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I "Mustache" You a Question: An Answering and Formulating Questions Game
In this hilarious Mustache-themed set of card games, students are challenged in answering and formulating questions. This material includes: ~Question Go-Fish: Students work to match Y/N, Who, What, Where, When, and How questions with their answers. The cards are color and mustache-coordinated to

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Accountable Talk Bulletin Board and Student Notes
The ability for students to justify their thinking is an important skill that must begin in the early grades and be refined in later grades. Students need many opportunities to practice building on others’ thoughts, asking for clarification and showing evidence for their thinking. I have found that

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Listening Comprehension WH Questions
PERFECT FOR STUDENTS WITH ASD OR ELL!!This resource is a comprehensive product to elicit who, what, when, where questions within different levels. With this packet, you can take baseline data, track for progress monitoring, and establish goals based on results from the questions. Our students with a

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Literature Circles Made Easy Step by Step Lessons and Printables
Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy includes 5 short videos for teachers plus the printables you need to set up and run Literature Circles in your classroom. This method does not include Literature Circle roles, so the program is easy to implement in a flexible manner. Kids love this

Also included in: Literature Circles Made Easy Discussion Bundle


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Critical Thinking Language Sentence Frames {Say What?}  Aligned to Common Core
***I'm pleased to share that as of September 2013, these Critical Thinking Language Frames (along with my Reading Interventions "If/Then" Menu) were selected for inclusion as a professional learning resource in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Digital Library. Read more about it here.***

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Engagement Strategies
Having trouble getting your students to really be engaged in your lesson? Engagement can be tricky even for the most experienced of teachers! Class dynamics change so much and your normal 'tricks' might not work! This packet includes over 60 engagement strategy cards that can be used in almost an

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Articulation Battle Boats
Articulation sessions will be exploding with fun when you use this classic battle boats game infused with articulation practice. Students play by the classic Battleship rules to give coordinates but use speech words instead of numbers and letters. Included in this material: Initial/Medial/Final

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Articulation Blocks: Speech Therapy UN-stacking Game! Low-Prep! (game companion)
Grab your wooden unstacking blocks game and these mats for a FUN and EFFECTIVE speech therapy session! I love playing stacking blocks in therapy but my students often got frustrated with how easy it is to knock over (and some of my students would knock it over or bump the table on purpose). I wante

Also included in: Articulation & Language Blocks BUNDLE for Speech Therapy (game companion)


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