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Maps, Continents and Oceans, Landforms, Map Skills | Distance Learning Packet
Interactive Notebooks are a wonderful tool for providing hands-on experiences for learners. This Maps, Continents, and Landforms Interactive Notebook is no exception! The packet is easy to use for both student and teacher. Click HERE to SAVE 20% by buying ALL 15 Social Studies Interactive Notebook

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebooks & Activities Bundle


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Project Based Learning: Treasure Map
This project based learning activity assesses elementary student map skills. Students become actively engaged in designing their own island and mapping the route to the buried treasure! Great resource for teaching and assessing basic map skills in your social studies classroom!This map skills activi

Also included in: Project Based Learning with STEM: Pirates Bundle


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Biography Reports | Research Historical Figures | Biography Research QR Codes
Are your students struggling to find information on famous historical figures for their biography reports? Do you have technology in your classroom to help in their research, but aren't sure if they will find the right websites? The QR Codes for Biography Research Reports are what you need. No lon

Also included in: Biography BUNDLE: Biography Report & QR Codes for Biography Research


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Latitude and Longitude
This interactive Social Studies lesson engages your students in note-taking of important concepts and lets them use their creativity to show what they have learned!▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS RESOURCE?⇨ 10-page PowerPoint Presentation: Show a vibrant Powerpoint to

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5 Themes of Geography | Explore Five Themes of Geography | Distance Learning
In this highly-engaging Five Themes of Geography lesson, students analyze the five themes of geography (location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region) to understand how geographers study the world!This lesson begins with students doing an introductory reading and activity on t

Also included in: World History Curriculum | Part 1 Standard Curriculum | Distance Learning Ready


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Why Study History? First Day of School Activity for World and American History!
This highly-engaging "why study history" lesson engages students on the study of history, why it is important, and why we study it. This resource is an outstanding way to start your year as it promotes critical thinking, requires analysis, and sets the framework for studying history and social stud

Also included in: Back to School Social Studies Bundle! 11 Full Activities for Beginning of Year!


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Colonial America U.S. History Interactive Notebook
Colonial America Interactive Notebook UnitThis is a complete interactive notebook unit with assessments for the Colonial time period in the United States. Activities including graphic organizers, maps, and other interactive pieces. This resource is meant to be used with a textbook or as teacher-le

Also included in: American History Interactive Notebook Bundle 5th Grade 7 Units United States


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Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive Notebook | Google Classroom Distance Learning
Ancient Mesopotamia Unit for Interactive Social Studies Notebook {Paper & Digital Versions Included!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations (Entir

Also included in: Ancient Mesopotamia Activities Resource Bundle | Distance Learning


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Map Skills: Cardinal Directions
Cardinal Directions Task Cards are used to reinforce the skills students need to know for reading maps, using cardinal directions, and learning geography skills. This task card set uses the cardinal directions north, south, east, and west. Students will use the map ‘Bentley Community Map’ to answer

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CIVIL WAR & More: 4th-5th Grade Social Studies INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK: US History
American History - Civil War and more: 4th - 5th Grade Social Studies Interactive Notebook with Passages and Activities.You and your kids will LOVE it!! 13 passages and activities. I designed it for 4th - 5th grade, but you can use it with higher grades if you are covering the same content. With h

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This * BEST SELLER * made it to the TPT Top 50 list in 2013, 2016 and 2017.UPDATED 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ This amazing unit has an informational Power Point and ELA activities all included in a ZIP file for you. BONUS ~ We just added TWO mini booklets - differentiated for your learners ~ y

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Maps and Globes: Social Studies: Interactive Notebook
Maps and Globes.....and landforms too! Before you read about this notebook, let me tell you about my SS interactive notebook bundle....For a limited time, I am offering this notebook pack in a bundled pack with all of my other social studies notebook packs at a reduced price. You can get all 4 note

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Map Skills Package
This package contains a variety of handouts, worksheets, a lesson idea, and an activity to help teach students map skills such as scale, cardinal and intermediate directions, types of maps (planimetric, thematic, topographic), and basic map elements (legend, title etc.) Contents Welcome Teaching Gu

Also included in: Map Skills Bundle: activities, worksheets, crafts, posters + more


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Number the Stars Novel Study | Distance Learning | Google Classroom™
This is a complete and engaging novel study for the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This print and go book study is great to use in your classroom when teaching across the curriculum during a World War II unit! Just added a DIGITAL Google Classroom update March 29, 2020! Download again to get y

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Communities Resource Pack: Urban, Suburban, and Rural Community
This Communities Resource Pack is meant to enhance your existing unit! If you are looking for an activity or project to spruce up your community unit this might be just what you're looking for. In this pack you will find the following: -A List of Literature Recommendations -My Community Illustratio

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Immigration Lapbook and Suitcase
This is a great piece to have while teaching Immigration. I have created two different options for you but they both use the same flip flap books. The first thing you can make is a lapbook which is shown in the bottom right of the picture. This is made with file folders folded into a portfolio. It

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Maps and Globes Power Point in pdf
UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2014 ~ This is all you will need to teach all about Maps and Globes.This unit will cover the following topics : Words to Know What are Maps and Globes Map Key or Symbols Cardinal Directions Intermediate Directions Equator Prime Meridian Hemispheres Co

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Scientist and Inventor Research Project Distance Learning
Research 25 different scientists and inventors - assign one to each student, or follow a group study format where everyone studies the same person. If you keep interactive journals, the flip-flap tri-fold booklets are a good option. If you would prefer a poster format, I have included that as well.

Also included in: Inventors and Inventions Bundle


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Ancient Greece Interactive Notebook
This resource provides an Interactive Notebook on the history, culture, geography, and society of Ancient Greece. Consisting of 395 pages, split into 17 lessons, and starting with geography, it delves into what it’s like to live in an Ancient Greek city-state, all the way to Alexander the Great and

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Types of Maps Sort and Foldable for Interactive Notebook
Put a hands on twist on a typical and sometimes "boring" social studies topic. Resource can be used in multiple ways. Students can work independently, in partnerships, or small groups. Foldable (picture example included): Students create a foldable insert for their social studies interactive not

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American Revolution & Revolutionary War Interactive Notebook 5th Grade
American Revolution Interactive Notebook & TestThis unit covers American Revolutionary time period from the French & Indian War to the end of the Revolutionary War. Included are maps, graphic organizers, and other note taking pieces. This resource is meant to be used with a textbook or as

Also included in: American History Interactive Notebook Bundle 5th Grade 7 Units United States


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The Sneetches & Segregation: A Dr. Seuss Inspired Lesson for Black History Month
70 + pages. Link to short film below if you don't have access to a copy of the book.Click Here To Watch On YouTubeThis packet includes the following activities: Read Aloud QuestionsIf I was a Sneetch DrawingMain Idea and Supporting DetailsCompare and Contrast using a Venn DiagramKWL Charts for segre

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Salem Witch Trials: CSI Investigation! Was there witchcraft in Salem? Google 1:1
Salem Witch Trials - A CSI Investigation! Was there witchcraft in Salem? A great supplement to the Crucible & Google 1:1 Compatible!This Salem Witch Trials CSI Investigation is included in the larger 13 Colonies Unit and the CSI American History Bundle:Setting the 13 Colonies Unit!CSI American H

Also included in: CSI American History: Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Cuba, JFK, KKK!


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Bill of Rights SORT
Bill of Rights SORT This hands-on sort is a fun way for students to learn about the Bill of Rights. This activity includes the first ten amendments, their definition, and a description of each one. Great to use as a center, formative assessment, independent activity, morning work, or homework. T

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