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Water Bottle Flip STEM Challenge
The ORIGINAL water bottle flip stem challenge and lab! Water bottle flip at school? Absolutely! Students will love this on-trend STEM challenge inspired by the popular YouTube water bottle flipping challenge where students toss a water bottle and attempt to land it straight up. Practice scientific

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Probability Activities - Hands on Probability with Dice, Spinners, and Coins
This resource can help make teaching probability easier and makes a great probability introduction. Students learn and practice probability vocabulary (certain, impossible, likely, unlikely, and equally likely). Then, students apply the probability vocabulary in a hands on way using dice, coins, a

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Probability Activities: Hands-On Probability Stations
Explore probability with these engaging, hands-on probability activities! This set includes 6 low-prep probability stations perfect for practicing probability skills and critical thinking. Quick and easy setup plus clear student directions make these activities perfect for centers or substitute days

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Graphing Posters and Interactive Notebook INB Set
This poster and interactive notebook (INB) set includes posters covering bar graphs, double line graph, pictographs, picture graph, line graphs, double line graph, circle graphs, frequency tables, sector graph, stem and leaf plots, histograms, dot plots, and box and whisker plots. This set also incl

Also included in: Graphing and Data Analysis Bundle Posters Interactive Notebook INB


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Graphing and Data Analysis Task Cards {Interpreting Graphs and Tables}
Graphing and Data Analysis Task Cards: This set of 40 task cards (with 160 questions total) is designed to help students learn or practice how to read, analyze, and interpret data presented in tables and various forms of graphs. You may use these task cards for individual work, pair/group activity,

Also included in: Math Task Cards SUPER BUNDLE


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Probability Task Cards
Probability Task Cards help students practice probability in a fun way. Use these task cards for various activities or math centers to teach/review probability skills such as compound events, likelihood of an event, combinations., and MORE! Use for Scoot, small groups, centers, or whatever else yo

Also included in: Math Task Card Bundle


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Math Enrichment Full-Year Bundle - 6th Grade Math Task Cards
This resource includes 6th grade math enrichment task cards for the 12 different math units shown below. It consists of 1-3 enrichment problems for each of the topics listed below (162 total problems). An answer key IS included! To see a free sample of the type of problems included, download the fir


Roll the Dice Frequency Table and Dot Plot
Give your student practice using Dot Plots and Frequency Tables by using this activity in your classroom. Collect the information in groups or ass a class and fill in the frequency table and dot plot. This activity covers the NEW 2014-2015 Math TEK 4.9(A) summarize a data set with multiple categorie

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MAJOR ADDITIONS/UPDATES TO THIS PACK✓ 125 animated editable slide presentation to present prior to using print-n-go sheets to familiarize students with nature of questions (British English file included).**Teacher's guided notes to complement the Power Point presentation recently added.✓ 32 Cornell-



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Probability Centers
Probability Centers for 3rd - 6th grades! 5 Probability Center Activities & Recording Sheets! * Differentiated learning tasks included Center 1 Probability in Disguise: Students use a list of costume pieces to create a tree diagram to determine the number of possible costume combinations. Th

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6th Grade Math Error Analysis Bundle
6th Grade Math Error Analysis Tasks- One task for each Common Core Standard*70 different error analysis tasks for each 6th Grade Common Core Standard. This is a bundle of 5 different products at over a 20% discount. Please click on each link to see individual product descriptions. The Number System


Box Plot Task Cards
Box-and-Whisker Plot Task Cards and Recording Sheets, CCSS: 6.SP.4Included in this product: *20 unique task cards dealing with reading and interpreting box-and-whisker plots.*5 different recording sheets*Answer KeyThese cards are great for math centers, independent practice, "SCOOT" and other cooper

Also included in: Box Plot Activity Bundle


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Blow Cup Challenge STEM Project
The Blow Cup Challenge is now a STEM Challenge with this engaging science project inspired by the popular YouTube Blow Cup Challenge where students try to blow one cup into another cup. This self-paced, multi-part Blow Cup STEM challenge is print-and-go. Each activity sheet guides students through

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Statistics Activity Bundle
Statistics Activity Bundle - This bundle includes 6 classroom activities to support statistical questions, histograms, box plots, measures of center and measures of variability. All are hands on, engaging, easy to prep, and perfect to incorporate into the classroom, intervention time, tutoring, or


Box and Whisker Plot Worksheets
This product contains TWO Box-and-Whisker Plot worksheets. Both worksheets requires students to read, interpret, and create Box-and-Whisker plots. Students will first be asked to find lower and upper extremes, range, and all three medians. Following this, students will be creating their own Box

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Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Task Cards
A pack of one hundred ten (110) task cards divided into three (3) sets! This is created to help students practice or learn how to find the mean, median, mode, and range of a given data sets or graphs. It contains a wide variety of questions designed to address different skill levels of students. You

Also included in: Math Task Cards SUPER BUNDLE


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Probability Task Cards and Poster Set - Probability Activities
Probability can easily be practiced, reinforced, and mastered with this set of easy-to-use posters and practice task cards! Your students will love the variety of questions on the task cards and you will be happy with the ease of practice of probability concepts! Click here and SAVE by buying the

Also included in: Math Task Cards Bundle


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Mean Dice Math: mean, median, mode, and range
"Mean Dice" uses dice to practice calculating mean, median, mode, and range. Comes with two versions, each with a whole group introductory activity, an independent practice worksheet, and instructions for both levels of the "Mean Dice" game. Note: versions of this activity appear in EZSubPlans 4.1 a

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Your entire graphing unit for a year!►► Separate folders featuring both British English and American spellings and terminology included.**********************************************************************Great quality and value for this whopping 575 + page unit on graphing! The unit features inter


Skittles Candy with Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Box and Whiskers Plot
This is a quick, fun activity to use with statistics. I have the kids bring in a pack of skittles and sort by color. Then all of the kids will find the Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Box and Whiskers.

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Probability Pack: Describing and Using Probabilities
A set of four activities to introduce probability in words, fractions, decimals and percentages. Includes using the probability scale, designing spinners and a true or false activity: *Probability in Words* Students need to decide whether each of the statements are impossible, unlikely, have an eve

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How Much is Your Name Worth? Find the Mean, Median Mode of Your Name!
Looking for an engaging way to teach and review mean, median, mode and range? This activity is not only fun and challenging BUT it is PERFECT for bulletin boards. Included in this set: -Slides 3-6 are a review or teaching tool to reinforce how to find solve for each: Mean, Median, Mode and Range

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Histogram Notes
Histogram Notes and Activities, Common Core Standard: 6.SP.B.4Everything you need to introduce and practice creating and interpreting histograms. Included in this product: -Histogram Guided Notes-Histogram Practice Page-Histogram Frayer Models for Vocabulary Practice-2 different warm-ups (2 per page

Also included in: Statistics- 6th Grade Math Guided Notes and Activities Bundle


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Mean Absolute Deviation Task Cards
Mean Absolute Value Task Cards and Recording Sheets, CCSS: 6.SP.B5.C Included in this product: *20 unique task cards dealing with finding mean absolute deviation. *4 different recording sheets *Answer Key These cards are great for math centers, independent practice, "SCOOT" and other cooperative

Also included in: Mean Absolute Deviation Bundle


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