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***************************************Picture of the Day now available in Volume 2.Picture of the Day now available in Volume 3 (Google Slides compatible) posted 8/24/2020.***************************************This Picture of the Day product is a great way for students to practice three very impor
These Revising and Editing Task Cards and Quiz now include both printable and Google Slides versions. The practice questions are rigorous and perfect for state writing test prep. They are all different questions than my Revising Task Cards. Students will love the engaging movable student with the "
UPDATED FORMATTING! (6/27/2015) If you own this, please download again! :) I used this activity to reinforce my students’ inferencing skills and they LOVED it! I have included inferencing questions that correspond to several short films which are easily accessible online. The films range anywhere
OK - anyone else out there an admitted font addict? I am no exception! I looove fonts so much that I have created some of my own. This set of 170 original fonts (and counting!!) created by me can be used for both personal and commercial use! UPDATED WITH 15 NEW FONTS ON 1/24/16 UPDATED WITH 16 NEW
This is Picture of the Day, Volume 2. Picture of the Day, Volume 1 is my #1 Bestseller due to the high level of interest, engagement, language and higher order thinking. See Picture of the Day Volume 1 to read over 1,700 comments left by buyers. In my opinion, this set of 190 pictures is even bette
Teaching Theme PowerPoint ActivityStudents will learn how to identify the theme of stories, theme of fables and theme in books. A perfect introduction to learning the importance of theme!❤ CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW GREEN APPLE LESSONS!
Escape boredom. Escape the desk. Escape with a Greek Mythology adventure! (Add some fun to your ELA and Social Studies lessons.)This Escape Room project includes:★ Teacher Instructions★ Introductory PowerPoint (With a talking avatar video!)★ Alternate Printable Introduction★ Pronunciation Guide★ Pr
This is a great PowerPoint I use to teach my students about inferencing. I teach 6th grade and this is a great review of background knowledge + text clues = inferences. Each slide includes a picture where students need to infer what is happening and why by pulling out "text" clues. I love relating t
UPDATED formatting 6/27/2015! If already own it, re-download it! This is the BUNDLE edition of my original products, Making Inferences with Short Animated Films Parts 1 and 2. I have combined these two products into one package! This is the perfect activity to use as you are introducing the trick
Bring Earth's Landforms inside your classroom with this interactive Landforms PowerPoint using all real pictures! It also includes several opportunities for students to answer questions as they learn all about landforms.Students' knowledge can also be assess using the quick quiz at the end.What othe
Informational Text Structures PowerPoint: 32 Paragraph Slides, CCSS RI 5 This PowerPoint consists of 32 animated slides, each with an informational text (nonfiction) paragraph for students to analyze along with 4 multiple choice options. When you first display each slide, you will see only the infor
Drawing Conclusions PowerPoint: 32 Short Inference Stories, CCSS RL1, RI.1 This Drawing Conclusions PowerPoint consists of 32 animated slides, each with a short story, inference question, and multiple choice options. When you first display each slide, you will see only the inference story and the q
Learn about Earth’s Systems, Ecosystems, Forces, Matter, and more! Point and Click for instant Science Mini-Lessons with Game-Based Assessment using Quizizz and Kahoot!• This ZIP file contains all nine of my Crash Course Kids Science IQ products, previously published individually, PLUS a compiled PD
This is a PDF* with a set of three hundred creative writing prompts that are aligned to Common Core Writing Anchor Standards 1,2, and 3. Each prompt is done in a visually appealing way and gets its own page/slide so that it can be projected in front of a class. These prompts are meant to be used f
This is Picture of the Day, Volume 3. Compatible with Google Slides.Picture of the Day, Volume 1 is my #1 Bestseller due to the high level of interest, engagement, language and higher order thinking. Volume 2 is sold here on TpT as well. See Picture of the Day Volume 1 to read over 1,700 comments l
This title contains 24 self-checking task cards for students to practice measuring angles up to 360 degrees. Students solve each task card and record their answer on a recording sheet. They then scan the QR code on the card to check their answer. Problems are aligned with common core standards 4.MD.
This product was made to help students master the reading strategy of making inferences. This strategy can often be hard for students. I have found that this strategy comes much easier to students when a variety of multimedia is used along with text. Click HERE to SHOP ALL MAKING INFERENCES products
Nagging your students and constantly reminding them of classroom rules is no fun for them or you. Why not make it into a game? Or better yet--two games, one paper-based, one in PPT form! Both games can be played all throughout the school year: switch up the two versions depending on the time and res
Take your assignments to the next level with these cute backgrounds! They can be used in Powerpoint, Google Slides, and more! Add your Bitmoji to make them even more personal! Even when we are learning from a distance, make your students feel more at home with a custom background and personal fee
Check out the video PREVIEW of this lesson. I am SUPER excited about this lesson! This is a fun, interactive SMARTboard .notebook whiteboard activity for Landforms. Landforms included are: oceans, canyons, valleys, mountains, plains, volcano, island, lakes, hills, deserts, and rivers For EACH la
Visit a Volcano Virtual Field Trip Webquest(Aligned with Virginia SOL 5.7d)Want to take a class trip to a volcano but can't quite afford flights to Hawaii? Then take your class on a virtual field trip! Students visit three websites focused on volcanoes. They watch a video, read about continually
This PowerPoint consists of 24 animated slides, each with a paragraph for students to use to determine the author's purpose. Each slide also includes the answer, which is revealed with a click. This would be a great activity to use with the whole class. Students can answer verbally, on individual
This toolkit is designed to help you communicate the importance of responsible iPad or tablet use in your classroom. Whether you are introducing your routines and expectations at the beginning of the school year, or need to revamp your expectations mid-year, the resources in this toolkit make it eas
This file includes an informational sheet for students to collect basic information on their animals. It also includes handouts to brainstorm ideas for titles and pictures/video. This was intended to be used with a multimedia poster, but I left it generic enough to just on a regular report. There

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