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Multiplication Fact Booklets - Improving Understanding and Memorization
Can be used with distance learning! These multiplication fact booklets can be used to help students understand the concept of multiplication, as well as memorize multiplication facts. There are eleven total booklets (2 facts-12 facts) that are each eight pages long. At the end of each booklet, there

Also included in: Multiplication Facts Bundle


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Distributive Doctor Activities {distributive property of multiplication}
*** BEST SELLER***Help your students understand how to apply the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY OF MULTIPLICATION. This resource is perfect for students who are struggling to understand and remember the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY. It begins with concrete (manipulatives) activities, progresses to the representatio

Also included in: Distributive Doctor Bundle {Distributive Property of Multiplication}


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Place Value Worksheets for 2nd Grade
Place Value Worksheet Pack - 37 PLACE VALUE WORKSHEETS WITH DIFFERENT TYPES OF ACTIVITIES (including ASSESSMENT PAGES) This FUN and ENGAGING resource contains place value worksheets that are designed to help students identify the numbers in HUNDREDS, TENS, and ONES place.Types of activities included

Also included in: Place Value Worksheets BUNDLE


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2nd Grade Math Assessments - Common Core Aligned - Distance Learning
These second grade math assessments are great pre- and post-assessments to truly assess your students on the rigor of the Common Core Math Standards. They are organized, easy to implement, and have teaching notes that break the standards down into easy to understand language.The Teaching Notes:·Ever

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First Grade Math Unit 7: Missing Addends, Fact Families, True or False Equations
This fun and differentiated JAM-PACKED unit is filled with everything you need to teach 4 standards/concepts: missing addends, the commutative property of addition, fact families, and true or false with addition equations.Get this in the First Grade Math Units 1-9 BUNDLE to save a ton!Everything you

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Missing Addends (Math Practice Worksheets for Grades 1-2)
Some of my first graders struggle when problem-solving for a missing or unknown addend. I needed additional materials to provide a little more practice, both in school and for homework. These student worksheets are perfect for 1st graders (or 2nd graders not yet meeting expectations). The set inc

Also included in: BUNDLE: First Grade Math Sheets & Games


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First Grade Math Unit 8: Balancing Equations, Choosing an Operation, and more!
This fun and differentiated JAM-PACKED unit is filled with everything you need to teach 4 standards/concepts: true or false with subtraction equations, missing subtrahends/minuends, choosing an operation (add or subtract), and balancing equations.Everything you need to print and go to teach these co

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Distance Learning Multiplication Logic Puzzles | Digital Version Included
Digital and Copy Ready Multiplication Activities! Newly edited to include a digital version for Distance Learning! This update is designed to work with Google™ Slides, Google™ Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Seesaw.Multiplication Facts just got a lot more interesting! Grab this CLASS FAVORITE for

Also included in: Third Grade Math Bundle


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Addition Second Grade Math Notebook
Are you using INTERACTIVE MATH NOTEBOOKS in your classroom? You really should be! My students love them, create them, reference them, and will take them home at the end of the school year where they will continue to learn from them! They can be used in either a whole group or small group setting. Th

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St. Patrick's Day Math: Multi-Step Word Problem Craftivity for Grades 2-5
Louie the Leprechaun is giving students 7 math riddles, and if they can solve them, they will receive the pot of gold! Also check out the ULTIMATE St. Patrick's Day Bundle by clicking here!Students will complete 6 multi-step St. Patrick's Day themed word problems (multi-operation) that will surely k

Also included in: Craftivity Math BUNDLE: Includes St. Patrick's Day Math Activity for Grades 3-5


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Math Strategies Posters "BUNDLE"
Math Strategies Posters 1 & 2 in both print and script fontsFULL & MINI SIZE POSTERS32 POSTERS IN ALL


How To Make A Decomposing Numbers Monster!  PLUS Printables!  *FREE*
Decomposing Numbers Is the thought of teaching your students about decomposing numbers make you want to SCREAM??!!! If so, make a decomposing numbers monster to show your students, visually, how to break numbers apart! The only 'screams' that will be heard are those of joy and excitement! This M

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Addition With 3 Addends {Activities & Assessments}
Addition with three addends activities with everything you need to cover common core standard 1.OA.2 ⭐GET THESE ACTIVITIES AND MORE BY PURCHASING MY MATH WORKSHOP BUNDLE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! SEE MORE HERE!⭐ This packet includes: • Work mats to help students build and solve different 3 addend equati

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Math About Me
Math About Me (US and AUS/UK versions) This is a brilliant activity that is open-ended and can challenge even your brightest students! This product is part of a huge money saving back to school bundle! CLICK HERE TO SEE! Students come up with 8 different number sentences/equations that match each

Also included in: BACK TO SCHOOL BUNDLE


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Valentine's Day Math Craft: Multi-Step Word Problem Craftivity
Robby the Robot is having a big Valentine's Day party, and he needs your help to make sure things run smoothly! He needs to buy cups, plates, drinks, and so much more...he just needs your help with the math! Students will complete 6 multi-step Valentine's Day themed word problems (multi-operation) t

Also included in: Craftivity Math BUNDLE: Includes St. Patrick's Day Math Activity for Grades 3-5


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Lets Build An Addition Tower!  Adding On & Addition Game With Recording Sheets
Addition Math Center If your students love to build, tap into that and turn it into an 'adding on' and/or addition learning activity! With the new motion picture, that focuses on building blocks, being a blockbuster hit, this game is sure to excite and entertain! This 'game' is a great math cente

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Growing Patterns - Additive PatternsPattern Blocks Math Center
This fun math center activity is simple to prep and loads of fun for students. They will analyze the growing pattern featured on the card, recreate it with pattern blocks and then continue the pattern by 'growing' an additional few stages.They will take one of the 48 cards provided and use regular c

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Distributive Property Multiplication Game Printable 3rd Grade Math Center 3.OA.5
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for the distributive property? Well look no further as Distributive Property of Multiplication Game Puzzles, for CCSS 3.OA.5, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 3rd grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorporate into you

Also included in: Math Centers 3rd Grade Maths Review Game Puzzles Bundle


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Find the Balance! Equations and Inequalities Centers
Young learners often struggle with equations and inequalities. Help your students understand that the equal sign separates two sides with equal values. These centers will develop number sense, conceptual understanding of abstract math concepts, and reinforce grade-level computation skills. Make su

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Candy Land Multiplication Game
FIND my FREE Candy Land Game Board Here! Candy Land Game Board This game includes all the 0-9 multiplication facts on look-alike Candy Land cards. You just need a game board & game pieces. Print out cards on card stock, laminate, cut & use for years to come! My kids LOVE this game! This ca

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Candy Land Missing Addend Game (Addition to 20)
FIND my FREE Candy Land Game Board Here! Candy Land Game BoardI t's finally here after a TON of requests! This Candy Land Missing Addend Addition game to 20 will help your students learn with a familiar game board. I have a huge to do list of math games. Stay tuned and check out my other games her

Also included in: Candy Land Game Bundle (K-1)


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Out of This World Brain Busters: Math Puzzles for Grades 2 and Up!
Engage students and build number sense and problem solving skills at the same time! This Out of This World Brain Busters packet is a set of 10 challenging math picture problems that will require students to think flexibly about numbers and their relationships. Each page has a 4x4 shape puzzle with

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Harcourt Go Math Common Core Daily Spiral Review for 1st Grade - Chapter 5
Need more spiral review in your math curriculum?This packet consists of 20 worksheets that are designed to review the standards taught in chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Harcourt’s Go Math for first grade; however, they can be used with any CCSS first grade math series. These math sheets are great to use as

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These MATH GRABIT NO PREP PRINTABLES for OPERATIONS AND ALGEBRAIC THINKING for 2nd grade are aligned to the 2nd grade MATH CCSS! They are ZERO prep, include an editable student check list sheet to track the student progress ANDDD include MULTIPLE printables for EACH OF THE 2.OA STANDARDS!! This is

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