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MEASURE-THONThis math simulation is the perfect culminating activity and alternative assessment to measure your students’ understanding of second grade length measurement concepts. During the Measure-Thon math simulation, your students (AKA Mathletes) will compete in four measuring events. They will
"Lost At Sea" is an at-home simulation for students, perfect for distance learning! The student will spread a blanket on the floor to use as their life raft and bring just a few supplies aboard before being set adrift in the ocean. The items needed are common things the student should be able to fin
This mini-unit is designed to teach and review with students the importance of being polite, respectful friends by not interrupting. Taking turns is an important life skill that students need to practice and learn. The unit can be used to teach and/or review with students in pre-K through 5 grade
Do you love the game Oregon Trail? This unit includes a whole class version of the game! This is a Problem Based Learning Unit all about the pioneers of our great nation. I created this unit for my second graders, but you could use it for older children too. This unit is very detailed. It integrate
This simulation introduces your students to four methods for displaying data: frequency tables, bar graphs, pictographs and line plots. Students will have the opportunity to record observations about each method for displaying data and compare/contrast methods for collecting data. Students will then
This is a SmartBoard activity to accompany Unit 2 A Bed for the Winter. This is a 5 day lesson with multiple activities for each day that include sight words, grammar activities, letter I & C, blending sounds and words, journal activities, games, videos and much more. This lesson also includes l
Students put together a digital computer in 4 click and drag activities. They learn how to put icons on a desktop, where the hardware components go inside of a computer, they label the browser icons, and they put a keyboard together. There are differentiated options to meet the needs of your student
This is a Smartboard file to be used while reading The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. The file consists of 5 screens, each with an increasing number of plates (labeled with character names) that need to be filled with the 12 available cookies. The cookies can be moved onto the plates to help stude
Summary: Students role-play a water molecule by rolling dice to simulate the movement of water within the water cycle. Objectives: The students will: describe the movement of water within the water cycle identify the states of water as it moves through the water cycle determine the importance of te
This is a project based activity where students will help Tiny Tim (You know the turtle from the song.... There was a little turtle his name was Tiny Tim, he got into the bathtub...) by creating a wind block and a dike to protect his sand castle. After Tiny Tim didn't have such a great experience i
"Stranded!" is an at-home simulation in which students pretend to be stranded on a tropical island. It's perfect for distance learning! The materials needed are common things the student should be able to find at home. It's engaging and exciting as students experience lots of harrowing survival-like
Take your elementary students on a Virtual Field Trip to the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Students will complete this activity digitally using Google Slides. This field trip integrates multiple visuals, amazing 360 degree views from Google Earth, short video clips, and covers key facts and featur
This interactive, hands-on simulation activity is perfect to teach your students about needs and wants, and to help them understand the consequences of choosing needs or wants in real life situations.Everything you need to teach about wants and needs, including a lesson plan, simulation activity wit
Put a hands on twist to learning the Phases of the Moon. With this wheel students can easily visualize how the moon changes it's state in each phase. Easily put together by connecting the two wheels with a brass fastener. Great reinforcing activity that gives clarity. Also great if your grade tak
This turned out awesome. You will not be disappointed. Every phase of the water cycle. This will allow you to show your students every phase of the water cycle. (Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Runoff, Accumulation) It will also allow you to show your students that water is evaporated a
Recently updated 6/15 I am so excited to share these 40 technology choice task cards with you! I've complied some amazing resources in this group of cards and not only included the website, but also the QR code for easy scanning. Thanks for downloading this product. I am so excited to use this in
Other Halloween ActivitiesGhosts Say What: Quotation PracticeSpooky Parts of SpeechSpooky Compound SentencesSpooky Idiom MatchSpooky Writing PromptsHalloween Literacy Based TicTacToe Choice BoardsHalloween TicTacToe Choice BoardThis product is an interactive simulation using dice that follows the st
Classroom Economy Pack offers classroom money patterns in a variety of denominations as well as directions for setting up a Classroom Economy system. You'll find ideas for staging class auctions and other reward programs. Perfect for fostering financial literacy and for teaching kids how to manage m
★ Virtual Field Trip Bundle! ★ Virtual Field Trips are an engaging activity for Zoom/Google Meet or on your projector in class. No matter the format of instruction for the fall, your students will be engaged! Use them as a preview to any science unit OR have the class work towards the reward of 'Fie
Want a super fun way to teach coding without a computer to students?  Check out this unplugged activity that goes perfectly with the book How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk!   This activity has everything you need, even if you don’t have the book! Just create a grid, print out the signs, and you
In this excellent and engaging review game, students sit in the "hotseat" and compete in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" to review material for an upcoming test. This PowerPoint game is easy to use and is very teacher friendly - just insert your questions and hit "start slideshow" and the rest is
Help your students learn the parts and prayers of the Catholic mass with this interactive PowerPoint. It is more than a presentation, it is an interactive game to learn the parts of the Catholic mass. Students open the PowerPoint on their computers and click on the buttons to indicate the correct pr
Do your students love QR Codes? Then your kids will LOVE these QR Codes to go along with Journeys Unit 3 Lesson 14 "Helen Keller". These QR Codes have videos, pictures, biographies, articles, etc. about Helen Keller and really help bring the story to life. We even included what page number to use th
This document contains 25 links (with descriptions about each link) to free virtual field trips. You click on the link and are taken to a sight that has both information and media--such as a virtual tour of a museum or a live feed of a webcam or a 3d manipulative view, etc.

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