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These probability printables are sure to help your kiddies get a better grasp on the sometimes difficult concept of probability and likelihood. Key math words (likely, unlikely, certain, and impossible) are used consistently throughout this pack to provide your students with the clearest possible un
Probability Activities MEGA Pack of Math Worksheets and Probability Games - Over 50 pages of math stations, worksheets, activities, and visuals to teach young learners about probability in fun, hands-on ways! This packet includes: - 10 probability vocabulary classroom posters - 12 various probabili
Your students will adore learning about chance with these fun and engaging activities and worksheets! Included in this pack.. * Probability sorting centre (included labels and definitions) * Probability paddles (a fun and engaging way for students to answer verbal questions!) * Probability flash
Probability Printable Activities for First and Second Grade. This product includes 7 printable activities for teaching probability. These activities are all in black and white (printer friendly). Writing is incorporated into this probability pack along with games to help teach probability. There is
Are you ready for 15 Dice Math Games that your students will LOVE? Use these games as a math lesson, or as a warm up to ensure your students are practicing basic maths skills all while having FUN. Most games can be played over and over again! Suitable for Grades K-3. All resources are required, simp
This packet includes a lesson plan that walks your students through a probability lesson using your favorite goodies. I used fruit snacks. Children get experience making predictions, creating graphs, utilizing tally charts and spinners, as well as answering deep, open ended questions that really get
It would be IMPOSSIBLE for you not to love these probability posters and activities! I am CERTAIN that these activities will be a fun addition to your classroom and provide a fun way to teach your students about probability. This resource covers the terms Certain, Likely, Even Chance/Equally Likely
Pie Graph - Color, Tally and GraphThis is a first pie graph worksheet set - most suited to lower grades (kindergarten, grade one, grade two)There are 9 worksheets in this set.Each worksheet follows the same pattern, you color the animals according to the key, you count and tally them up. Then on the
This pack contains maths assessment pages directly linking each of the content descriptions and the achievement standard of the Year 2 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics. There are 2 assessment pages for each content description with matching standard statements for; Number and Algebra Strand M
Want to add some fun to your Math activities this Halloween? Why not use this FOREVER FREEBIE count and graphing activity to reinforce your graphing, counting and statistics work! This pack contains- *6 different 'Treat' bags *2 different graph layouts THIS IS A HALLOWEEN THEMED PRODUCT SO PLEASE
Here is a fun unit to teach probability! Your students will have a blast. Included: 4 probability posters (certain, impossible, likely, unlikely) 2 lessons to introduce probability 7 probability worksheets (certain and impossible/likely and unlikely) Fishing for Probability Activity Gumball Probabi
Used as a pre-assessment Students sorted events into likely, unlikely, impossible and certain. Identify outcomes of familiar events involving chance and describe them using everyday language such as ‘will happen’, ‘won’t happen’ or ‘might happen’(ACMSP024) Identify practical activities and every
This pack contains maths assessment pages directly linking each of the content descriptions and the achievement standard of the Year 1 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics. There are 2 assessment pages for each content description with matching standard statements for; Number and Algebra Strand M
In this monster glyph activity students create a unique glyph while teaching classmates about themselves. Students then use the class glyph to collect and analyze data, creating their own graphs as displays. This project is especially great because its complexity can be easily differentiated acros
Probability vocabulary posters: 10 cute probability posters to help students visually understand probability vocabulary terms certain, likely, unlikely, equally likely, more likely, less likely, impossible, possible, very likely, and very unlikely. These can be used to teach probability since each
Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your students to work collaboratively, problem-solve, show creativity and use their math skills! This Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge cost me less than $2.00 for all supplies but delivers such a big bang for the buck! Fun for students K-12 (they say
Your students will love this Jelly Bean/Jelly Belly MATH pack! This 25 page pack will help you cover many areas of the Math Curriculum in just ONE week. It contains activities relating to numbers, counting, addition and subtraction, shape, data collection and measurement all perfect for Kindergarten
This is a bundle of 3 test packs that assess students achievement of the outcomes in Mathematics in the Australian Curriculum over the course of a year in Number & Algebra, Statistics & Probability and Measurement & Geometry. It contains three tests for each strand; initial, mid and fina
Probability for Beginners. This is a set of print and go worksheets designed to introduce probability to students. There are 13 worksheets all in black and white, that are very varied so it should cover the topic quite well. More details about the individual worksheets below. - Color the probabili
Posters showing the various types of graphs for data display. Includes: Line Plot/Dot Plot Line Graph Bar Graph (Horizontal and Vertical) Stem & Leaf Plot Histogram Box & Whisker Plot/Box Plot Frequency Table Circle Graph Pictograph
Students can create their own graphs with these 2 simple templates. Perfect for reinforcing, reviewing or assessing graphing skills and concepts.For both templates, a space is provided for them to write their question for the survey, tally the answers they receive from their peers and a place to gra
This is a fun unit for the little ones to explore chance and probability.This set includes probability posters using a bug theme.Three games including worksheets:1. Spin a bug 2, Catching bugs3, Pick a bug peg gameThis is a perfect addition to my Chance and probability Sort.Link-Click HereHer is a l
This activity has been adapted from Malcolm Swan's research. Enabling learners to: * confront and overcome common misconceptions about probability; * count equally likely outcomes, using diagrams; * discuss relationships between theoretical probabilities, observed outcomes and sample sizes; * calcul
This is my first worksheet to upload to TPT and I hope you can find it useful!This activity was created to incorporate Earth Day, recycling, and math concepts of tallying and graphing. Use the first page of the various items that we recycle (paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic) as a map to be left a

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