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Classroom Economy Pack offers classroom money patterns in a variety of denominations as well as directions for setting up a Classroom Economy system. You'll find ideas for staging class auctions and other reward programs. Perfect for fostering financial literacy and for teaching kids how to manage m
This mini-unit is designed to teach and review with students the importance of being polite, respectful friends by not interrupting. Taking turns is an important life skill that students need to practice and learn. The unit can be used to teach and/or review with students in pre-K through 5 grade
★ Virtual Field Trip Bundle! National Park Edition ★ Virtual Field Trips are an engaging activity for Zoom/Google Meet or on your projector in class. No matter the format of instruction, your students will be engaged! Use them as a preview to any science unit OR have the class work towards the rewar
This is a SmartBoard activity to accompany Unit 2 A Bed for the Winter. This is a 5 day lesson with multiple activities for each day that include sight words, grammar activities, letter I & C, blending sounds and words, journal activities, games, videos and much more. This lesson also includes l
This document contains 25 links (with descriptions about each link) to free virtual field trips. You click on the link and are taken to a sight that has both information and media--such as a virtual tour of a museum or a live feed of a webcam or a 3d manipulative view, etc.
Let's take a Christmas Virtual Field Trip to ride the POLAR EXPRESS! This No Wheels Field Trip is just what you need to for the Christmas Magic to start when remote learning or in person learning when field trips aren't possible!No need to have the book! An online story reading by Liam Nelson is inc
Take your elementary students on a Virtual Field Trip to the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Students will complete this activity digitally using Google Slides. This field trip integrates multiple visuals, amazing 360 degree views from Google Earth, short video clips, and covers key facts and featur
This is a Smartboard file to be used while reading The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. The file consists of 5 screens, each with an increasing number of plates (labeled with character names) that need to be filled with the 12 available cookies. The cookies can be moved onto the plates to help stude
Our future decision-makers are in our classroom today. It is critical that our students understand the voting process and recognize the importance of casting their vote. This civics lesson walks your students through the voting process with a mock election. Your students will learn key vocabulary, w
This is a project based activity where students will help Tiny Tim (You know the turtle from the song.... There was a little turtle his name was Tiny Tim, he got into the bathtub...) by creating a wind block and a dike to protect his sand castle. After Tiny Tim didn't have such a great experience i
Want a super fun way to teach coding without a computer to students?  Check out this unplugged activity that goes perfectly with the book How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk!   This activity has everything you need, even if you don’t have the book! Just create a grid, print out the signs, and you
Do your students love QR Codes? Then your kids will LOVE these QR Codes to go along with Journeys Unit 3 Lesson 14 "Helen Keller". These QR Codes have videos, pictures, biographies, articles, etc. about Helen Keller and really help bring the story to life. We even included what page number to use th
This pollution simulation is a great way for students to visually see the effects that humans have on natural environments. The teacher reads aloud the provided story which takes a fish on a journey that begins in its clean habitat and ends in a polluted stream. Students follow along with a recordin
This interactive, hands-on simulation activity is perfect to teach your students about needs and wants, and to help them understand the consequences of choosing needs or wants in real life situations.Everything you need to teach about wants and needs, including a lesson plan, simulation activity wit
Students will experiment with balloon rockets to observe and study Newton's Third Law of Motion and the principles of rocket propulsion. Students will collect, analyze, and graph data from the launches in this STEM lab activity.
This a screencast of a 13 minute narrated and animated powerpoint presentation made into a MOVIE (.mov file) shows students exactly how to subtract with regrouping (borrowing). Base ten blocks are moved about the screen and annotations are made as the narration guides students through the process.
This packet includes 10 days worth of plans to cover many economic standards. You will set up a class store and students will learn through real, hands-on experience about economic concepts. I have included coupons you can use for students to buy at your store, so you don't have to spend additiona
Students work through a crime scene inspired by Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat. There are 5 suspects and 3 pieces of evidence. Perfect for school science nights or Dr. Seuss day. Please look at all items in the preview so you are fully aware of what you are getting.
In this mini-unit, you will receive instructions and activities for 2 Science Experiments to go along with your Hibernation unit! Includes: -Instructions and Materials list for the teacher -Blubber Experiment -Finding Food Experiment Your kids will have a blast with these fun & simple experim
Telling Time on the Clock - digital 3D model pdf. Telling time on the digital interactive clock is fun! Telling time to the hour, time to the half hour, time to the quarter hour … even time to the minute! Perfect for telling time on interactive Smartboard or touch screen. Can you guess what time it
Let's take a Fall Virtual Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch and learn all about pumpkins!!! This No Wheels Field Trip is just what you need to celebrate the season of fall while learning about the pumpkin harvest, the life cycle of an pumpkin, and more!How do pumpkins grow? Want to see an oozy pumpkin
Why not have even more fun with your Trip Around the World - Continents unit by giving your students the full airline treatment? After making your suitcases, distribute boarding passes and have them go through a mock security screening. Arrange their chairs as if on an airplane, and read the enclose
If you have played the Traveling Nitrogen Activity found at: http://www.windows2universe.org/teacher_resources/nitrogen_activity.pdf this game is exactly like that but modified for biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem. Students will travel as a white-tailed deer to different lab stations to s
In this power point lesson, students discover the characteristics of three different types of soils in an engaging "crime scene" format. Through observation of clues at the crime scene and hands-on observations of soils (looking at smell, color, texture, and particle/grain size), the children deduc

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