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Greek Mythology Webquest for KidsStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Greek gods and goddess by completing an internet-based worksheet. This website is great for students who might be studying World History, Literature, Mythology, Greek, or Latin. The Greek Mythology Webquest uses the follow
Learning Greek and Latin roots will help your students become better spellers, writers, readers and vocabulary masters! Many words in the English language are built from Greek and Latin roots. Knowing these roots will help students understand the English language and the meaning of words more easi
Since reading comprehension and vocabulary knowledge are closely related, it is imperative that students develop the skills necessary to acquire new vocabulary as they move through school. The CCSS Reading: Foundational Skills demand students know and apply grade-level phonics and word-analysis, inc
Here is everything you need to teach Greek and Latin word roots to your students this year! This bundle contains all three (3) of my popular Greek and Latin Word Root products: Greek and Latin Roots Spelling and Vocabulary Greek and Latin Root Cards Greek and Latin Root Instructional Sl
Roman Mythology Webquest for KidsStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Roman gods and goddess by completing an internet-based worksheet. This website is great for students who might be studying World History, Literature, Mythology, or Latin. The Roman Mythology Webquest uses the following gre
This resource includes 89 Greek and Latin root words on colorfully illustrated cards. These cards make a great display and visual learning tool to use during any of your root word activities.This set of root word cards can be used to make a colorful word wall that students can use as a reference wh
First students sort the word parts into 3 piles- prefix, root word, and suffix. Next, they are given a definition and need to use the word part cards to build the word. In parentheses on each definition card is the number of word part cards the students will need to make the word. Once the word i
Students in 2nd through 5th grades will have the opportunity to match up Greek and Latin roots with their meanings, examples of words containing the roots, and pictures to lock the meanings into memory!! There are two versions, one that is more difficult because the colors are the same, while the o
Weekly Latin Phrases Language Arts Word Study Etymology CCSS ELA This is a set of popular Latin phrases for classroom display purposes, in portrait format with large fonts. There are 43 in all, so you have more than enough for the school year. Example sentences and clarifications are included for
Take a visit around your school or class stations to learn about all 20 Spanish countries that we celebrate during Hispanic Heritage month. Between September 15 and October 15, students enjoy learning about the capitals, food, landmarks, currency and flags of these Hispanic nations. Stamp the passpo
Learning Greek and Latin word roots and their meanings will help your students be more successful in all academic subjects! These colorful word root slides will give your students a chance to learn Greek and Latin roots visually, orally and in written form. This Powerpoint presentation contains 24
(NOTE: This product is also included in another product in my store titled: Weekly-Themed Greek & Latin Root Words for the Whole Year. Product includes Power Point presentations, tests, handouts, and certificates.) The "Power Point: A History Lesson on Greek & Latin Roots in the English
This packet includes resources to accompany Michael Clay Thompson's Caesar's English Book 1, both vocabulary lessons and Latin stem lessons. Caesar's English Resources: Unit Vocabulary posters in color and black and white Weekly Assignments Vocabulary Memory cards for each lesson Jeopardy Review Gam
Encourage a growth mindset in you students with these ocean themed posters full of quotes to inspire young minds!Follow my blog!Other great resources:Under the Sea Welcome BannerCharacter Education Word Wall CardsRamona the Pest Novel StudyThe Mouse and the Motorcycle Novel Study
This has helped tremendously in helping my students understand the etymology of words, which is emphasized in the CCSS for ELA. This is a compilation of over 80 Greek and Latin word parts, complete with definitions, that I use in my classroom. Greek origins are shown in green and Latin in purpl
For the Latin class: This one sided handout includes 4 columns,column 1 - Arabic numbers, column 2 - Roman numerals, column 3 - cardinal numbers (the number words in Latin) - column 4 - ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. in Latin) numbers included: 1-21, 30-90 by tens, 100-900 by hundreds, 1000 an
A set of 19 different bingo cards with an uppercase letter of the Greek alphabet in each square. The teacher calls out a random letter of the Greek alphabet, and students place a token on that letter if they have it. (A great source of tokens is that surplus of European coins that are no good becaus
SCOOT, SCOOT, SCOOT! My students love doing a SCOOT in the classroom. It gets them up and moving! This product is all about using Roman numerals and Arabic (standard) The word problems include basic operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication, BUT using both Roman numerals and Arabic.
Click here to visit blog post with instructions!This Gamified Classroom Activity has 6 challenges for your students to complete in teams. Its content is basic case function review.Escape Room Google Forms (QR scan option): 3 teammates must unlock all keysQuizizz code (or QR scan option): 2 teammates
CC kiddos enjoy a change from the mundane memorization of their LATIN memory work with this domino set! 2 Sets are included: Cycle 3 Weeks 1-4 and 5-8. CLICK HERE for additional review materials for Classical Conversations. You'll especially want to check out our paperless, self-grading online inter
This Latin Root Study page set is perfect for vocabulary learning and standardized test prep. If you are a homeschooler, this would go wonderfully with "English From the Roots Up". The first page has a space for writing the root at the top. Beneath are three sections for writing an English derivativ
This amazing resource includes resources for an 10 week study of 50 common Latin stems. It includes: • Latin Stem/Meaning Matching Cards • Weekly Practice Pages • Weekly Assessment • 50 Word Wall Latin Stems with meaning & example • Student & Home Lists • Student Projects Ideas * 2 se
Is there a Medicinae Doctor in the house? Connecting English and Latin has never been easier .. two medical activities to teach Latin and Greek roots. The first is a matching game: figure out doctors and diseases based on the roots. In the second activity, use medical abbreviations to practice w
Latin Battleship allows students to review nouns and verbs by playing the classic game battleship. The packet includes boards for both nouns and verbs as well as directions and a blank template.

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