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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Brazil?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Brazil through the eyes of a Brazilian boy named Thiago. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Brazil, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might d
This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Brazil. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on South America or Brazil. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questi
This booklet focuses on the country of Brazil. Your students will learn facts about Brazil while creating a booklet and working on different puzzles. Your students will begin this booklet by cutting out a passport stamp and pasting it on a passport that is included. Included: Instructions Passport
England, This Kid's Life is a booklet that focuses on how a child lives daily life in England compared to how people live their own country. This particular book tracks the life of a boy named Jack who lives in the country of England. Included:1. A pre-test to see what your students know about Engl
Have you ever had a Newcomer ELL student show up in the middle of the year and they can barely communicate in English? This document was created as a means of easing this transition for newcomer students in the classroom. The visuals and translations will help facilitate communication in your class
Very creative ABC book for kids. The main character of the book, Julia, goes to Rio, Brazil (where the World Cup will be held in 2014 and the Olympics will be held in 2016). She shares what she eats, sees, touches, does, and where she goes using words in Portuguese for each word of the alphabet. All
This is excellent for language arts classes, a literacy center, language center, social studies, teachers or students going to Portugal, Brazil or the other nations where the language is spoken. Spanish students enjoy comparing-and-contrasting it to their related language; for a Portuguese-speaking
Volta às aulas!!!- This product is an excellent resource to help you organize and decorate your classroom. It comes with colorful labels to make your space beautiful and fun for your students!Description:This material has 36 pages with:- a PDF document with 72 classroom labels with pictures and thre
Resources included are as follows: Map of the 7 continents, the world, South America, each country in South America, continents map to colour, map of languages, cut and stick activity, population poster, Make a presentation task with cue cards Geographical features and landmarks photo pack Brazil ph
Help your students remember the numbers in Portuguese.
PreK - 7th
This ADD-ON to the Brazil Program focuses on learning the numbers 1-12. It can be used in conjunction with the Let's Speak section of the program.These activities also work independently of the Learning Program and can be used on their own to introduce students to the language and practice saying nu
A great jigsaw puzzle, matching basic Portuguese and English words together. Perfect for an independent activity, basic assessment activity, homework task or just a bit of fun"!" Simply print onto thin card, cut out and ask the children to complete. The puzzle will last much longer if the pieces a
3rd - 12th, Adult Education
27 individual general report comments
PreK - 11th
12 Basic colors. Print on cardstock and cut into cards; 1 set per 3-4 students. Use to play Concentration, Slap, Old Maid, Drats, Kaboom, Go Fish, Match Game.
Beginner clothing words for Portuguese/Português! *18+ different resources* Activities are designed to stimulate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modes of learning so all children will stay engaged and on-task. Includes all these no-prep printables: ** Resources ** Graphic charts Checklists Sente
Portuguese Classroom Expression Pics (colored) for Walls or Boards help students speak Portuguese in class. This packet includes 16 large colored pictures (and the expressions that accompany them)necessary for communication in Portuguese class. The colored pictures proudly represent our multi-cult
Neste pacote com 18 páginas você encontra uma série de textos com atividades de ortografia e interpretação perfeitos para aprimorar a escrita de seus alunos e adequá-la às convenções ortográficas. Os temas tratados são: m final, m antes de p e b, ge/gi, s entre vogais, ss, z final, l pós vogal, ced
2nd - 4th
This word search has some interesting facts about the Christmas holiday in Brazil.Brazil has a multicultural population, so there are many wonderful things to do on the holiday. Merry Christmas, everyone!
Bilingual (Portuguese and English) flashcards for learning the main colours.
3rd - 4th
Help your students learn the days of the week in Portuguese by using these flash cards. Flash cards are written in Portuguese and English.
2nd - 12th
A one page poster saying "Merry Christmas" in Portuguese (Brazillian theme) Feliz Natal Print off and laminate... great for classrooms and staff rooms.
PreK - 6th, Staff
This is a daily sheet that can be used for the month of June (Junho), for children to do their own work, independently. I hope this is helpful to you, as I have found it difficult to find worksheets for children in Portuguese! I'm teaching my three littles the language as I grew up in Brazil and wa
PreK - 6th
Fruits word search Learning Brazilian Portuguese
1st - 4th
There are millions of resources out there about the big nations of this world when it comes to their achievements in the Olympics. Portugal is not a big nation when it comes to the Olympics. So, I have created a little freebie add-on to the units you can find below all about Portugal. In it, you c

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