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This unit on graphing coordinates contains 140 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism who are in elementary school. This unit addresses concepts like: labeling axes on a graph, plotting coordinates, identifying what the ordered pair of
90 Slides of Unit Plan awesomeness! This unit plan took me around 8 hours to complete so your $5 will be well-spent. It includes your necessary base knowledge, numerous videos and interactive sites for the students to explore, quiz sites, science notebook writing opportunities, etc. This unit is for
Math Vocab Series Part 5 - Order of Operations, Area, Perimeter, & Volume (Texas Grade 5 TEKS) For interactive notebooks, math journals, and flashcards. Includes: - Single Page Fun Font Version (bc who doesn’t love fun?) - Single Page Plain Font Version (simplicity for struggling learners) - Fl
This Bundle is part of : 2017 Google Drive Algebra I, Algebra II, & Geometry ProductsThank you for your interest in this Google Interactive Bundle.This bundle focuses on selected concepts of the Complex Number System such as:☑ Imaginary Unit i☑ Simplifying i to a power☑ Adding Complex Numbers☑ S
Allow students the freedom to discover the origin and use of Pi dating back to the 17th century. Web-Quest activity includes 10 questions (and answers) along with extended learning opportunities for higher-level learners.
26 task cards & recording sheets. Examples include: 39+50= 411+300=
Need some extra credit or a quick lesson to review 2 step equations? Well then look no further. Great practice for equations review.
This is a 4 page PDF document that provides the Square Root answer for the numbers 1 - 1500. Another FREE resource compliments of The Math Magazine. Follow Me on TpT!
Printable Labels Back to SchoolThis listing is for instant download, Printable Labels Back to will have fun with these Back to School labels for identifying school supplies♥ This Cool labels add the perfect touch to Back to School !You will receive high resolution 8,5x11 JPG and PDF file
thanksgiving multiplication Dinner Menu Calculations Activity MathStudents will love building a dinner menu and calculating the total cost of their Thanksgiving meal. After students build their own Thanksgiving dinner, they can calculate the cost of classmates' dinner menus! A great way to practice
This worksheet is ideal for teaching the order of operation (BEDMAS).The first page is a short lesson.The second page is three questions for the students to practice BEDMAS.
These playing cards feature pickup trucks of different sizes.They can be used to play all kinds of card games, including memory games such as Pelmanism.Because the images show pickup trucks in four different sizes, they can also be used for sorting activities and for discussions about the different
I've bundled together 4 comprehensive math packs on 3 single-digit number equations.The bundle includes:- 2 Editable Presentations (total: 62 Slides)- 2 Lesson Plans- 110 Task Cards- Differentiated worksheets- Worksheets for the more able - Adding 4 single-digit numbers- 10 Worksheets - Vertical/Col
Wow! Here is a set of activities designed to teach your students how to analyze information presented in a survey or poll. An important basic skill is the ability to analyze given information in survey form. The activities included in this packet will ask each student to answer questions r
Fun, engaging, no-prep practice pages! This set of 4 snow themed activity pages provide fun and engaging ways for students to practice dividing by 9. Students will spin a paper clip spinner to fill in missing dividends and factors, create fact families and use repeated subtraction to enhance their
Students will multiply with 3 factors with these 4 no-prep activity pages!☆Fun, easy, no-prep! Just print, provide a paper clip & go!☆Engaging activity for students to practice multiplying with 3 factors☆Spin a paper clip to land on factors to multiply☆Match the frog factors to the fly product☆F
Find the surface area and volume of cubes, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and cylinders by using geometry formulas. 20 problems total. Each set has 10 problems, 1 blank student worksheet, 1 student worksheet with one sample answer, 1 teacher answer sheet in color, and 1 teacher answer shee
Factors of an algebraic expressionCommon Factors and HCF for several algebraic termFactorization of Algebraic ExpressionFactorization and simplification of algebraic fraction
Find the area and perimeter of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, parallelograms, and trapezoids by using geometry formulas. 100 problems total, ranging from easy to hard. Each set has 1 blank student worksheet, 1 student worksheet with one sample answer, 2 teacher answer sheet in colors (w
This Integer Addition captures your students imagination with its ninja theme. The deck contains 48 integer cards targeting grades 6,7 and 8 but could be used for advanced students that are younger. The numbers in this Integer Addition deck range from -99 to 99.The deck play 20 integer cards (out of
Here you will find different kind of exercises to develop mathematical strategies. It’s not specific operations but games that give them strategies to develop mathematical thinking. Some exercises that you will find are: colour sudoku, regular sudoku, domino tiles with mathematical operations., etc
Only the brave dare try this "purr" fect protractor challenge. Use you protractor to reveal this hidden animal. Students will need to figure out such angles at 225 or 315 on a four quadrant graph. Good luck
Directions for Playing the Game1. Print off cards onto card stock, laminate or place into sheet protector for durability.2. You use one card for 2 – 3 players. Multiple games can be played at the same time.3. Players need a six sided dice with the numbers 1-6.4. Players also need colored counters
Have fun with multiplication. You just need to print in cardboard, cut all around, laminate, cut out the white circles and white lines inside the black board and is ready to go!

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