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Are you looking for a great way to assess student understanding of the area model of multiplication, develop valuable writing skills, and cultivate critical thinking skills? Error analysis problems are a great way to check your students' understanding of a concept. Instead of just solving the same
Area and Perimeter Posters These Area and Perimeter Posters are useful visual reminders for students. Includes; 1) What is area? (example) 2) Area of a Square (formula and example) 3) Area of a Rectangle (formula and example) 4) Area of a Triangle (formula and example) 5) What is perimeter (formul
This set of 20 rounding task cards is perfect for practicing rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand. There is also estimation word problems and estimation using traditional algorithm. Student answer sheet is included. Enjoy this FREEBIE. Please leave positive feedback for my hard work, a
A set of 9 printables giving information about different types of triangles. Includes: title page, properties of isosceles triangles, right angled triangles, scalene triangles and equilateral triangles with additional exemplary posters for each. Treetop Displays - printable posters, classroom resou
2nd - 5th
Looking to EXTEND your thinkers? Does your data shows your students met the target and are ready for more? This packet is filled with activities that not only challenge, but bring the fun back into math. Using this format requires students to start with a required activity that mirrors a typical tar
4th - 6th
Part Part Whole math addition word problem journal entries. These do incluse regrouping. Goes along with Common Core :-) Can be used for journaling or worksheet !!! Created by: Cupcakes and Polka Dots Fonts by: The Learning Tree
1st - 5th
21 Free Clip Art Pictures of Graphs of Polar Functions in png format to use on tests, handouts, PowerPoints or anywhere you use Clip Art. Great for Trigonometry. Use as decorations, make a page border, or for a special art projects. 21 Graphs. Their png file name is the function, such as r=2cos_th
4th - 12th, Higher Education
Super fun, low prep engaging ways to encourage your students to identify angles. Two activities:SCOOT (comes with 24 different question cards)Angle mazeAustralian Curriculum Links:Year 3: Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations (ACMMG064)Year 4: Compare ang
Australian Curriculum Links:Year 2:Describe the features of three-dimensional objects (ACMMG043)Year 3:Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations (ACMMG064)Make models of three-dimensional objects and describe key features (ACMMG063)Measure, order and compare
2nd - 4th
In this packet, you will find: - building pictures to practice finding the arrays, writing the corresponded multiplication fact and a word problem. - Multiplication facts cards and Multiplication word problems cards to assign the students so they can get the number of stories and windows they will n
3rd - 4th
Right Triangles and Trigonometry Word Search 22 words to find about: Right Triangles and Trigonometry You can check: Algebra Word Search Book 1 You may also be interested in my other top-selling products: EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS (33 Items) Fractions 10 Pages of Practice (191 questions) Frac
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Reduce your stress with this Complete Bundle for Area and Perimeter practice. The bundle includes 5 resource that each begin with a Video Lesson and are Perfect for Distance Learning. Students will complete Fun and Easy-to-Use Google Slides activities that align to these standards: TEKS 4.5D and CCS
This bundle includes three Numerical Patterns and Input Output Tables resources for 4th grade. Included are a complete unit with lesson plans, a set of ten stations, and a Digital Stinky Feet review game. Each element can be found alone, but you can purchase together to save. Numerical Patterns an
Engage your whole class in a highly creative and highly mathy heroic colouring battle! I would like to introduce my latest line of collaborative math mosaics, and allow you to see the various versions available, all in one easy-to-navigate file. Basically, students each have a small colour-by-numb
Triangles II (Triangle Theory) One set in a series of Mathematics Wall Posters for Primary, Middle School and High School classrooms, addressing all Common Core Standards concepts. 14 Posters addressing concepts: Area of triangle Herons’ Law Trig Area Formula Metric Relations Congruency SAS, SSS
4th - 11th, Adult Education, Staff
ÁREAS Y PERÍMETROS PARA IMPRIMIR Las matemáticas son una ciencia de gran magnitud, esta a su vez, se divide en grandes conceptos fundamentales de importancia básica, este es el caso de las áreas y los perímetros. CONTIENE: Tarjetas de Áreas Tarjetas de perímetros Figuras con sus respectivas Fó
This product includes a review sheet and test for the grade 5 transformations math unit. These products cover Canadian curriculum expectations and include EQAO styled questions.In this product the following is covered:- Translations- Rotations with the point of rotation ON the shape- Reflections Ans
4th - 7th
Properties of Quadrilaterals Chart - allows students to have a visual chart that describes the properties of each quadrilateral.
4th - 12th
Pirate Multiplication Task Cards contains 28 Pirate-related tasks. Most of the tasks involve multiplication by 1- and 2-digit factors. There are four 3-digit by 3-digit tasks included as well as some multistep problems. The tasks can be used individually or as sheets of four. Graphics courtesy of my
Trigonometric Ratios Word Search * 28 math terms to find in this word search puzzle! * Your students will reinforce and learn from finding these words. * Students LOVE these word searches and know how to use them. * GREAT FILLER ACITIVTY while learning math terms. * For all ages and levels.
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
A study guide for students to fill in about the various types of triangles! Includes classification by sides and by angles. If the file downloads incorrectly, please try my other listing:
4th - 6th
This poster is 18 inches horizontally by 12 inches vertically. It is best to take this poster in to a printing store because it is larger than a regular piece of paper. The background is an old fashioned green chalkboard with all the fixings (chalk, erasers, and a red apple to boot). On the chalkboa
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Covers grade 5/6 Canadian curriculum expectations.Includes old EQAO questions in order to prepare grade 6 students. Bonus question requires student to also know how to transform rotations and make translations. Includes an answer key!
4th - 8th
This product includes a review sheet and test for the grade 6 transformations math unit. These products cover Canadian curriculum expectations and include EQAO styled questions.In this product the following is covered:- Translations- Rotations with the point of rotation ON the shape and OFF the shap
4th - 9th

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