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Students love CSI Activities and Hands-on Investigations. These popular investigation activities will have your students asking for more.Looking to go DIGITAL in the CLASSROOM or Distance Learning Mode?Check out this C.S.I BUNDLE! C.S.I. Activities for Google ClassroomBy purchasing this BUNDLE you a
With the Drug Chapter I use with my Forensics class, I include this handout where students research the manner in which various celebrities have died from drug overdoses.
The entire guide, over 200 pages, is available with resource handouts and answer keys. Everything in one complete file. Right click and extract or unzip. *Please know - this file is a TEXTBOOK*
These clip art images are perfect for the study of the Judicial Branch, civil and criminal law, and more! The Law and Crime set includes 13 color and 12 BW images including a fingerprint (BW), crime tape, handcuffs, gavel, law books, fingerprint powder and brush, a key, jail cell, the Constitution,
I've chosen a variety of crimes that I hope you and your students will find fascinating and informative. With many of the cases, I've included questions and answers for you and your students to research. This is a zip file, please use a zip extractor by right clicking on the file icon and following
How can your students learn about the judicial system? Stage a mock trial! This packet contains everything you need to get started: a story, definitions, information character cards, and trial preparation, as well as a quiz and creative writing assignments. Your students will have so much fun pu
This is a bundle of 12 chapters of Forensic Science Notes Handouts. Each chapter has a student version with fill in the blank spaces and a teacher version with the answers filled in. Some of the notes are followed by short activities for students to complete with a partner.Comes in both PDF and edit
Sharecropping during Reconstruction: Was life fair or unfair for the freedmen?This lesson is included as part of the American Reconstruction Unit Plan, located here: American Reconstruction Unit Plan!Buy the Bundle and save a Bundle!----------------------------In this very engaging and Common Core f
This Forensic Science Crime Scene Test contains: • 8 matching questions • 20 multiple choice questions• 23 this or that evidence questions• 13 Fill In and Short Answer questions worth 34 points• Worth a total of 85 points * Includes a 4-page student test and a 4-page teacher answer key.* Includes a
The Forensic Science Questioned Document (Handwriting Analysis, Forgery, and Counterfeit) PowerPoint Presentation includes two versions of PowerPoint slides, in both .ppt and .pdf format and covers the following topics:• Document analysis• Questioned document vs. exemplar• 12 major characteristics o
CSI Forensic Science - Be a detective and use science to figure out who stole the jewels from the town hall. Print Version + Boom Card Version + Google Slide Version!This pack now includes a print version a google classroom & a BOOM card version for distance learning with your students! With the
Save time and energy with this no-prep, ENTIRE YEAR FORENSICS CURRICULUM bundle! It includes all of the PowerPoint presentations, notes, labs, activities, case studies, practices, worksheets, projects, quizzes, review games and exams you need to teach an entire year of FORENSICS. Every major Forensi
Students will have a blast with this Investigative Processes Classroom Escape Challenge! Students will use their knowledge of the Crime Scene Investigation to make their classroom escape! Students are required to answer station cards and use a decoder to get the code that will break them out of the
FIELDS OF FORENSIC SCIENCE WEBQUESTThis webquest assignment is perfect for a class introduction, homework, emergency plans, early finishers, or extra credit. A simple way to incorporate technology or even let students use their phones.The webquest focuses on specific fields of forensics (toxicology
Save yourself TIME AND ENERGY with this no-prep Innocence Project Lesson & Research Activity! This resource bundle begins with a lesson over The Innocence Project where students will complete the included "Science Scribbles" notes sheet. Then, students will conduct their own research and create
Serial Podcast Season One by Sarah Koenig is a fantastic way to teach literary nonfiction, rhetoric, and bias using real-world examples. This podcast is so engaging that even your most reluctant students will be enthralled with the true crime content! This Serial unit plan will provide you with lite
This 13th documentary movie guide will help students understand Ava DuVernay's Netflix documentary. It contains 54 fill-in-the-blank questions that go along with the film, an answer key, and a writing prompt. Great for Black History Month and teaching about Black Lives Matter. A portion of the profi
Slavery by Another Name Lesson PlanMost students do not have a good understanding of the discrimination and bias laws that were passed against African Americans after Reconstruction ended. The video Slavery by Another Name along with this video worksheet provide students with a strong understanding
Forensic Science Article : Fingerprint HistoryGrades: 9-12This assignment is perfect for class work and discussion, homework, or extra credit.The assignment is a 2-page article that highlights the origin of fingerprint use in forensics and some of the first cases where fingerprints proved useful in
Follow the clues of the stolen Mona Lisa and see if you can determine who the real culprit was. Students will examine the top suspects in the greatest art theft in history and write about who they think took the painting.This lesson has been carefully researched for historical accuracy. The facts, s
This is a fun warm up activity for a class about Prohibition or the 1920's in the U.S. It includes five entertaining questions that are designed to grab student attention.
Would you like to see your students rise to the highest of expectations? Watch your students transform into lawyers pushing the envelope of persuasion, witnesses carefully building a case, or judge/jury to conduct it fairly and appropriately. Do you want to have some of the most fun in your teaching
This lesson will provide students with an introductory framework from which to understand the judiciary process. Students will delve into the fundamental aspects of a courtroom such as: the basic structure and lay-out of a courtroom, the function of different roles (judge, jury, defense, prosecutor)
19.1 Crime in American Society Criminal and Juvenile Justice Types of Crime I: Crimes Against People Types of Crime II: Crimes Against Property Types of Crime III: White-Collar Crime Types of Crime IV: Victimless Crimes Types of Crime V: Crimes against Government 19.2 The Criminal Justice System Wh

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