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Psychology: Psychology AP: Biology & Behavior Entire Unit Bundled includes Biology and Behavior PowerPoints with presenter notes, worksheets, warmups, activity, review crossword, short videos with questions, assessment and daily lesson plans. This bundle has everything you need to teach all abou
Developmental Psychology and AP Psychology Unit Bundled includes Developmental Psychology PowerPoints with Video Clips and presenter notes, worksheets/activities, warmups, project, review crossword, videos and video guide, assessment and daily lesson plans. This bundle has everything you need to tea
Psychology & AP Psychology: Entire Psychological Disorders Unit - PowerPoint with video links, presenter notes, worksheets, role-play, warmups, crossword puzzle review and editable assessment, are all bound together by daily lesson plans. This unit has everything you need to teach all about psy
Psychology and Psychology AP: Stress and Health Unit Bundle includes Stress and Health PowerPoints with presenter notes, worksheets, warmups, assessment and daily lesson plans. This unit has everything you need to teach all about Stress and Health. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary. Also
This project includes over 240 diverse prompts based on 50+ topics that are sure to resonate with your teen students. The no-prep discussion topics make great classroom talking points as well as independent self-awareness activities. Your students can mold this project to fit their (or your) preferr
Coloring the Brain! This is a relaxing but effective activity for any psychology or anatomy students attempting to commit to memory the major organs of the human brain. High school classes seem to enjoy opportunities to sit back and color while learning high-level material. All you need is a box
Help your students reach even greater by success by equipping them with the tools they need to understand, embrace, and manage their emotions. By opening up discussions and digging into the work of navigating emotions, students will be able to meet goals and feel confident as learners!These tools w
The Juvenile Justice Research: Teens Serving Time project is a perfect way to implement Google Apps, Chromebooks, 1:1 or BYOD and high-interest research into your classroom!This project includes research ready resources for the paperless classroom.Can you edit student handouts and rubrics?YES! All
This presentation contains a 27 slide PowerPoint lesson in editable PPT format with 3 handouts that accompany the lesson. Fear! - can you think of a better conversation topic for a lesson?This lesson has got me through some difficult Mondays...it's a non-prep lesson that will give you two hours of e
Psychology: Adaptation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) / Personality Test - This is a PowerPoint of the test to be proctored in class. It begins with a one slide introduction and continues with four slides of questions. Each slide represents one of the four dichotomies of the original test
This package contains a lesson over memory and forgetting for a psychology class. You will find: -Memory and Forgetting Questionnaire -Memory and Forgetting Activity with URL & QR Codes -TED Talk Film Guide and Link to The Fiction of Memory -Improving Your Memory PowerPoint Presentation -PowerPo
This PowerPoint by Teaching in the Fast Lane was created to introduce and explain the Annexation of Texas by the United States. It begins with the Republic of Texas' struggles and ends with Annexation and the conditions that Texans joined the United States under. Other Annexation products from Te
On the chapter on deviance, I love to show the movie "Batman Begins." It surprisingly has all the elements that you would cover in this chapter. I adopted this lesson from a chapter in a sociology book called "Cinematic Sociology…Chapter 7, Deviance, Crime, and Law" and this becomes a huge project g
Mental Health Awareness Interactive Bulletin Board:This resource is appropriate for Health, Psychology, and Social Studies classrooms. Counselors, school nurses, school librarians, or other staff may also find this resource useful as part of a mental health awareness display. The purpose of this res
Emotions- big kids set contains 142 image files, which includes 71 color images and 71 black & white images in png. Attention: This set has been expanded with 68 new images (half body images). Angry- boy 1.Angry- boy 2.Angry- girl.Brave- boy.Brave- girl.Calm- boy.Calm- girl.Confused- boy.Confus
What are the competing arguments in the Nature v. Nurture debate? Nature or Nurture has always been a fundamental question in the study of psychology and continues to be heavily researched by experimenters and psychologists today. By way of an online scavenger hunt and online avatar creating site, s
Psychology Final Exams - Semester 1 & 2 consists of over 330 questions for semesters 1 and 2. Questions are multiple choice and matching, plus six short essay questions. Questions are also grouped by topic to make it fit any semester course. Exam is fully editable(in Microsoft Word) and product
Cults This group activity works in a regular psychology class and AP. It will allow students to take a more in depth look at the motivations behind why people join cults to enhance their understanding of conformity, obedience, and group dynamics. The teacher will do a conformity activity with the
FIELDS OF FORENSIC SCIENCE WEBQUESTThis webquest assignment is perfect for a class introduction, homework, emergency plans, early finishers, or extra credit. A simple way to incorporate technology or even let students use their phones.The webquest focuses on specific fields of forensics (toxicology
Playing with Piaget Activity for Developmental Psychology, reviews Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development (Sensorimotor development, Pre-operational development, Concrete operational, and Formal operational). This is a great addition to any developmental psychology unit. Students are given fo
Psychology Shark Tank Piaget Cognitive Development Project Students enter the Shark Tank to pitch their original creations developed using Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory. Includes: -Task Sheet with Directions -Rubric -Piaget's Development Chart -Audience Presentation Form -Group Feedback Fo
An embarrassment - ESL adult and kid conversation lesson This is a 54 -slide business powerpoint presentation in an editable PPT format with a worksheet.Some embarrassing situations have no cultural boundaries and neither does our reactions to them. People love talking about embarrassing situations
This spoof on the Myers-Briggs Assessment is a great beginning of the year activity. Use as an ice-breaker with your classes or for a faculty meeting. Presented as a PDF SlideShow, participants will use only pencil and paper to complete the assessment. The pig they draw serves as a “test” of th
The lesson starts with a riddle, it was rumored that this riddle was used by psychiatrists to determine if an individual had some psychopathic traits (it’s not true of course), the discussion will lead you to the subject of the lesson (hopefully, not too many students will get the right answer…).Thi

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