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This is a collection of 4 sets of medical clipart. The sets in this collection are Medical Tools, Medical Backgrounds, People In A Hospital, Working In A Hospital. The images in each set are: MEDICAL BACKGROUNDS Doctor's office (consulting room), hospital room, hospital, MRI machine, nurse station
Your trigonometry students will love this self-checking circuit which requires them to refer to the unit circle. Aids in memorizing the unit circle. 32 questions total. May be used cooperatively, as homework, or even as a quiz! May be converted to a scavenger hunt. Great for ACT / SAT review.
GOOGLE SLIDES VERSIONS and PDF'sMAZE 1: uses 3 trig ratios - sin, cos, tan (easy) MAZE 2: uses pythagorean theorem to find sides first MAZE 3: find side measures -MAZE 4: find angle measuresMAZE 5: find angles and sidesIncludes 9 Entrance/Exit tickets Total: 25 pagesAnswer Keys: Inclu
This is a MEGA Bundle of foldables, guided notes, homework, daily content quizzes, mid-unit and end-unit assessments, review assignments, and cooperative activities Pre-Calculus UNIT 4: TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS. The unit includes 11 lessons which are presented to students using two different note-tak
Unit Circle Trigonometry Cheat Sheet with hand trick memorizing details. ***Updated now with fill-in versions*** This is my version of the unit circle on steroids. I have tweaked it over 10 years and finally created the perfect teaching tool to fit on one page! I have included a symbolic key for
***NOW FORMATTED for DIGITAL USE during distance learning!Looking for a new creative idea to teach the unit circle to your high school trig students that combines math with art in ready to display poster form? When you purchase, click DOWNLOAD to get the original 16 page static PDF document that inc
This mini-unit includes 16 pages of practice on Graphing Trigonometric Functions, a match and sort activity, and a general review of transformations with sine and cosine curves. The answer keys are included.There is an extension activity at the end of the Sort and Match Activity. The handouts can be
This is a coloring activity for finding Trig ratios for 16 problems, sin, cos, tan. Easy version, all three sides are given. Harder version, apply the Pythagorean Theorem to find the third side and then find the trig ratio. Students should complete the work on a separate sheet of paper. The colo
The perfect Foldable for Interactive Notebooks, this Graphing the Sine and Cosine Flip Book with Notes, practice, and additional worksheet is designed for Trigonometry, PreCalculus, and some Algebra 2 classes. The examples are in radians.Topics cover Amplitude, Phase Shift, Period, Vertical Shift,
This Sine & Cosine Task Card Activity will help your Algebra 2 students understand the properties of basic sine and cosine graphs. There are 12 task cards in the activity where students can explore by open sorting, classifications, and amplitudes. They can match the graph to its corresponding eq
Right Triangle - Angles of Elevation & Depression Interactive Notebook Pages In this fantastic set of Interactive Notebook Pages you will find two separate pages - one on angles of elevation and one on angles of depression. I have created them in two versions - one with each type double printe
Do you need a fun way for students to practice special right triangles with minimal prep? The Special Right Triangles Scavenger Hunt Game gets students up and moving around while practicing math. In this game, students use the answer to one problem to find another problem hanging around the classroo
This Unit Circle GOOGLE® Slides interactive matching activity make learning the values of the unit circle fun and is totally engaging for your students. There are 30 movable boxes with values that students drag & drop onto the correct position. The unit circle includes both radian and degree m
In this lo prep activity which can also be used for Distance Learning, students determine reference angles for positive and negative angles in both degrees and radians. Students also use reference angles to find the six trigonometric functions of the special angles. This resource is appropriate
Right Triangles - Geometry Angles of Elevation and Depression Riddle Practice Worksheet This is a 13 question riddle worksheet that covers angles of Elevation and Depression! Problems are presented in story problem format and students are asked to draw a picture of the situation, set-up a trigonom
This Right Triangles Finding Trig Ratios - Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Task card is great activity with optional QR and works well with small groups or parners. Included: 2 sets of 32 Task Cards, one with QR codes and one without. Students find trigonometric ratios from a given right triangle. The
This Unit Circle Activity Pack is designed for Trigonometry, Algebra 2, and PreCalculus. Having a solid background and grasp of the basic Trig functions is invaluable in higher math.Look at all that's Included: Three versions of the Unit Circle, one partially completed so that students can comple
Unit Circle Fun Notes for Algebra, Trig and PreCalculus are perfect to engage your students in a rigorous but fun activity. No Prep! Just Print & Go or Print & Send off to Distance Learning Students.Students love to doodle while learning and it has been shown that doodling and working wit
This innovative set self checking of task cards on Transformations and Translations of Trigonometric Functions is designed to reinforce the concepts of translated and shifted graphs of trigonometric functions. Included are changes to the amplitude, period, and phase shift of the six trigonometric
Trig Functions - Graphing Cheat Sheet *****UPDATED with different formula versions****** Text books make graphing trig functions so complicated. I have simplified the process so that even below average students can follow the process easily and graph trig functions without frustration. I have pas
Trig Identities and Formulas Flip Books. Foldable, easy, and your students will love this.Two great new resources for your Calculus and Trig students. This product includes two different sized foldable Flip Books.The first is a small, handy Flip Book, 3 3/4" by 51/4". It has 5 tabs and 11 pages wit
Trigonometry Identities PowerPoint Task Cards Graphic Organizer.This engaging group of activities is designed for Trigonometry and PreCalculus. Students apply their reasoning skills along with their trigonometric skills to solving identities. The PowerPoint has nine problems done out step by step
Students have fun and are engaged solving this right triangle trig puzzle. They solve for the lenghths of the sidesof each right triangle using the tangent ratio. Students are given the tangent ratio in lowest terms, they then find the lengths of the legs of each right triangle. After all triangle l
Partners will alternate turns writing similarity statements for various figures and determining scale factors. They will also use a given scale factor to find missing side lengths.

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