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Game: Who Shot Prospector Pete (Murder Mystery activity)
Prospector Pete is found shot in the back at his mining claim with a peck of people possibly involved including his wife Betsy, the Raindance Kid, Hoss Steel, Lily Lang Tree (or is it Land Tree?) and many more. Jump right in as a suspect and a detective and figure out who did it. Mystery party gam
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Photosynthesis; A Dramatic Reading
A short play that can be read out, acted, modified by pupils to encourage the learning and understanding of photosynthesis. This is aimed at KS3, but works equally well with KS4, especially if you encourage the pupils to improve the content to cover what they are expected to know (with key terminolo
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"Ring around the roses" - Microbiology Skit!
It's show time!! This project allows students to research a communicable disease and create an applause worthy performance based on their findings. This project would typically take about 2 weeks to complete. The first week the students/groups would be preparing/drafting/creating and the second e
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Forensic Science Mystery: The Mystery of the Missing Michelangelo
Someone has stolen a rare miniature model of the David in Florence. Forensic Science student investigators work to unravel the mystery and bring David home. A non-murder mystery for the forensic science classroom. Hands on. Laboratory analysis Unit length: Approximately 4-6 weeks In order to use
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Game: The Will Murder Mystery activity/script & lesson plans
THE WILL MURDER MYSTERY ACTIVITY When rich old Mrs. Wetherington dies the family and staff are shocked, not at her death (after all she was old and many people wanted her dead) but at her will. The bulk of the estate would go to the person who fingered her murderer. Skeletons in closets, blackmail
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Game: Murder at the Manor (mystery party activity)
If you like Game of Thrones, you'll enjoy Murder at The Manor The Earl Henry is dead and without an heir on the eve of the annual tournament and feast. Who could have done such a dastardly deed at the castle? His 4th wife? The traveling minstrel? One of his sisters or a host of other relatives
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Question Exploration: Conservation of Momentum in Collisions
Momentum is building? Is it conserved in a collision or explosion?This Question Exploration explains How do we contrast conservation of momentum between elastic and inelastic collisions? This is an AP Physics 1 topic. Question Exploration Routines are instructional methods that teachers can use to
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Instructional Video Tip Sheet
Creating an instructional video requires backward design. What is your content, how will you assess it, and then how can you structure your video in a meaningful and engaging way--and keep it short! This tip sheet can be used to plan nearly any instructional video. Feel free to use it--and re-use
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showing 1-8 of 8 results

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