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Are you looking for higher level math problem based learning/problem solving activities to use with your students? Do you want flexibility—a math resource that can be used with small enrichment groups or can be tiered so you can use it with your entire class…but at different levels? Do you want yo
This printable journal with 30 seasonal topics is a perfect addition to your writing curriculum or work on writing center. Looking at a big blank piece of paper can be really intimidating to a young writer. These pages are perfectly sized and designed to be inviting and interesting for your first, s
Benchmark Advance First Grade CA 2017 Unit 5 Weeks 1-3 BUNDLE {Single Teacher Purchase} All products have been updated.Check out the quality of my work on Facebook or Instagram. Administrators must contact me primarymadnesswithmrsgenna@gmail.com to purchase the correct license. This product contains
Includes TpT Digital Activity Version for Google Classroom Distance Learning!Integrate STEM, Writing, and Literacy in your classroom at the End of the School Year!Teach students everything they need to build a house! Your students will love designing, building, testing, and writing about their very
Benchmark Advance First Grade CA 2017 Unit 6 Weeks 1-3{Single Teacher Purchase} All products in this unit have been updated as of 1/13/2019.Check out the quality of my work on Facebook or Instagram.Administrators must contact me primarymadnesswithmrsgenna@gmail.com to purchase the correct license. T
This was my students' favorite learning unit this year and the goals they reached or products they produced were amazing! Many brought tears to my eyes. Students can do astounding things with a little time, structured planning, and a passion. Using the Google Corporation's idea of using 20% of co
Benchmark Advance First Grade CA 2017 Unit 3 BUNDLE {Single Teacher Purchase} Check out the quality of my work on Facebook or Instagram.All the products in this bundle have been updated. Administrators must contact me primarymadnesswithmrsgenna@gmail.com to purchase the correct license. This produc
A reference chart for students explaining each of Dr. Kaplan's depth and complexity prompts. This chart is perfect for notes or an interactive notebook!
This quadrilateral game is for when students really understand the properties of the different quadrilaterals, so they can begin to think critically about them. Although I made this to challenge 3rd graders, it would also be appropriate for 4th and 5th graders. This game specifically addresses 3.G.
A reading log perfect for homework, that allows your student to record details from their nightly reading. The log is for 4 nights. Monday they focus on the big idea of the reading. Tuesday they focus on the language of the discipline. Wednesday they focus on unanswered questions. Thursday they
In this US Landmarks Research and Travel Unit, students research and visit a historic/famous landmark in the United States. They will have to travel to the state of the landmark, stay in a hotel and pay for the cost of meals. Students research their favorite landmarks, use math skills, and learn abo
No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away! Bring some Star Wars STEM right to your students! The challenge? Design a droid that can travel down a slope using marble power. Fastest droid wins! Included in this pack are: -- Printable student challenge card -- Teacher materials list -- Pre-Activ
These engaging math puzzles for fast finishers offer choice for differentiation and meet a variety of learning styles. Tasks include brain teasers, thought provoking word problems, brainstorming exercises and much more. All levels of Bloom's Taxonomy are considered, making these creative and criti
Design a witch's brew potion that bubbles! Students will need to mix various ingredients until they find two that create a chemical reaction to make the potion bubble. This is a very fun activity even your youngest scientists will love! Contents Getting Started Suggested Material List (you will ne
My best seller! The Create-A-Game Planning Packet for Enrichment/ Research Products is for ANY research topic! Your advanced or gifted students, or even your fast finishers, can "show what they know" in a unique, fun way! My students have been creating their own games for years…this packet is the e
This download is for those students and their teachers who enjoy solving somewhat twisted, definitely unusual (aka "tricked out") word math problems. An equal combination of language arts and basic math skills, Contrived Math challenges participants to collect common data, such as the number of day
Who has hair of snakes and eyes that can turn you to stone? Medusa, of course! You can spice up your mythology unit or The Lightning Thief novel study (Percy Jackson series) with these engaging literature activities. Grab students’ attention with two different views of this alluring mythological cre
What's Eating the Big Bad Wolf...or Worse Yet, What is HE Eating? This is a PBL (Project or Problem Based Learning activity) that I was fortunate enough to collaborate with our GATE teacher to create. This is part of the Primarily Gifted line of products to get your students thinking deeper. Search
What do your early finishers do? These critical thinking puzzles will keep your students engaged and allow them to work on meaningful activities. Included in this unit are math, ELA, spelling, logic puzzles, and more centered around an September back to school theme. #summersalebrationIncluded in th
This FREE STEM challenge is designed similarly to the other STEM Challenges in my store. I am offering this one as a free sample so that you can experience the joy of STEM with your students. The “problem” presented in this shelter building challenge was a real life situation that happened to my f
STEM activity / challenge with a STEM tale: Troll Proof Goat Bridge (based on Three Billy Goats Gruff). STEM tales are a series of STEM challenges that are accessible for your youngest budding engineers; they use a fairy tale that your students are likely already familiar with. By adding in a story
These bright posters come in A4 size and are clear, bright and colourful! Print two to a page if preferred. This WALT, WILF and TIB pack also includes three mini cards for use on a whiteboard or small area. WALT = We Are Learning To… WILF = What I’m Looking For… (Sometimes called success criteria)
Are you new to Depth and Complexity Icons? Not sure how to begin teaching your students about the prompts of Depth and Complexity? This product has a day-by-day lesson plan that shares the most simplest way I would teach Depth and Complexity Icons starting on the *first day of school by applying
This Real World Math Project is perfect for Middle School students and for an End of Year Project. It will have them looking at budgeting and finance skills as they plan their 'future life'. Student have so much fun during this project and get a real insight into the cost of living. Are you looking

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