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**Newly Updated**All New: EMOJI style** Are you looking for a way to help your students with self-regulation? Using calming creams in the classroom can be a helpful tool for self-regulation. With the use of creams, students can have a sensory experience while self-reflecting. My students enjoy it a
Image bundle of children representing miscellaneous Illness, malaise, ailment sickness or symptoms. Includes transparent PNGS of both colored and black and white drawings. Perfect for: storytelling, cards, health education, etc. For personal and TpT project use. 15 lineart files, 15 images in colo
Going back to school during a pandemic is going to be different! We need to make sure our kids are consistently reminded about proper hygiene and cleaning practices.These posters come in color and black/white options (great for printing on Astrobrights paper). Signs included:-Please Wash your Hands-
Students learn all about Germs and how to stay healthy!This product also includes experiments, art projects, and writing!Ready to print or use on an interactive whiteboard.Click here for more great Science products
Make using hand sanitizer fun with these cute Germ Juice Hand Sanitizer labels! Perfect for the primary classroom to keep the environment germ-free. Various sizes and two different color options included. Print on cardstock and adhere to hand sanitizer bottles with packing tape for durability.Enjo
Student and parent information form. Pass these out during Meet and Greet or during orientation and keep them in a file. These are also handy during conference time. It saves A LOT of TIME... all siblings attending the same school are listed on the back of the form. You never know when student i
A "Must Have" for all 1st & 2nd grade teachers! Dr. Kristy Remick's packet 1 includes background information for teachers about the importance of VISION and LEARNING and offers a simple method to maximize vision performance in the classroom. 80% of learning is visual! Eye tracking and vision per
Enjoy this fun FREEBIE to spice up your space. This Freebie includes a visual hand washing chart and some friendly reminder posters to add to your space.
Use this daily student behavior checklist to keep students on track of their IEP, SST, or Counseling goals. Works best with Elementary and Middle, but could be modified for High School. This word document is completely editable. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about this or any
This is a mini image bundle that includes characters suffering the symptoms of stomach malaise (could be food poisoning, indigestion, IBS, dyspepsia, etc) They come in PNG Format. Both colored and black and white files. Perfect for: storytelling, first aid instructions, and much more! For personal
Contents: Self-Harm Alternatives handout for information / training and self-harm alternatives handout for sharing with students in recovery from self-harm and / or parents. At the moment when a young person is overcome by an urge or need to self-harm, it can be very helpful for them to have a rang
A Visual Pain Scale is a tool to help individuals with autism or other severe communication disorder express any pain they have and its severity. ~1 page with symbols for pain scale ~Saved in PDF format
As a teacher I hate (I know strong word!!!) having to send home my students with their tooth in a wad of bloody tissue! GROSS!!! PROBLEM SOLVED! Tooth Fairy Take Home Bags are the quick NO PREP solution! I print out a bunch of different options at the beginning of the year and let the kiddos choos
This is a great way for your child/student to visually see how they are doing on their journey to being potty trained. Every time they use the toilet successfully, they get to put a sticker on a toilet! If they do "double-duty" they can put on 2 stickers!
This is a mini image bundle that includes characters suffering the symptoms of allergies. Includes images of common allergens as well as medications to complement themed projects. They come in PNG Format. Both colored and black and white files. Perfect for: storytelling, first aid instructions, and
Pandemic Flu or Coronavirus - Being Prepared. PowerPoint about the danger of pandemic disease such as influenza and the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Defines pandemic, flu, bird flu, includes a pandemic timeline, information on the Spanish flu of 1918, the H5N1 flu outbreak of 2005, the H1N1 swine flu
Many children and families find immunizations anxiety provoking. This social story primes children through engaging images and dialogue to reduce their worries around getting their annual flu shot. We sincerely hope that this social story helps children and families. We look forward to any and all f
This great bullying prevention guide will help educate students, staff and parents about bullying and harassment. The information on bullying includes: what is bullying, what to do if bullied, what can bystanders do to stop bullying, what you should record if being bullied. PS: Visit my website
This is an EDITABLE product containing 6 different hearing screening forms and 8 1/2 page parent result letters.Here are the sheets included:1) 2 full-page and one half-page screening forms for BOTH 20 dB and 25 dB levels at 1000, 2000, and 4000 dB.2) 2 different half-page EDITABLE parent letters
A "Must Have" for all teachers! This packet includes background information of all teachers about the importance of VISION and LEARNING and offers a simple method to identify students of all ages with eye tracking and vision perception difficulties. This packet includes definitions for teachers and
This cute health room pass allows communication with the school nurse. This form includes a place for the student's name, problem (you circle either headache, stomach ache, injury - with blank to describe, sore throat, nausea, ear ache and other - with a blank. It also includes blanks for the date
Do I NEED the Nurse? I created this resource to help my students independently figure out if they needed to ask to go to the nurse or not. It has been really helpful for me and my school nurse. To be used in a general education, inclusion, sub-separate, or health room.Other resources:☀️ Standardize
Many children have worries. To help children cope, adults can encourage young children to draw or print their worries and in turn externalize these challenging emotions. With the children and families that I work with, we like to draw our worries on "Worry Monsters." The worry monsters can then hold
Nine Star Wars themed hygiene and healthy habits posters great for the nurse's office. They would also make a great addition to health lessons.

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