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This 185 page unit is filled with paleontology themed content. Included are themed vocabulary words (paleontologist, prehistoric, dinosaur, fossil, mineral, earthquake, sedimentary, excavate, extinct, brush, pickaxe and goggles). You'll have access to various ways to respond to vocabulary. I
Dinosaur Craft ActivityYour students will love making this fun dinosaur puppet craft activity! Hands on learning fun to supplement your studies on dinosaurs!❤ CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW GREEN APPLE LESSONS!
HOW TO DRAW: Dinosaur Directed Drawing is a set of drawing, writing and learning activites. The process of “directed drawing” is a fabulous activity for early learners, and is not just merely a way to practice following directions. It is a great opportunity to practice spatial awareness, and reinf
This pack is a great addition to your dinosaur unit! These fun coloring pages are great to put at a station. I had my students water color them and they came out amazing! This coloring pack includes:** = TWO versions- ** Dinosaurs (all in one)- ** Stegosaurus- ** Pterodactyl & Triceratops- **
These cards are a fun way to familiarize children with different dinosaurs. This is a unique activity that shows children what different dinosaur bones look like! You can use them to create many different kinds of activities. You can use these cards for your science centers, dinosaur unit study, or
Dinosaur Printables Included in this Dinosaur Printable unit Paleontologist Cookie Dig Worksheet Dinosaur Word Search T-Rex Adjective Worksheet Brachiosaurs Adjective Worksheet Stegosaurus Adjective Worksheet Triceratops Adjective Worksheet Dinosaur Egg Hatching Writing Craftivity Dinosaur Color
Dinosaur Bundle ******************************************************************** This Dinosaur Bundle includes the following centers and printables: Dinosaur Addition Center Dinosaur Facts Write the Room Dinosaur Fact Posters Dinosaur CVC Real and Nonsense Words Center Dinosaur Printable
Dinosaurs Collaboration Poster. This contemporary art integration project can serve as a great inspiration for the starting of, or a fantastic final culmination to, any dinosaurs unit that you teach. You can use it to decorate your door, or to brighten up practically any spot in your classroom. This
Need a quick STEM pack that is theme based and can help you tie in NGSS engineering standards, provide hands on activities and connect to your Rock and Fossil Unit? This new series can do that for you with Let's Build a...Dinosaur! This pack includes: -3 STEM connections -engineering design poster
Dinosaur Posters These dinosaur posters include their latin meanings and interesting facts about each dinosaur. The following dinosaurs are featured in this poster set: Ceratosaurus Dilophosaurus Dryosaurus Maiasaura Apatosaurus Baryonyx Camptosaurus Oviraptor Protoceratops Spinosaurus Torosaurus
Dinosaur Coloring pages - interactive and pattern-filled Pop Art coloring sheets including and writing prompts included!This unique set of Pop Art Dinosaur coloring sheets features:5 interactive coloring sheets5 pattern filled coloring sheets2 writing prompts plus a blank writing prompt page to crea
This purchase contains 45 photographs for commercial, personal, and educational use of rocks and minerals. Use real life photos to spark excitement and discussion during your rocks and minerals unit! Create TpT products and resources using real life photos of various igneous, sedimentary, and metamo
Begin your students in the world of archaeology with this short unit of study where they will be introduced to fossils. Students will engage in close reading, answer comprehension activities identify fossils and put together a dinosaur fossil. Please note this is for the younger kids not for older
This Dinosaur Doodles set includes my top favorite dinosaurs: triceratops, pteradactyl, tyrannosaurus rex, brachiosaurus, stegasaurus, and a raptor, as well as a dinosaur egg, a cracking dinosaur egg (drawn by my 9 year old daughter, MaKenna), a dinosaur footprint, a volcano, 2 tall rainforest tree
HOW TO DRAW: Monster Directed Drawing is a set of drawing, writing and learning activites. The process of “directed drawing” is a fabulous activity for early learners, and is not just merely a way to practice following directions. It is a great opportunity to practice spatial awareness, and reinfo
Dinosaur Center ~ Digging up Sight Words Directions: Print off the bone cards and laminate them. Cut them out and place them in a sand sensory bin/table. Run off copies of the recording sheet. I added toy fossil action figures and the students really enjoyed finding the bones with them. Students wr
This Dinosaur Unit First Grade and Second Grade will help teach your students about dinosaurs! There is a presentation for introduction to this dinosaur unit, vocabulary with real dinosaur pictures, vocabulary/sight word printables, and dinosaur fact cards included on the back. You can measure how
Dinosaur Addition Center Print off the dinosaur eggs on construction paper. Before laminating, write the set number on the back of the egg to make it easier for you to keep them organize. Place one set in a center with the appropriate recording sheet. Students have to read color words to find the c
Dig It Up! Dinosaur activities for five days of fun offers hands-on expereinces for your young minds that are both engaging and full of giggles! As they discover what it mean to take part in an archaeological dig, they will go through the scientific process of asking questions, formulating a hypoth
Add these attractive and realistic dinosaur poster pack to your dino unit. This set included 26 posters which feature facts on each dinosaur along with a realistic clipart picture. This poster pack includes 26 posters of the following dinosaurs: Allosaurus Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus Camarasaurus C
Teach basic AB patterns with these Dinosaur fill in the pattern cards! 30 cards and super quick prep! #mathcenters #math #preschool #preschoolers #preschoolactivities #kindergarten #Homeschooling #teacherspayteachers #dinosaur
Dinosaur Facts Write the Room Center After you have printed off the write the room cards (printing instructions included) cut and laminate the cards. I purchased dinosaur figurines from Amazon. You do not need to attach them to a figurine; you can just leave them around the room. Students find the
Montessori inspired beautiful learning materials of 10 dinosaurs: ➥ apatosaurus ➥ tyrannosaurus rex ➥ elasmosaurus ➥ spinosaurus ➥ stegosaurus ➥ pteranodon ➥ triceratops ➥ velociraptor ➥ ankylosaurus ➥ parasaurolophus The file includes: ➥ 10 control cards (picture + label) size: 5.25"x4
Dig It Series Three: Treasures. 10 images, 5 color, 5 black and white of buried treasures. 10 files. 300ppi PNG format for great quality. Transparent backgrounds for easy use. Instantly downloadable. 1x zip file for easy download. -- Personal use is allowed as follows: You can use in any unit

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