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Fractions fun and differentiated JAM-PACKED 1st grade math unit is filled with 139 pages of everything you need to teach fractions. This pack covers 4 main standards/concepts: equal and unequal parts, halves/fourths/thirds/eighths, partitioning shapes, and identifying & writing fractions. Check
Equal parts of a whole fractions worksheets to practice equal parts and unequal parts - 3 cut and paste worksheets to practice whether fractions are equal or not equal. The three worksheets include three types: all circles, all squares, and a mix of circles/squares/triangles. For A LOT of awesome
This is a 4 Pack of fraction activities for your class! I use them as fraction tubs and rotate my students through them. They can be done whole group just as easily! Included: Skittles Fractions Shoe Fractions Name Fractions M&M Fractions This is a fun, hands on, highly engaging way to learn
Fractions worksheet: Fractions - this is a hands-on cut and paste fractions worksheet to help your students practice halves, thirds, and fourths. Answer key now included! For A LOT of awesome fractions practice including worksheets like these, check out: First Grade Math Unit 18 For more fracti
{UPDATED!} Oh my...Pizza pie! What better way to teach fractions than with pizza! This super-fun activity lets your students decide how much pizza they are going to eat {in fraction form of course!}Included:*"My Pizza Parts" math writing prompt*fraction pizza printables in both color and black/white
Planar and solid shapes are both included in this geometry bundle. Your students will explore both 2D and 3D shapes through games, printables, and hands-on activities (build the shapes with craft sticks or play dough). Wall posters are included to reinforce the geometric concepts, or print these at
Equal Sharing Worksheets. This product has 30 printable pages. There are two versions of the applicable sheets included in this packet: US English and UK English (which is great for the UK, Australia and New Zealand)There are twelve pages where students cut out objects and share them between two, th
Kids love learning with Fraction Activities! Fraction Games for Young Learners includes 32 pages of easy to use, independent activities to help your students master fraction skills. Perfect for math centers or small group instruction! CLASSROOM TESTED!WHAT'S INCLUDED:Fraction PostersFraction Referen
Family Math Night K-3 is designed for a school wide event. 100 pages of exactly what you need. Includes the hands-on games, station signs, parent welcome sign, parent invitation letter, table tent signs for directions, a letter for parents on how to help their child at home, sign in sheet, and a
Fraction Packet List of Activities I Have, Who Has…. Fractions {whole group activity} Fraction Dominoes {small group/station activity} Bang! {partners, station activity} Memory/Matching {independent, partners, small group} Fraction Action Game-use cards from Memory {partners, small group, station a
This 12-image set is a great resource for creating math activities that correspond to classroom manipulatives. Included are 6 vibrant, colored images and 5 black and white versions. The images will have high resolution, so you can enlarge them and they will still be crisp. All images are in png
Capture your students’ attention with these pizza fraction clip art graphics. Your students will be engaged in learning the fractions, whole, half, thirds, fourths, fifths, and sixths. These could be used in your resources as part of worksheets, task cards, games, and quizzes. Students could also us
Half Of or Fourth Of Worksheets (Fun Fractions Cut and Paste Sorts) - your kids will enjoy practicing this standard by sorting shapes as being a half or fourth by cutting and pasting them into the correct boxes This includes 2 cut and paste worksheets.If you would like fractions worksheets that also
This 66 pizza clipart is great for fractions, counting, sorting, money... All images are 300 dpi in color and line art: dough sauce bacon meat crumbles pepperoni green pepper red pepper mushroom red onion onion half onion slices tomato black olive green olive shredded cheese cheese pile swiss chee
This packet is jammed full of worksheets to help your students practice fractions and partitioning. It includes 30 engaging worksheets for first grade which cover all things related to halves, thirds and fourths (quarters). The pack includes two versions – one with the word ‘fourths’ and the other w
Are fractions a difficult skill for your kids to understand? Let a book help! The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philomen Sturges is a great aid in helping students understand the concept of fractions. After reading the book, have kids create their own little red hen and pizza! This unit includes p
14 varied worksheets and printables that are great for introducing fractions to Pre K/ Kindergarten / Grade One. Worksheets cover the concept of half, quarter and third, includes cut and paste and color the fraction plus much more! worksheets come in both USA and UK spellings. There are 14 Pages
Fractions No Prep Math Printables by Tweet Resources. This easy to use NO PREP is a great introduction to teaching fractions in your primary classroom. This package includes 2 anchor charts, and 24 printables that cover the basics of fractions.This package includes:*3 fraction anchor charts*24 print
This quick-paced, nail-biter of a math fraction game will leave your kids BEGGING for more! Team up to knock out the other team's player. The last team standing wins! This is by far the most engaging thing I've done for my classroom this year. My kids get SO excited when we play, and they work super
FRACTIONS: Fraction cards for whole, half, third, and fourth including: -fraction word -fraction as a number -fractional part of a whole -fractional part of a set The entire fraction set is included in color AND black and white!! Includes: fractional parts of squares, triangles, and circles. fract
This amazing pack on fractions has everything you need to teach fractions! My students loved all of these centers and activities and were able to do them independently. I hope that you will find them useful in your classroom! This pack includes: Pizza fractions anchor charts for whole, 1/2, 1/3, &
This smart board lesson is the first one I use to teach my students about fractions. Before introducing fractions, I teach my students about equal and not equal parts of shapes. This smart board lesson will prepare your students for learning about fractions. (focus is on shapes with 2, 3, or 4 e
Scoot games are a great way to get your kids up and moving and pack in tons of skill practice at the same time! This scoot game targets fractions (of a shape and of a set) up to fifths. Students will scoot around the room and identify the given fraction of the shape/set. They will write the fract
This mini-unit contains several activities that will help you teach fact partitioning shapes or basic fractions. They are great supplements to use along side curriculum resources, during math centers, or as remediation/enrichment activities. All of the pages are black line masters for easy and affor

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