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Number Poems - Posters, Printables and Snap Block Center••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Get this product as part of a BUNDLE and SAVE!Number Writing Poems BUNDLE of ActivitiesDid you know we also have Alphabet Writing Poems? Same concept but
Effective approach to teaching letters to young children. (Letter Recognition, Alphabet Identification) Flashcards are set up with letter and association picture on the front and an explanation of how to teach on the back. This program starts with "easy" letters first and builds off of success. The
Creating anchor charts can be a time consuming process, and if you are like me sometimes they take several pieces of chart paper to before you get them "just perfect"! If you lack the artistic talent, the resources or the time to create impactful anchor charts, then this is the product for you!!!
Creating anchor charts can be a time consuming process, and if you are like me sometimes they take several pieces of chart paper to before you get them "just perfect"! If you lack the artistic talent, the resources or the time to create impactful anchor charts, then this is the product for you!!!
Please Note: This product does NOT include the Secret Stories®, as the Secrets are only available in "hard copy" / published format in the Secret Stories® Kit (book, posters & music download) on https://www.TheSecretStories.com.The Secret Stories® Better Alphabet™ "Mini-Mats" for individualized
Many students are visual learners and need a visual clue or reminder to the many phonics/spelling rules they need to master to become successful readers. This set of cards will provide students a visual clue to remind them of spelling patterns and rules to help them with their reading, spelling, and
These bookmarks are great to pass out to your students when teaching blends, short vowel sounds and diagraphs. Learning these sounds with a picture helps your students make real connections and is a super important learning tool that I am sure you will find helpful in your classroom. Enjoy this fr
Use these motions to teach your students sight words! Students will have higher engagement and remember the words quicker as they connect them with a physical movement! Say each word and do the motion three time! Remember it takes 18 times of staying something to learn it, so say them often!****R
Rounding Rule is a color 8x11 chart with a space theme. The rhyme helps students remember which numbers round up and which numbers round down.
This is a Common Core writing bundle that is based on the format of SRSD/Writer’s Workshop. Informative, Opinion, and Narrative writing for the first grade writing standards are covered. This writing unit will help you teach the major Common Core writing standards throughout the year! This unit
These posters are a great visual reminder for students as they are reading, writing and working in centers. The fun pictures are great ways for the students to learn "tricky" sounds, and remember them daily! This product contains 62 posters for the following: • sh, th, wh, ch, ph, gh • br, cr, dr,
It is common for young children and students with disabilities to struggle with proper handwriting and directionality for letters and numbers. Through my experiences with teaching students who have dyslexia and other disorders, I have developed a special letter and number line set to help students
Reading Strategy Bookmark Mates PDF file 1 page with color reading strategies 1-13, in order. All 3 strategy bookmarks are presented on one page in your file. Teachers and parents can use with children aged 4-12 years. Also see these strategies posters in our TpT store - http://www.teacherspa
Teach your students to write like superheroes with these inspiring posters! Includes: - "Be a Writing Superhero" title page - "POW" writing poster for SRSD - "TIDE" writing poster for Narrative and Informative/Explanatory Mode - "TIRE" and "TREE" writing posters for Opinion Mode - "SWAG" poster - f
This decoding strategies printout can be a poster for your wall for students to be used as a reference. It will provide visual reinforcement of strategies by correlating each strategy with a phrase. Perfect support for beginning readers, ELL, and Learning Support students. This page can be laminate
Providing students with a visual reminder to space between words is often helpful. This freebie is used with a specific strategy shared by our Occupational Therapist which is describe on my blog. Please visit my blog as step-by-step directions are provided to implement this strategy.
This file contains 5 pages of printables to help students visualize the difference between lower case b and d. Included are 2 full color posters (8.5 in x 11 in), 2 full color pages of desk tags, and 1 page of full color printable bookmarks. Each page contains an illustration to help students reca
This is a collection of coin songs: penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. They are the classic songs/poems we all know along with the coordinating picture.
Two posters, one for the lines of the treble clef, the other for the spaces. Both use Mnemonic devices to remember the order of the pitches. These are color coded to match boomwackers (color differentiation). They match the full treble clef staff listed separately. Can be printed as a large banne
Mister Smith's Letter Recognition Program-$11 Mister Smith's Alphabet Book-$7 Mister Smith's Lowercase Letter Recognition Program-$11 Mister Smith's Lowercase Book-$7 Teach your students to identify all of their upper and lowercase letters using this bundle. Mister Smith's Letter Recognition Progr
These Sky Grass Dirt Alphabet Formation Practice Sheets and Rhyme Cards are perfect to keep at hand when teaching letter writing and printing in both large and small groups! Using the Sky-Grass-Dirt format to explain where the letters go on the lines really helps many children understand where the l
UPDATED AND EXPANDED!! This resource provides activities to learn the colors of the rainbow with the mnemonic device of ROY G. BIV. Roy G. Biv is a fun way to help children remember the colors of the rainbow. Each letter represents a color of the rainbow.R- RedO - OrangeY - YellowG - GreenB - Blue
Number Formation Posters with rhymes for numbers 0-9. Each is on 8.5x11" printable color poster. Didn't create the rhymes... Just put them in to poster form with visuals! Enjoy!
Do you have students who blurt out the answers? Use these Blurt Alert slips to serve as reminders for students to raise their hands politely. Create a consequence / reward system in your classroom that fits your classroom needs. This is just one tool that may help you in your behavior management.

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