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How to Write Email, Email Etiquette, Effective Real-World Business Writing CCSS
Teach your students proper email etiquette – or "email netiquette" – with this 45-minute "How to Email" lesson that includes a high-interest intro. lecture and two fun real-world writing activities.First, present the right and wrong way to build an email message with a dynamic 15-slide Prezi lecture

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Billions in Change, Emergency Sub Plan, Distance Learning Video Lesson, CCSS
By pairing an engaging 43-minute video with a rich question/answer activity, students will have a meaningful class experience – even on a sub day. This lesson features a viewing of Billions in Change, a high-quality documentary readily available for streaming at multiple online sources, and critical

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How to Write an Email to Teachers: Email Etiquette Mini-Unit Digital & Print
Have you ever received an email from a student that was written in, well, a not-so-nice tone? Sure. We all have, and it's enough to drive us up the wall! But! What if students have just never been taught (or not taught well) how to professionally address a boss or superior? That realization inspired

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Career Exploration Activities BUNDLE (resume, cover letter, job interview, etc.)
This 175+ page packet bundle provides students with a variety of information and activities that help to introduce them to the skills necessary for obtaining a job or career. As there are a lot of documents included in this file, a teacher instruction page has been provided to help organize how you


10 Amazing Tech Videos and Activity
Show these 10 amazing technology videos to your students. Pause after each video to give students time to respond to the questions.• The videos are exciting, quick and definitely grab students’ attention. • They showcase cutting edge technology.UPDATE: This activity has been completely redesigned

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Persuasion, Propaganda, & Advertising Powerpoint, Word Wall Posters, and Maze
This fun and colorful lesson includes a 43-slide powerpoint and maze activity in color and black & white. Each slide is bright and concise with kid-friendly language and many slides include clipart. There are also 16 embedded youtube videos and 3 youtube links (video settings wouldn't allo

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MegaBundle for Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 Lessons-Word PowerPoint Excel Outlook
THIS IS IT! Great for teachers tasked with teaching an entire Microsoft Office module!Complete 4 course bundle of lesson plans for Microsoft Office 2016 & 2019 (will also work for Microsoft Office 2013 but some tabs and menus may be named differently)Applications: 33 Word lessons35 PowerPoint l

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Business Valuation for Sharks -- Financial Literacy - 21st Century Math Project
Proportions, Percents and Analyzing Data Trends jump into the deep waters with this 21st Century Math Project inspired by the popular TV show Shark Tank. Students learn some basic fundamentals of owning their own business while they learn foundational finance terms such as equity, value, EBIT and mu

Also included in: 21st Century Pre-Algebra Math Project Starter Bundle -- Common Core Aligned


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Supply and Demand Unit Plan - Includes Six Full Lesson Plans
This complete unit plan bundles together my six full lesson plans on supply and demand, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials. The unit focuses on the principles of supply and demand, and it introduces students to the related concepts of price ceilings, price floors, and the elasticity

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Analyzing Commercials Activity
25 Commercials and Questions• Show the commercials to your students using the links provided• Students will answer a series of questions for each commercial• I have shown/tested these commercials with many classes (some for several years)• They are exciting, funny and definitely grab students’ atten

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Economics; Scarcity, Opportunity, Factors of Production, Needs and Wants
Economic Lessons 1-4 Key Economic Concepts Made Easy These worksheets and PowerPoints were designed to assist with the teaching of key economic concepts that many students struggle with. These concepts have

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Workplace Dilemmas and Business Ethics Card Set Group Activity
Workplace dilemmas cards have students brainstorm solutions to 34 real-life ethical dilemmas and employment situations. Fun group activity, warm-up, or writing prompts help prepare CTE, business, co-op, vocational, or life skills students for real-world job scenarios. Set includes 34 real-life workp

Also included in: Career Exploration, Preparation, & Dilemmas Card Sets/Group Activity BUNDLE


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Employment & Career Readiness: Job Skills Activities Distance Learning
7 career readiness lessons teach students workplace professionalism using engaging real-life scenarios, examples, situations, and questions. Covers job skills related to employment applications, resume, interview, workplace behaviors, business etiquette, appearance, and social media skills. Prepare


Interest Investigation -- Financial Literacy - 21st Century Math Project
Compound interest is perhaps the most powerful force in the universe so it is important for students to understand it! In this 21st Century Math Project, students will practice problems built around savings account, certificates of deposits, loans and credit cards. To end the unit, students put on t

Also included in: Exponents & Roots Unit Bundle - Pre-Algebra - Distance Learning Compatible


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Excel Lesson Activities 2016 2013 2010 & OFFICE 365
• These lessons contain information about spreadsheets, activities, tips, student exemplars and marking schemes. This product includes separate instructions and activities for using both Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365• Microsoft Excel is software that

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Economic Indicators Unit Plan - Includes Five Full Lesson Plans
This complete unit plan bundles together my five full lesson plans on Economic Indicators, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials. The unit focuses on the study of business cycles through the lens of the three main economic indicators: GDP, unemployment, and inflation. The fifth lesson

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Mock Interview Preparation & Questions Activity
This activity is helpful when preparing students for an upcoming job and/or mock interview. a) Students watch a variety of YouTube videos as examples to demonstrate what a good and bad interview looks like. b) Students hold mock interviews with each other following a sort of 'script' as to how t

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Advertising Analysis and Media Literacy Activity
Advertising / Media Literacy - Students pick an ad from a magazine they've brought into class and then analyze the advertising techniques used to present the product. Includes a detailed assignment sheet, a two-page worksheet about advertising techniques and marking rubrics (2 sizes).**Part of my M

Also included in: Media Literacy / Advertising Activities - Bundle


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PowerPoint Presentations That Students Create (7 Fun Themes) Activities
This resource contains 7 PowerPoint presentation activities1. Snack Treat 2. Wacky Product 3. Tech Gadget4. Comparing 2 Smartphones5. Tech Sharing6. Performing a Task7. Tell Us About The First One Developed Students are encouraged to use their imaginations to sell a unique it

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Persuasion, Propaganda, & Advertising Maze Activity
Fun and novel way to assess your student's knowledge of persuasion: a maze!! Directions: Students begin at the box under the large "start here" arrow. They decide the type of persuasion shown and follow their choice to the next box and continue through the maze until the “END” box. Every box inc

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Market Structure Unit Plan - Includes Seven Full Lesson Plans
This complete unit plan bundles together my seven full lesson plans on market structure, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials, too. The unit focuses on the four different market structures: perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition. The lesson plans analyz

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Google Sheets Lesson & Activities
Google SHEETS• Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere• Manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in one location • This lesson and activity contains screen shots, tips, activities and instructions for using Spreadsheets within Google Driv

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Business Plan Activity
Business PlanSections1. Executive Summary2. Business Concept3. Company Goals4. Market Analysis5. Target Market6. Licenses and Insurance7. Trends8. Education and Work Experience9. Business Details10. Direct Competitor Analysis11. Competitive Advantage12. Marketing Profile13. Cost Projections14. Incom

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Checking Account Reconciliation - Two Practice Examples
This pdf download includes two examples for students to use to practice how to balance their checkbook. Each example is clearly laid out *on one page* so you don't have to print multiple pages. Save paper, save time! There are a total of four pages in this document. The first page is the first examp

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