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Christmas Math Activity - Ugly Sweaters Plotting Points - Mystery Picture
This coordinate plane graphing activity will strengthen your students’ skill in graphing ordered pairs in all four quadrants. The ordered pairs in this activity are in all four quadrants and are all integers (no decimals). Please view the preview to view the completed pictures.What's Included• Bla

Also included in: Coordinate Graphing Pictures Bundle


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Ugly Christmas Sweater Symbolism: A fun holiday writing assignment
This is a fun holiday evidence-based writing and art assignment! Students think critically about a character or author from ANY piece of literature to form a drawing and paragraph. You will get: ⭐Two exemplary paragraphs with evidence ⭐Student worksheets ⭐Color connotation guide in color ⭐Color conn

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Christmas Science a Winter Genetics Activity - Punnett Square Practice
Brrrrrrrr! It's winter, fresh snow is on the ground and it’s time to build your perfect Snowperson! Students really enjoy these fun Punnett Square practice problems that help to reinforce genetics concepts such as homozygous, heterozygous, dominant and recessive traits. WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2

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CHRISTMAS Escape Room (Activities, Trivia & Puzzle Games for Students)
There are five Christmas escape room-type (trivia) challenges included in this file. Each activity can be completed individually or in conjunction with one another, depending on the time available in your planning. The challenges could be used as individual, pair or small group activities. The puzzl

Also included in: HOLIDAY Escape Room Bundle (Activities, Trivia & Puzzle Games for Students)


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CHRISTMAS WRITING ACTIVITY SNOWBALL WRITING: The snowball writing method is a fun way to teach your students how to write collaboratively during the Christmas holidays! ================================================================SAVE BY PURCHASING THIS RESOURCE IN A BUNDLE. CLICK BELOW!CHRISTM



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Graphing Slope Intercept Form Lines - Christmas Algebra Activity
This Christmas themed graphing slope intercept form activity will strengthen your students’ skills in graphing lines in slope intercept form.How It WorksStudents are given a graph with 12 elves on it and 12 equations. Students will graph an equation and find the elf that it “catches”. They will then

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The Grinch Song: Similes & Metaphors
Listen to The Grinch Song and read the included lyrics with your students. Also included is a t-chart for students to find the similes and the metaphors in the song. Also is a worksheet where students can create their own verse to the song where they must include one simile and one metaphor. Enjo

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Christmas Science a Winter Snowflake Dichotomous Key - Holiday Taxonomy
Students will have a flurry of fun with our Snowflake Dichotomous Key activity as they use critical observation skills to identify each individual snowflake - no two are alike! Oh what fun it is to identify snowflakes during the winter holidays!WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1 DAY LESSON:• Snowflake dichot

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Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunt {With and Without QR Codes}
Students will learn about Christmas traditions from around the world by getting out of their seats and going on a scavenger hunt. Scatter the 30 statements around your room and then have your students use QR Code Readers to find out which tradition belongs to which country. Students fill out a hando

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Christmas Algebra Graphing Linear Equations Ornaments
Students graph linear equations and write their equations in this activity that doubles as classroom decor. Question types include: 1: Graphing from slope-intercept form2: Graphing from point-slope form3: Graphing & writing the slope-intercept equation given slope and a point4: Graphing & wr

Also included in: Christmas Algebra Ornaments Bundle Solving Equations & Graphing Linear Equations


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Digital Escape Room, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Fun for the Holidays!
Escape The Unopened Letter! A Christmas Carol Digital Escape Room is an innovative breakout game that allows teachers and students to engage in escape room fun, enjoy the 360° view, and have the VR option. Your students will feel like they are actually in Ebenezer Scrooge's house and in his dreams o

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A Christmas Carol Distance Learning Novel Study:  Printable & Google Classroom!
A Christmas Carol, a complete Literature Guide for the original, unabridged novel by Charles Dickens. It is printable, but Links are also provided for Google Slides and Google Docs to be shared with your students in Google Classroom or Drive. Directions are provided. Students use Chromebooks, Ipads,

Also included in: 3rd - 6th Grade Novel Study Bundle - Print + Google™ Classroom Distance Learning


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CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD: This resource includes 4 non-fiction texts (one page each) that introduce students to Christmas around the world! Included is lots of information about how Christmas is celebrated around the world like traditions, practices, and customs from different countries! The cou



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A Christmas Carol: Non-Fiction Reading Activity
Need to add non-fiction into a Christmas Carol or holiday-themed unit? Want to add some controversy to your class before winter break?Use this 2-day lesson connecting literature and modern articles to assess CCSS RI.1 and W.9 in your ELA classroom. Themed around the question “Have we REALLY learned

Also included in: A Christmas Carol: Unit Bundle with Random Acts of Kindness


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CHRISTMAS FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE: Bring Christmas into your middle and high school classes while also covering common figurative language/ literary devices used in poetry or fiction. Students will find examples of personification, metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, and alliteration!============



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December Holidays Figurative Language Activities, Coloring Sheets for Christmas
In this set of five Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and winter-themed coloring sheets, students are are working on standards while coloring!! These activities reflect the diversity and fun of the month of December. These no prep worksheets are great for literacy centers, bell ringers, brain breaks, r

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CHRISTMAS READING & WRITING: This bundle contains a wide variety of fun and creative reading and writing activities to hold your students’ interests during the holiday season! WHAT TEACHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS RESOURCE♥ This was the BEST Christmas resource! My students highly enjoyed the ELA


"A Christmas Story" the Movie: Point of View, Character, Writing, Video, Notes
"A Christmas Story" The Movie: Point of View, Characterization, Writing Prompts, Video Clips, and NotesStudents like to be entertained while they learn!Introduce students to the concepts of point of view, characterization and questioning. This lesson can be used prior to teaching longer, more comple

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World War I Christmas Truce Article and Worksheet
This magical, true story from World War I tells of the famous Christmas truce that took place between German and British soldiers in 1914.The 1 page article begins with the background to the event before explaining how and why it came to be that both sides emerged from their trenches to celebrate th

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Christmas Figurative Language Worksheets
WAIT! Get this in my FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE HOLIDAY BUNDLE & *SAVE* 25%! **************************************************************************Get your students into the festive mood this year with some fun, while at the same time completing engaging and meaningful activities. These three works

Also included in: Figurative Language Worksheets HOLIDAY BUNDLE


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CHRISTMAS GRAMMAR ACTIVITYThis Christmas grammar resource allows students to edit grammar, spelling, and punctuation in a fun and modern way! Students will have the chance to read some of their favorite Christmas characters' social media updates to find errors, correct them, and give reasons for th



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Argument Analysis: Regifting
Argument Analysis: Regifting - a winter holiday activityA complete mini-unit for analyzing nonfiction text, practicing speaking and listening skills, and writing an argument essay complete with original data graphs. Students will analyze both sides of the regifting argument, then write their own arg

Also included in: All of my Reading Resources (Fiction / Nonfiction) Growing Bundle


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Christmas Grammar Worksheets, NO PREP, Middle and High School
These five Christmas grammar worksheets designed for high school students aren’t your typical Christmas grammar exercises! These are truly NO PREP, print and go, age-appropriate exercises to challenge and review your teens' grammar skills during December.Student Experience: These grammar activities

Also included in: Grammar Worksheets Holiday-Themed BUNDLE, NO PREP, Middle and High School


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Ugly Christmas Sweater: Décor and Party Invitation Writing and Design Activity
Imagine this: You or a character of your choosing, have just been invited to attend an ugly sweater Christmas party. You will now have the opportunity to evaluate and carefully select the décor for this festive Christmas event. There are four activities included in this file. They can be used as ind

Also included in: Christmas Writing Activities BUNDLE: Middle and High School Holiday Writing


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