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Informational Text Response (Non-Fiction Text Features Main Idea) Any Text
FREE GIFT with purchase! To show my appreciation this Informational Text Response sheet now includes a fun Dice Response game that can be used in conjunction with this sheet after your students complete the non-fiction reading!Both of these tools are intended to be used again, and again, and again!

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"To Kill a Mockingbird" Activities, Exams, Quizzes, Vocab - UNIT
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee literature novel guide: lessons, tests, and creative activities created and written by Tracee Orman. I've included EDITABLE files (in Microsoft Word) so you can customize the resources to suit the needs of your students.This unit IS included in my To Kill a Mockin

Also included in: To Kill a Mockingbird Novel Unit Growing Bundle


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Literary Jenga: Reading Literature Game for ANY Novel Grades 7-12
This product provides a template for a game I've titled, Literary Jenga. It includes 54 task cards for each Jenga piece. The game is differentiated and competitive with each piece being a different number of points based on question complexity. For example: pink questions are 2 point and focus

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Literary Analysis with Sticky Notes: Activities, Writing, and PowerPoint
Increase student engagement and understanding in your next literary analysis unit with interactive and hands-on close reading organizers and scaffolded writing responses. Students will enjoy using sticky notes in class as they analyze complex short stories and novels. This sticky note literary ana

Also included in: Sticky Note Analysis Bundle: Literary, Rhetoric, Poetry


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Reading Literature Interactive Notebook: Grades 6-9
Reading Literature Interactive Notebook: Grades 6-9This interactive notebook is perfect for ANY piece of literature. In fact, I would encourage multiple pieces of literature and use it for an entire semester or school year. Each section includes a variety of lessons and activities for students to

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Night by Elie Wiesel, Chapter Questions Worksheets for WW2 Memoir, CCSS
Use this package of nine chapter-by-chapter question sheets as you take your class through Elie Wiesel’s compelling true story, Night. As we work to pull more non-fiction materials into our Common Core-aligned classrooms, this autobiographical account of life in inside the Nazi Germany concentration

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Summarizing Lesson, SWBST Complete Teaching Pack, Traditional and Digital
Summarizing is one of the most important skills for reading comprehension. Use this no-prep teaching pack for fiction, nonfiction, and even poetry! Whether students are taking the ACT, EOC, analyzing stimuli for state writing tests, reading novels, or examining textual excerpts for class, they must

Also included in: Reading Comprehension BUNDLE, Close Reading, Annotating, Summarizing (SWBST)


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Cause and Effect Nonfiction Activity: Read Those Labels
Cause and Effect Nonfiction Activity: Read Those Labels (Aligned with the Common Core State Standards) - This zipped bundle includes a PDF file including an original nonfiction article about product warning labels and frivolous lawsuits, comprehension questions for cause and effect, teacher's answer

Also included in: All of my Reading Resources (Fiction / Nonfiction) Growing Bundle


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Connotation and Denotation Lesson Plan and Practice Questions
Introduce and Practice Connotation and DenotationThis is a complete lesson plan and student materials for introducing and practicing connotation and denotation. This lesson on connotation and denotation contains everything you need to print and execute in your middle or high school classroom. It inc

Also included in: Middle School ELA Skills: Central Idea, Theme, Connotation, Writing, Summary,


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Romeo and Juliet Escape Room Review Activity
This review activity for Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a series of puzzles covering plot, character, figurative language, conflict, and quote identification. You can present this as a Breakout Box (groups work at their desks) or as an Escape Room (groups seek clues you’ve hidden in the

Also included in: Escape Room Bundle - Shakespeare, The Odyssey, Lord of the Flies, Back to School


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Emoji Accountable Talk Stems, Posters, and Task Cards
Have fun with Socratic seminars and discussions with these accountable talk stems, posters, and task cards! You can use them to keep track of who has added to the conversation by having students hold up the emoji stem until they work in their stem (front and back printing option with single emoji on

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RTI: 60 Fluency Passages for Progress Monitoring Comprehension 5th-12th Grades
180 Comprehension Assessments aligned to these passages HERE, added Aug. 28, 2019. Are you a middle school or high school teacher and have you been told that you must "do" RTI? Yet have been given no direction, no training, no intervention resources or no progress monitoring tools? Then this is th

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Introduction to Shakespeare Escape Room and Digital Breakout
This Introduction to Shakespeare is an Escape Room or Digital Breakout activity. You can present this as a digital activity (using a web-based game), a paper Escape Room, or a blended version of the two. It has been designed to take 45-60 minutes and covers the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s Life, and

Also included in: A Midsummer Night's Dream Resource Bundle


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Close Reading & Annotating Lesson, Complete Teaching Pack, Traditional & Digital
The objective of this best-selling Focusing In: Close Reading & Annotating Reading Skills Lesson Pack teaching pack is to foster students' beginning or basic understanding of how to close read and annotate a text. My belief is that if we want students to really be successful with something - es

Also included in: Reading Comprehension BUNDLE, Close Reading, Annotating, Summarizing (SWBST)


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Informational Text Lesson on Hot Topics: Dangers of Energy Drinks
This informational text lesson on the dangers of energy drinks is the perfect ready-to-go lesson to practice close reading skills and comprehension! With eight specific standards-based questions and a text-based writing prompt, your students will be engaged, informed, and ready to debate!Student Ex

Also included in: Hot Topics Informational Text Lessons: BUNDLE, Set 1


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Figurative Language in Songs: Fight Song Activities Editable
Use "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten to help your students understand figurative language, poetic devices, speaker's tone, theme, and author's purpose. (Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Reading Literature, Language, and Writing) This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my POETRY RES

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Short Story Close Reading MEGA-BUNDLE:140+ Pgs of  Activities, DISTANCE LEARNING
SHORT STORY UNIT: SAVE ALMOST 50% WITH 7 PRODUCTS IN 1! NOTE: For simple, effective ways to use this resource in DISTANCE LEARNING, click here.The ability to closely read and analyze text is central to Common Core. Using four classic short stories, this MASSIVE mega-bundle includes close reading ac


Poetry Escape Room
Get your students excited about poetry with this hands-on, interactive escape room. Students will work through five different classic poems (Robert Frost, Claude McKay, Amy Lowell, Georgia Douglas Johnson, and Edgar Guest). Using their knowledge of symbolism, rhyme scheme, repetition, figurative la

Also included in: ELA Escape Room Bundle


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Article of the Week Club, 8th Grade | Nonfiction Reading Passages Middle School
Article of the Week Club, Grade 8 (8th Grade Nonfiction Articles + Activities)8th Grade Article of the Week Club is your solution for teaching ALL of the CCSS for Grade 8 Reading Informational Text! You’ll receive 25 nonfiction article + activity packs according to the schedule below. This includes


DIGITAL Google Interactive Notebook: Reading Literature 6-12 DISTANCE LEARNING
Digital GOOGLE DRIVE Reading Literature Interactive Notebook: Grades 6-9This interactive notebook is perfect for any piece of literature. In fact, I would encourage multiple pieces of literature and use it for an entire semester or school year. The product features include:-Inclusive Google Drive Di

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Teaching the Process for Literary Analysis: Activities & Strategies
Do your students really understand the process of literary analysis? Do you get a lot of plot summary instead? I’ve been teaching analysis for almost three decades now, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned, from much trial and error, is that I need to focus on the process, not the final product. We n

Also included in: Teaching Students to Analyze Text: The Bundle


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To Kill a Mockingbird Interactive Notebook - Common Core Aligned
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Interactive Notebook - Common Core Aligned This bundle of activities includes over 90 interactive notebook activities to cover before, during, and after reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Every activity is aligned to at least one Common Core State Standard for readi

Also included in: To Kill a Mockingbird Novel Unit Growing Bundle


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Critical Thinking Activities for Any Text {Bundle} Distance Learning Options
This bundle combines three products designed to get your students thinking independently and critically about the literature they read and about author purpose. All activities and organizers focus on higher order thinking skills and allow students to reflect on their own, and to collaborate with cla


Middle School ELA Mini Lessons | High School English | Sub Plans ELA
Hook and reel in your teens' interest any time with these enjoyable and engaging Language Arts mini lessons! Hooks, discussion starters, sub plans, re-engagement strategies, brain breaks, extended bellringers - you name it - that you'll love to teach and your students will love to learn!⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒

Also included in: English Language Arts Teacher's Toolkit Bundle | Middle School and High School


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