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The Teacher's Box of Tricks: No prep, collaborative active learning strategies
Does lesson planning take you HOURS? Are you spending way too much time thinking up or searching out a creative, engaging way for kids to practice what they’ve learned? Have your students lost interest in school because you're forced to give them so many boring test prep worksheets? The solution
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Crime Scene Activity: Analyzing Primary and Secondary Source Evidence
Crime Scene Activity: Analyzing Primary and Secondary Source Evidence “The Case of the Student Teacher Gone Missing” is an activity that asks students to solve a crime based on their analysis of evidence. First students must classify the twelve pieces of evidence as primary or secondary source evid
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Discussions Games: Jenga Talk, Mystery Talk, Dice Talk (editable) Back to School
Who doesn't love a good discussion? Use these activities to get your students talking and thinking! These are perfect for morning meetings, classroom parties, and holiday celebrations. Included in this unit ✔Jenga Talk instructions ✔game questions ✔Mystery Talk instructions ✔game questions for My
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DNA Crime Lab!  Can you solve the case?
Each group is given a long paper strip of DNA, a 3-page story of the missing necklace and directions on how to fingerprint and sequence their DNA. Scissors act as the restriction enzyme, cutting the DNA between every GGCC into varied length segments. As the segments are pasted into the correspondi
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BRAIN TEASERS 4-Pack Bundle, Logic, Word Sense, Puzzles, Lateral Thinking – Fun!
Whether you need bell-ringer presentation slides or just want to occasionally mess with your students’ minds when you have a few unused minutes at the end of a class period, this four volume set of Brain Teasers has everything you need to keep your students working hard and thinking deeply. There
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BRAIN TEASERS VOL. 2 – Logic, Word Sense, Puzzles, Lateral Thinking – Fun Stuff
Entertain and challenge your teens with this second volume of compelling collection of brain-twisting presentation slides. There are many different ways you might want to use these 76 slides in your classroom, including: 1. Use as a routine bell–ringer activity to begin class one day each week. I u
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Student-Teacher Conferences: Grades 5-12
This product is designed to help build stronger relationships with students while simultaneously holding both students AND teachers accountable for their roles in the classroom! 14 pages of organized material is included for beginning, middle, and end of year checkpoints. Student-Teacher Confer
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Game Show Mania - Five Fun ELA PowerPoint Review Games
Save $7.00 with this bundled deal that includes five fantastic PowerPoint review games for English Language Arts! This package includes these five game shows: "Comma Invasion" - Reviews comma rules with a goofy alien-invasion/classic-monster-movie theme "Shootout at the Homophone Corral" - Review
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Weather and Climate Earth Science Interactive Notebook
WEATHER & CLIMATE The Earth Science Interactive Notebook: Weather and Climate chapter will never leave students feeling “cloudy” about their lessons. Each chapter in the series will showcase many activities for the students to process the information given by the teacher then allow them to us

Get this as part of a bundle: WEATHER AND CLIMATE Unit - 5E Model

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A  Latitude and Longitude Battleship Game
Battleship! An engaging game to reinforce latitude and longitude practice. Just when you thought it was safe.... Take advantage of the popular movie out in DVD and get your students to practice using coordinates just as the heroes must in the movie. A whole new approach for the kids to use -instea
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Social Media EDITABLE Exit Tickets
Your students will have so much fun completing these self assessment activities to show their understanding with social media exit tickets and engage your them with media they are already so familiar with! There are 4 different types of printable tickets included with prompts that are FULLY EDITABL
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"WordLinks" Task Cards: 128 Lateral Thinking Cards (Similar to TriBonds)
Use these 126 lateral thinking cards to help your students gain fluency with creative thinking. Similar the board game, TriBonds, each card requires students to come up with one word that links the three words on each card together. For example, the words, “camp,” “place,” and “wild,” are linked by

Get this as part of a bundle: Creative and Critical Thinking Task Cards : 6 Set Bundle (368 cards!)

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Sub Plans for Middle School and High School English #2
Sub Plans for Middle School and High School Teachers’ jobs are unique because even when we are out, we still have to work. We work to get the plans ready, work the day we return, and work to get everything checked from the day we were out. It is almost like double work to be out! I don’t know ab
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Depth and Complexity  Critical Thinking Literary Mini-Books
This resource includes 11 individual mini-books (one for each element of critical thinking-) that can be used with ANY novel. The mini-books measure about 5 x 7 inches, contain 3-5 pages, and can be glued into an interactive notebook or lapbook. They can be used as a concluding project once student

Get this as part of a bundle: Depth and Complexity Critical Thinking Mega Bundle!

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Epic Grammar FAIL - Fun Test Prep Review Game
A fun way to get students to practice finding and fixing common grammar errors and typos. It's a great activity for back-to-school, test prep and review, holidays, the last day or week of school, or other filler days. "Epic Grammar FAIL" is a fun, interactive way for students to review common gramm
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Inferencing Task Cards
Inferencing can be a difficult concept to teach, learn, and master. Our students often need additional support to fully understand this skill. This product contains various components to support your students' learning. Included in this product are 32 task cards containing short stories, 32 task c
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