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Figurative Language Sort Activity | 100 Card Sorting Game Simile Metaphor & more
Need figurative language activities? Use this fun and interactive sorting game to review and reinforce figurative language. These 100 cards each have examples of figurative language taken from authentic texts and popular YA literature. Students will sort them into seven categories: metaphors, simile

Also included in: ELA Activities & Skills Bundle: Figurative Language, Conflict, Irony, and more!


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Greek & Latin Roots Practice for High School, Prefix, Suffix, Roots Worksheets
Reinforce students’ understanding of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes with these five worksheets that build on students’ current word knowledge and develop creative, flexible thinking. Each worksheet presents common roots and affixes (prefixes/suffixes) that are part of hundreds of Engl

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RACE Strategy Writing Distance Learning Independent Work
This product contains 10 ready-to-use passages and short response questions to guide students through the use of the RACE strategy. RACE is a writing strategy to help students answer passage-based, short response questions in a formal style, with using clear reasons and text evidence, and to provide

Also included in: RACE Strategy Writing Prompts and Passages BUNDLE Distance Learning


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Following Directions Puzzles - Beginning of Year Activity Print and Digital
These test prep puzzles are a fun way to teach following directions and critical thinking. Great for back to school at the beginning of the year or standardized test preparation. You get three challenging puzzles! In the first puzzle, students cross words off of a table according to the directions p

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Common Core English Exam Reading and Vocabulary Assessment
English reading assessment and vocabulary diagnostic test with answer keys. (Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for reading-literature, reading literary non-fiction, writing, and language skills) Assess your students reading proficiency with this exam, which includes: -Short reading pas

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SAT Essay Prep BUNDLE, Deconstruct the Argument, Rhetorical Tools & S.A.T. Essay
The SAT Essay requires students to closely examine an argument essay, noting the effectiveness of an author’s use of specific rhetorical devices. In this overview lecture and three full-hour lessons with optional extension writing activities, students will learn about the SAT Essay requirements, rea

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ACT English & Reading Skill-by-Skill 2nd Edition by Fun ACT Prep
Test prep doesn't have to be boring!Updated 2nd Edition of our BEST SELLING resource! We combine 23 ACT-assessed reading and English skills with high-interest subject matter to keep students entertained, motivated, and engaged while also breaking up the monotony of typical test prep readings and ser

Also included in: Complete Fun ACT Prep BUNDLE: Everything You Need for a FUN Test Prep Class!


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Game Show Mania - Five Fun ELA PowerPoint Review Game Shows
Save $7.00 with this bundled deal that includes five fantastic PowerPoint review games for English Language Arts!This package includes these five game shows:"Comma Invasion" - Reviews comma rules with a goofy alien-invasion/classic-monster-movie theme"Shootout at the Homophone Corral" - Reviews comm

Also included in: MY FULL STORE! - A bundle of every single product I have


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Inferencing Powerpoint: Video, Comics, Songs, & Vocabulary Posters
This powerpoint is colorful, adorable, and includes a variety of great examples to keep your students engaged while learning about inferencing! Includes: -40 editable slides with animation, cute clipart, and a variety of backgrounds -embedded cartoon video clip (and website link), along with times

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The OUTSIDERS Test - Whole Novel Test with Common Core Stems
OUTSIDERS TEST – This whole novel test will challenge your students to use those higher-level thinking skills required by the Common Core. Question stems include key words and phrases such as author’s tone, text evidence, point of view, author uses the literary device, quotation best reveals, charac

Also included in: OUTSIDERS Assessment Bundle - CC Whole Novel Test & Short Constructed Response


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Adverb Antics: The Active Adverb Activity that beats worksheets! (adverb game)
**MY BEST SELLER** Over 1,000 teachers have purchased Adverb Antics! Liven up your next adverb lesson with this active activity! Give your students a high-interest grammar activity that will drive home the 'adverb' concept ... and it's much more fun (for them and you) than a worksheet! *** MONEY

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Informational Text Questions: 50 Non-Fiction Articles
Teach Common Core informational Text Reading Skills with 50 non-fiction articles & 200 accompanying text-based questions that students will love! Includes editable .docx and Google Doc for no prep lessons or Google Classroom activities. Perfect for distance learning!FULL-YEAR'S WORTH OF NON-FICT

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STAAR Reading Boot Camp Bundle | PDF & Digital | Set 2
Help your students review and prepare for their STAAR Reading Test in a fun and strategic way! This test prep bundle includes both fiction and non-fiction practice tests. It also includes vocabulary cards for your classroom word wall, STAAR like question stems, set of inference task cards and a read


Text Structure Powerpoint
This powerpoint is a fun, colorful way to introduce or re-teach TEXT STRUCTURE! Includes: - 21 EDITABLE slides - 5 video clip examples - 15 slides can be printed to created colorful, informative posters for your class, including: *definitions written in kid-friendly language *key words to look for

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Listening Skills Podcast Activities, Listen & Learn Pack, Distance Learning CCSS
As standardized testing becomes computer-based, students will need to be able to sit and listen to a passage or short audio program, take notes, recall information, and then answer critical thinking questions about the material. To help prepare students for this challenge, I’ve scoured the internet

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The GIVER Test - Whole Novel Test with Common Core Stems
GIVER TEST – Whole Novel Test with Common Core Stems – Challenge your students to use those higher-level thinking skills required by the Common Core on this carefully-prepared assessment for Lois Lowry’s The Giver.The test consists of 30 Multiple Choice questions and includes an Answer Key (with ra

Also included in: The GIVER Assessment Bundle - CC Whole Novel Test & Short Constructed Response


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Listening Skills Podcast Activity, Listen & Learn #1, Distance Learning, CCSS
As standardized testing becomes computer-based, students will need to be able to sit and listen to a passage or short audio program, take notes, recall information, and then answer critical thinking questions about the material. To help prepare students for this challenge, I’ve scoured the internet

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Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes Speech, Real-World Rhetorical Analysis, CCSS
Use Oprah Winfrey’s headline-grabbing speech from the 2018 Golden Globes to show your students the power of a well-constructed presentation. In this one class period activity, students will discuss the #metoo movement, view Oprah Winfrey’s 10-minute speech, and deconstruct/discuss her use of rhetori

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Figurative Language PowerPoint Lesson
This engaging, 47 slide presentation will give a thorough look at the following figurative language devices similes, metaphors, personification, idioms, and hyperbole. Students will be given an explanation of each type of figurative language along with 3 slides of examples. While going through t

Also included in: Figurative Language Mini Bundle PowerPoint - Test Prep - Worksheet


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Grammar Video Project: Students Teach Their Peers!
We learn by DOING and by TEACHING others. Transform your grammar instruction by putting STUDENTS in the role of teacher! In this project, student groups collaborate to design and record their own SHORT videos (1-5 minutes) teaching one focused grammar concept to their peers. The project can take p

Also included in: Grammar Projects Bundle: Creative Activities for Secondary ELA


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95 Illustrated Word Wall Vocabulary Posters for Secondary Language Arts
Finally, graphic definitions for middle school and high school English Language Arts, Reading, and Writing!! All 95 (actually, now there are 96) colored posters have pictures and/or examples, along with short, kid-friendly definitions, helping students to remember key terms easily. Great classroom

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Types of Characters and Characterization Powerpoint
This is a fun, engaging lesson for teaching CHARACTERS AND CHARACTERIZATION that your students will be sure to enjoy! Activity contains: * EDITABLE 20-slide powerpoint * 9 entertaining video examples (**PLEASE NOTE: Many of these videos come from youtube, please ensure that you district has acce

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Irony Picture Maze Activity for Middle and High School
Want a fun way to assess your student's knowledge on the three types of irony? Students make their way through the maze making turns as they decide what type of irony is being shown: dramatic, situational, or verbal. This item includes a color and black and white version of the Irony Maze workshe

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Rhetorical Appeals Sort : 50 Card Sorting Activity
Reinforce rhetorical appeals strategies of ethos, logos, and pathos with this fun and interactive sorting game. Take a break from worksheets! These 50 cards each have examples of arguments made with these persuasive strategies. Students will sort them into three categories: ETHOS, LOGOS, and PATHOS.

Also included in: ELA Activities & Skills Bundle: Figurative Language, Conflict, Irony, and more!


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