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Media Literacy / Advertising Activities - Bundle
Are you looking for media literacy activities that will engage your students? This bundle includes 6 different resources and includes activities such as poetry, writing, discussion topics, ad technique, student social media survey and more! My students have always enjoyed working on a Media Unit and


Financial Literacy Unit: Things Students Should Know Before They Graduate
This lesson covers a variety of topics including giving students a reality check about how much it costs to live on their own, credit card debt, car and student loans, creating a budget, how to write a check, how banks work, compounding interest and the Rule of 72. This mini-unit fits in well with a

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Free-Enterprise Activity: DESIGN YOUR OWN SHOE
Students participate in a Free-Enterprise activity by competing against their classmates to design the best shoe. I use this when I teach Free-Enterprise in US History for the Industrial Revolution but it would also make a great Economics activity.

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CREDIT CARDS - Debt - Finance - Life Skills- Economics
Credit CardsThe Disadvantages and Advantages of Credit Cards Credit card debt has become a serious problem in America. These learning materials focus on teaching students valuable and practical knowledge about credit cards. OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:· Define credit card and credit lines.

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Mercantilism Simulation Activity the Thirteen (13) Colonies Engaging and Fun!
Save by purchasing my bundled Unit! ⇨ The 13 ColoniesThis lesson provides a fun educational simulation for students to experience trade during the age of mercantilism. The simulation is set up so that they will see the impact of the rules created by England to limit trade, and increase profit. This

Also included in: Full Year 1st Half of U.S. History Curriculum for Middle School Bundle


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Supply and Demand Unit Plan - Includes Six Full Lesson Plans
This complete unit plan bundles together my six full lesson plans on supply and demand, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials. The unit focuses on the principles of supply and demand, and it introduces students to the related concepts of price ceilings, price floors, and the elasticity

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Economics; Scarcity, Opportunity, Factors of Production, Needs and Wants
Economic Lessons 1-4 Key Economic Concepts Made Easy These worksheets and PowerPoints were designed to assist with the teaching of key economic concepts that many students struggle with. These concepts have

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Shark Tank Business Plan Project for Fundraiser or Classroom Store
The popular TV show Shark Tank gives contestants the chance to share their business idea with a team of investors referred to as sharks. This project mimicks the TV show and makes a great end-of-the-year project or a project to raise funds for your class or school. Students come up with a project or

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Budget Task Cards Activity w/ GOOGLE Form for distance learning
*Now also includes an editable GOOGLE Forms version.Students determine if the people on each task card are spending within or outside of their budget. Students work with net monthly incomes and monthly spending guideline percentages to determine if spending is too much or too little and what should

Also included in: Consumer Math Activities Bundle


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CREDIT, CREDIT SCORES AND RATINGS , Economics, Life Skills, Personal Finance
CreditThe Importance of Your Credit ScoreAn easy to implement and an effective lesson. This complete learning package will teach students how lenders determine credit risk, how a person’s credit score/rating is determined, explain the role of credit bureaus, the importance and benefits of good credi

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Economic Indicators Unit Plan - Includes Five Full Lesson Plans
This complete unit plan bundles together my five full lesson plans on Economic Indicators, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials. The unit focuses on the study of business cycles through the lens of the three main economic indicators: GDP, unemployment, and inflation. The fifth lesson

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Industrial Revolution - Capitalism vs Communism - Adam Smith vs Karl Marx
Resource packet includes four assignments that have students explore the major beliefs of capitalism and communism. In the first assignment, students read excerpts from the Wealth of Nations about self-interest and supply and demand. Difficult words are defined for struggling readers and sources h

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Economics: THE FOUR ECONOMICS SYSTEMS - Mixed - Command - Market
The Four Economic SystemsKey Economic Concepts Made EasyThe worksheets and the PowerPoint are designed to assist with the teaching of key economic concepts that many students struggle with. The concepts have been simplified and broken down into more easily digestible chucks. These were designed for

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Market Structure Unit Plan - Includes Seven Full Lesson Plans
This complete unit plan bundles together my seven full lesson plans on market structure, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials, too. The unit focuses on the four different market structures: perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition. The lesson plans analyz

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US Industrializes & Robber Baron PPT Bundle
This bundle includes 2 PowerPoints with Fill-in Cornell Notes & Checking for Understanding Questions.PowerPoints1. The United States industrializes2. Robber BaronsKey Concepts Covered:-Capitalism-Entrepreneurs-Free Enterprise-Gilded Age-Railroads-Edison-Bell-Tesla-Rural to Urban Shift-Social Dar

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Charity – it's not as clear cut as you think, Conversation  ESL and debate class
This lesson was a result of a furious debate among a group of my friends. It started one Friday night when a friend showed up with a new pair of ‘toms’ shoes and all hell broke loose…This lesson brings up many questions about things that we take for granted as ‘good’ and positive.This presentation c

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Fundamentals of Economics Complete Unit
This is the first complete interactive notebook in my economics curriculum. The Fundamentals of Economics Notebook will provide your students with an overview of major ideas in economics. A bonus of these notebooks is that most of the resources and PowerPoints are editable! Help your students to und

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The Story of Stuff - Worksheet, Crossword and Discussion Questions {Editable}
This product is designed to support a class lesson that centers around the video The Story of Stuff that can be easily found on YouTube. The Story of Stuff is an interesting and clearly illustrated 21 minute video about the materials economy and its impact on the environment. I use this video in m

Also included in: Holiday Science Sub Plans BUNDLE - Secondary Science Activities


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Economics, GDP and BUSINESS CYCLE, Economic Lessons
GDP and The Business Cycle Key Economic Concepts Made EasyThese worksheets and PowerPoints are designed to assist with the teaching of the essential points about GDP and the business cycle. The concepts have been simplified and broken down into more easily digestible chucks.

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Financial Literacy - Monthly Budget Based on Income - Paper Version
Think your students know how much money it costs to have the things they have at home? If you teach Economics at the middle level or high school level then this is an activity that really opens the eyes of your students to the reality of budgeting their money.For a great deal on 5 Economics product

Also included in: Bundle - The Economics of Balancing a Budget & The Economics of Check Writing


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The Economics of Check Writing - Paper Version with PowerPoint
This check writing packet is going to help your students in your economics unit by not only introducing the concept of writing a check, but also why it is important to keep track of how much money you have! Check out my follow-up product:The Economics of Check Writing - Part 2!Your students will re

Also included in: Bundle - The Economics of Balancing a Budget & The Economics of Check Writing


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Life Skills, BUYING A CAR, Personal Finance,
Buying a CarLife SkillsThis packet is a self-guided lesson. It is easy for students to follow and great for emergency lesson plans. The material focuses on teaching students the basics to of buying a car. It is not a math-based lesson, but instead a practical-knowledge based lesson. Where this lesso

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COMPARISON SHOPPING, Being a Wise Consumer, Life Skills, Personal Finance
Being a Wise Consumer Comparison Shopping Life Skills This learning package focuses on teaching students the importance of being a wise consumer and the strategies used to make wise purchases.Comparison shopping, planning purc

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Economics PowerPoint Distance Learning
Economics PowerPoint. Defines economics, economics terms, and the study of supply and demand. Explains the traditional economy, and in simple terms the differences between three different economic systems: the market economy, which is also known as capitalism; the command economy, which is also know

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