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Women's Suffrage: The Struggle for Suffrage from Seneca Falls to 19th Amendment!
Women's Suffrage: The Struggle for Suffrage from Seneca Falls to 19th Amendment!This lesson is included in BOTH the Progressive Era & Gilded Age Unit Bundle and the Roaring '20s Unit Bundle, located below:Progressive Era (Gilded Age) Bundle! 11 Engaging Resources for Progressive Era!Roaring '20s

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Civics EOC State Exam Review
My Civics EOC State Exam Review is in depth lesson to prepare students for the Florida Civics End-of-Course Exam. I have been teaching Civics in the state of Florida for several years. My students have had the 7th highest score on the Civics EOC the past two years in a row. Use my Civics EOC State E

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Presidential Election of 2016 Differentiated Reading Passages & Questions
Presidential Election of 2016 My students are very interested in the upcoming presidential election! I created a neutral, fact based passage based on the two presidential front runners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It also discusses the Electoral College and the process of voting in November.

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Political Parties - Democrats, Republicans & Third Parties
Political Parties - Democrats, Republicans & Third Parties: PowerPoint, Lesson Plan, Smart Board Activity, Flipped Class Video and Various ActivitiesThis lesson is an excellent introduction to political parties. Students are provided with an overview of the history of political parties in the Un

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Elections Electoral College {2016 Election}
Elections: Electoral College Map Activity 2016 Presidential Election ★ This product has been updated for the 2016 election! Perfect for the 2016 presidential election! This is an Electoral College Map Activity that contains a two-page introduction and a two-part activity. Students color in the p

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The Electoral College | Simulation Activity | Civics | Print & Digital
This is an engaging activity simulates a mock Presidential election. Students will be able to really “see” how the Electoral College works and have fun in the process. All teacher preparation and student instructions are included. (This activity requires at least 8-10 dice which are NOT included).

Also included in: EXECUTIVE Branch BUNDLE | U.S. Presidency | Print & Digital | Civics


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Interest Groups & the Media: Influencing Politics
Interest Groups & the Media: Influencing Politics - PowerPoint, Lesson Plan, Worksheet, Smart Board Activity, State Exam Practice Test and Various Activities Teach your students about how Interest Groups and the Media influence the political process and the government. Influence Groups and the

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Election 2020 Complete Unit Bundle: Activities, Templates & Projects
We are deep into the election season, but how well do your students really know the candidates, the issues and the roles of the president? This bundle gives your students the opportunity to explore all of that in a student-centered, engaging and fun way! Please note that this unit will be updated a


Media Source Scavenger Hunt
In today’s digital age, we are flooded with information coming from all forms of media. This inundation can help us become informed citizens; sadly, as we know all too well, it can spread misinformation. As fake news flourishes with lazy clicks on social media, we are experiencing a critical literac

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Executive Branch : The American President
Executive Branch : In The American President students learn about how our president is elected, the three branches of government, the job of the president and the special day set aside to honor our presidents. Use all of the informational texts, or just one or two. This an engaging, learning-filled

Also included in: Back to School : The Year in Holidays!


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The Play by Play: Political Propaganda Analysis
A Common-Core based activity for helping students get engaged with the presidential campaign while learning to analyze persuasive arguments and identify logical fallacies or misleading propaganda.During the election this year, the students in my "Language of Propaganda" class are studying misleading

Also included in: MY FULL STORE! - A bundle of every single product I have


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The Political System and Election Process PowerPoint and Guided Notes
This 77 slide PowerPoint presentation on the political system and election process covers a myriad of topics including:- Political Parties (how they started, our 2 party system, differences between Republicans and Democrats, 3rd parties, organization of political parties, political party financing,

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2020 Presidential Election - Political Party Survey
Help your students unearth their ideology (conservative, liberal, libertarian, or moderate) and the political party that they might belong to. Just make sure you use lots of "in my opinion" statements!

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Government: Forms of Government in the Real World Student Activity
In this Government class activity your students will learn about the different forms of government and how they can be classified (direct/representative democracy, theocracy, oligarchy, monarchy, parliamentary, presidential etc.) by using EIGHT real world government examples. For example, students w

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AP® U.S. Government Warm-Ups/Bellringers (UPDATED for 2019 Redesign)
This product provides 110 warm-ups (bellringers) for AP® U.S. Government classes! The warm-ups include thought provoking questions, content review, FRQ prep questions, practice multiple choice questions, and more! Open each day with a prompt to engage your students and help them practice the skills

Also included in: AP® Government and Politics Course- Growing Bundle


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Electoral College & More: Becoming the President & Staying the President
Electoral College & More: Becoming the President & Staying the President This lesson teaches students about becoming and to a certain extent staying the President of the United States. Students will once again review the Constitutional requirements of becoming the president with a close loo

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US Government Warm-Ups (Bellringers)- 1 Semester
This product provides 75 warm ups (bellringers) for U.S. Government classes! The warm ups include thought provoking questions and content review, and are designed to get your students thinking about important course themes. Warm-ups come with keys when appropriate. The warm-ups/bellringers are organ

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Comparing Constitutions: The U.S. vs. the Florida State Constitution
Comparing Constitutions: The US vs. Florida State ConstitutionThis lesson provides a comparison between the U.S. Constitution and the Florida State Constitution. This lesson teaches students about the similarities include: both contain a preamble, articles, create three branches of government, and r

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Abraham Lincoln Political Cartoon Analysis - Election of 1860
Your students will analyze a political cartoon that captures the spirit of the election of 1860. They will be encouraged analyze the cartoon in its entirety and comment on which groups of people may or may not support the artist's views.Get free stuff! Did you know that you get TPT credit for ever

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Students Elections Unit
Are you looking for an easy way to get to know your students? How about making class elections fun and engaging for EFL students? Your Students Election Unit in detail:Here is a set of 12 color worksheets to organize a class election in your classroom designed for ESL students. There are also 12 B&

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FREE Color By Number--Road to the White House NO PREP
Do you want to review the election process with your students but don't think you have the time? Do you want to find a way to get your students to read and review without the normal fuss of being board? This Color By number activity contains a 1 1/2 page original reading about the "Road to the Whi

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Election 2016
Looking for a quick worksheet for your students to fill out on Election Night? This product asks students to find the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Students can fill in the popular vote and the electoral vote results. There is a map for students to color in a map for the electoral col

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Voting & Voting Behavior | Power Point & Reading Activity | Civics
This creative product for the secondary civics/U.S. Government classroom includes everything you need to teach about voting and voting behavior. Topics include: history of voting rights, voting amendments, voting requirements, motor voter law, who votes, why do some choose not to vote, how to vote.

Also included in: Political Behavior BUNDLE | CIVICS | American Government | Grades 8-12


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2016 Presidential Election Flipbook
The 2016 Presidential Election will be here soon! Teach your students about the electoral college as they analyze data to predict the next President of the United States! Each student is assigned a state, and they graph its voting history over the past ten elections. Using this information, along w

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