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Human Body Systems - Interactive Notebook Bundle
Human Body Systems - Life Science Interactive Notebook Activities This Human Body INB/ISN Bundle contains 30 human body activities for life science and biology covering the integumentary system, muscular system, skeletal system, digestive system, circulatory/cardiovascular system, lymphatic/immune
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Cells Interactive Notebook Activities Bundle
Our Cells Interactive Notebook Activities Bundle is the perfect way to cover cellular structure, function & cellular processes. This science Interactive Notebook activity pack contains 30+ cells activities for life science and biology covering characteristics and needs of living things, microsco
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Frog Paper Dissection - Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model
This frog is too frog-a-licious for you! For real though, you'll love our 3D Scienstructable dissection models which can be used as a dissection-free exploration, a pre-dissection tool, or as a summative assessment for comparative anatomy. Let's hop to it and check out this frog! WHAT'S INCLUDED in

Get this as part of a bundle: Dissection - Aquatic Animals *GROWING* Bundle

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Human Body Systems - PowerPoint & Handouts Bundle
Human Body Systems PowerPoint and Differentiated Handouts in Life Science and Biology. Includes all 11 body systems: integumentary, muscular, skeletal, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous. Your next few weeks are going to be a breeze with o
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Genetics - Interactive Notebook
Genetics Science Interactive Notebook Activities - Heredity, Punnett Squares, DNA, Hybrids, Selective Breeding, Protein Synthesis & More! This notebook activity pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in Heredity. It can be a supplement to your current lessons or our Ge
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Microscope CSI Forensics Lab
Microscope CSI Forensics Lab - Crime Scene Investigation This unique microscope lab will engage and mystify your students. Used as a beginner’s microscope lesson, forensic science, or a great way to celebrate homecoming for your school, students act like secret agents/detectives as they use a li
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Ecosystems and Ecology - Interactive Notebook Bundle
Ecosystems - Interactive Notebook Activities for Life Science and Biology. This bundle covers all things Ecology and Ecosystems, Biomes, Food Chains / Webs, Energy Pyramids, Relationships, Ecosystems, Succession and more! This notebook activity pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and
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Food Webs Task Cards {with Editable Template}
This set of 24 food webs task cards with EDITABLE TEMPLATE provides a great activity for student centered enrichment or review. Students are given a diagram of a food web and all 24 Cards will have questions based on this diagram. It requires higher level thinking in order to analyze the diagram.
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Natural Disasters
Let's learn about Natural Disasters! This worksheet includes 25 pages with a large variety of activities and exercises about natural disasters. The materials have informative exercises about many different kinds of disasters such as landslides, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, epidemics and many ot

Get this as part of a bundle: Geography Bundle (Nature, Oceans, Ecosystems and Natural Disasters)

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Life Science & Biology Interactive Notebook
Life Science Interactive Notebook Bundle - includes all TEN of our Life Science and Biology Interactive Notebook Activities with 200+ activities to cover your entire life science curriculum: introduction to interactive notebooks, get to know you activities, scientific method, cells, genetics, evolut

Get this as part of a bundle: Life Science Interactive Notebook Complete Bundle

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Cells - PowerPoint & Handouts Bundle
Cell Organelles & Processes Curriculum Bundle - PowerPoint & Differentiated Handouts for Life Science and Biology. Learn all about cells - structure and function, cell organelles, and cellular processes including photosynthesis, cellular respiration, diffusion, osmosis, endocytosis/exocytosi
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Evolution Unit Bundle
Learn all about Evolution with this 2-3 week long unit which covers the theory of evolution, mutation and adaptation, Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, survival of the fittest, radioactive carbon dating, and camouflage and survival. This unit includes: * Fully editable PowerPoint presentation w
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Skeletal System - Skeleton Project
Skeletal System - Build a Skeleton Project Apply knowledge of the skeleton system with this exciting project in which they assemble a large skeleton, label its bones, and identify major joints on the skeleton using a color coded key. Rubric and student examples included. This product is found in l
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Scientific Method - Interactive Notebook Bundle
This Scientific Method Interactive Notebook Activity Pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in the Scientific Method Studies as they learn about the Steps of the Scientific Method & Practice; Control, Independent, and Dependent Variables; Observation and Inference; Met
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Life Science Task Card Bundle
**This bundle is also included in our Life Science Supplemental Bundle This product includes 130+ Life Science and Biology task cards with open-ended and inquiry based questions. Our task cards can be used as: • Centers or Stations • Homework, Assessments • Projects • Sponge or Warm-up •
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Life Science Biology Curriculum Bundle
Life Science Biology Curriculum Bundle This Life Science and Biology Curriculum is comprised of all of our PowerPoints and differentiated handouts. This comprehensive bundle includes all seven of our top selling life science bundles totaling over 30 weeks of teaching materials and covering: The Sci
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