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Preamble Stretch Book | Preamble to the Constitution | Preamble Activity
Wow your students on Constitution Day or any time of the year with this unique stretch book about the Preamble! Students will think about and illustrate the meaning of each section of the Preamble. Two versions of the book are included. For a more in-depth study, students write their own interpretat

Also included in: Constitution Stretch Book Bundle: Preamble & Bill of Rights


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Project: The Bill of Rights
This project has everything your students need to know about the freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights!The resource includes a PowerPoint that presents each amendment in the Bill of Rights in student-friendly terms. After explaining both the structure and the purposes of the Bill of Rights, the

Also included in: Project Bundle: Illustrating the Articles and the Bill of Rights


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Constitution Doodle Notes
Students will color and doodle as they take notes to learn about the U.S. Constitution. These graphic doodle notes give an overview of the parts of the United States Constitution: the preamble, the articles, the Bill of Rights, and the amendments. What's included:*Teacher directions and a list of th

Also included in: US History to 1877 Doodle Notes Bundle


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Social Studies Word Wall
This product is a word wall to help teach important social studies vocabulary words to upper elementary or middle school students.The specific regions included are Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Canada. However, the domains include geography, government, economy, and history

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Reconstruction Amendments: The 13th, 14th, 15th and the Southern Response!
Reconstruction Amendments: The 13th, 14th, 15th and the Southern Response! This Reconstruction Amendments lesson is included as part of the American Reconstruction Unit Plan, located here: American Reconstruction Unit Plan! Buy the Bundle and save a Bundle! ---------------------------- In this

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Making Sense of the Articles of Confederation - Paper Version
Used in over 1,200 classrooms! This resource shares a summary of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation as well as the strengths for your students to understand America's first attempt at a formal set of rules. Trying to find a way to explain the Articles of Confederation to your students

Also included in: American Revolution Bundle: 15-Pack [Great for Middle School]


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Bill of Rights Task Cards and Walk the Room Google Drive Compatible
Once children learn about the Bill of Rights, challenge them to see if they understand them. Students will be presented with: 24 contemporary problems that will challenge students to solve problems that can only be solved with the Bill of Rights 24 Walk the Room placards that are bigger than a ta

Also included in: Amendments 1 - 27 Task Cards and Walk the Room - Bundle!


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Civics, Government & American History Interactive Notebook Bundle Florida
Civics, Government, & American History Interactive NotebookThis resource is a year-long Civics and U.S. Government interactive notebook for middle or high school. The file is 244 pages long and includes a complete answer key. This interactive notebook can be used throughout the entire course o


Articles of Confederation and Constitution PowerPoint and Guided Notes
This 57 slide PowerPoint presentation on the creation of a New Nation covers a myriad of topics including:- Critical Period- Creation of the Articles of Confederation and the role of John Dickinson- Structure of government under the Articles of Confederation- Accomplishments of the Articles of Confe

Also included in: American 1 PowerPoint and Guided Notes Bundle (Colonization to Reconstruction)


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Bill of Rights Scenarios
This is a great activity for a unit on the Bill of Rights and/or the U.S. Constitution. In this activity/ assignments students are assigned to read 12 different scenarios. After reading each scenario they are to figure out if the individual in the scenario had their Constitutional rights violated

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War of 1812 & Star Spangled Banner Handout
This handout was designed to teach the issues and impact of the War of 1812. Students will read an overview about the war answer questions and analyze primary source documents. Also included are hyperlinked QR codes for War of 1812 Crash Course video and information on the Battle of Baltimore. Great

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To better understand the basic information within the U.S. Constitution, students will browse through this primary source document and find the main ideas regarding the 7 Articles and 27 Amendments. Included are 17 questions about the articles and 27 questions about the amendments. All questions (

Also included in: United States Constitution Bundle: Scavenger Hunt, Articles, Convention Notes...


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The Declaration of Independence: BREAK-UP LETTER Activity
The Declaration of Independence: Break-up Letter and Rewrite Activity! Good for any ELA or Social Studies classroom! The Declaration of Independence is modernized! In this product you will get TWO different activities that will help your students better understand our nations most important documen

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Federalists vs Anti-Federalists & the new Constitution:  What were their views?
Federalists vs Anti-Federalists & the new Constitution: What were their views? Google 1:1 Compatible!This Federalist and Anti-Federalist lesson is included as part of the larger United States Constitution Unit, located here:The United States Constitution 15-Lesson Unit!Buy the bundle and save o

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Checks and Balances Chart and Activities
Checks and Balances – Graphic Organizers and handoutsThis lesson covers the system of checks and balances. Checks and Balances is an important concept to understating how American government works. Included in this resource:You can decide how much practice your students need or which style of activi

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Constitution Scavenger Hunt | Print & Digital | DISTANCE LEARNING
Your secondary civics/U.S. Government students will be engaged in this fun and interactive activity. Students will understand the rules and operations of the U.S. government as enumerated in the Constitution by completing a scavenger hunt activity. Students will work with a partner to find the answ

Also included in: CIVICS | American Government MEGA BUNDLE | 1st Semester | Grades 8-12 | SAVE $


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Dred Scott Decision! The Argument, Ruling, Reaction, & Civil War! Common Core!
Dred Scott Decision! The Argument, Ruling, Reaction, & Civil War! Common Core! This resource on the Dred Scott Decision is also included in the much larger Sectionalism and Irreconcilable Period Bundle, located here: Sectionalism & Irreconcilable Period Bundle! 8 engaging and Common Core f

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American Revolution Simulation PowerPoint- FUN!!!!
This lecture is both informative and interactive as students choose their fate throughout the American Revolution period and record their "experiences" on their handout. Each student's experience is different. Students will begin their journey pre-French & Indian War and end with the Treaty of P

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Women's Suffrage: The Struggle for Suffrage from Seneca Falls to 19th Amendment!
Women's Suffrage: The Struggle for Suffrage from Seneca Falls to 19th Amendment!This lesson is included in BOTH the Progressive Era & Gilded Age Unit Bundle and the Roaring '20s Unit Bundle, located below:Progressive Era (Gilded Age) Bundle! 11 Engaging Resources for Progressive Era!Roaring '20s

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Branches of Government Special Education Unit with Lesson Plans
Branches of Government And Citizenship unit includes over 100 pages of material for students with autism and other special learning needs and was updated following the 2016 election. These materials are designed to allow students with multiple levels of learning to access and engage in social st

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Federalism - National, State, and Local Governments Working Together
Lesson: Federalism - PowerPoint, Lesson Plan, Smart Board Activity, Multiple Choice Test, Worksheet, Flipped Class Video & More This lesson teaches students about Federalism – the sharing of power between the national, state and local levels of government. Students will learn about the separati

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How a Bill Becomes a Law Doodle Notes
Students will color and doodle as they take notes to learn about how a bill becomes a law. These graphic doodles notes summarize the process that a bill starting in the House of Representatives takes to become a law. What's included:*Teacher directions and a list of the videos included in each Power

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Civics EOC State Exam Review
My Civics EOC State Exam Review is in depth lesson to prepare students for the Florida Civics End-of-Course Exam. I have been teaching Civics in the state of Florida for several years. My students have had the 7th highest score on the Civics EOC the past two years in a row. Use my Civics EOC State E

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Events Leading Up to Civil War Activity
Events Leading Up to Civil War Activity. This Civil War activity includes: a 2 page worksheet on events leading up to the Civil War (Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Law, Kansas Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Decision, and Harpers Ferry. It also includes a map activity for what the

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