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First Day of School Stations - Back to School Activity
Using stations on the first day of school sets the tone for the year. Show students that they will be out of their seats, engaged in learning, and collaborating with classmates in your classroom. These six stations, some group tasks and some independent tasks, are intended for completion within a 45

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Discussions Games: Jenga Talk, Mystery Talk, Dice Talk (editable) Back to School
Who doesn't love a good discussion? Use these activities to get your students talking and thinking! These are perfect for morning meetings, classroom parties, and holiday celebrations. Included in this unit✔Jenga Talk instructions✔game questions✔Mystery Talk instructions✔game questions for Mystery T

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Roll and Tell An Articulation Story
Looking for more ways to work on articulation carryover? This resource is perfect for mixed speech and language groups, and your students will have a blast creating fun, imaginative stories. Plus, they'll work on skills like articulation, fluency, and more!*Suggestion: You can have students express

Also included in: Mixed Speech Group BUNDLE


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Social Skills Activities Using Facial Expressions & Body Language
Do your students struggle understanding the body language and facial expressions of others? This no prep unit will help them understand the perspective of others by using real photos to convey difficult emotions. This unit features people of different cultures in real life scenarios using full col

Also included in: Social Skills Speech Therapy Activities Mega Bundle


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Public Speaking Games
Public speaking can seem like an impossible task to many students, but it doesn’t have to feel that way! Students can tolerate – and even enjoy – public speaking when they learn it in a fun and engaging way. These 4 hilarious public speaking games get students comfortable in front of a classroom a

Also included in: Middle School ELA Game Bundle (20% Discount)


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The Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants
The Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants is a fun activity to help students practice using logical evidence and reason (logos) in persuasive writing and speech. The Common Core State Standards for seventh, eighth, and ninth grades mention the word "evidence" nearly twenty times! But one of the things my

Also included in: MY FULL STORE! - A bundle of every single product I have


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Rhetorical Devices in Motion: Teach Persuasive Techniques, Argumentative Writing
Teach rhetorical devices through movement and color-coding! This rhetorical appeal lesson will help students understand Aristotle's rhetorical triangle through a kinesthetic strategy and then will give students a highlighting technique to apply to any rhetorical analysis!No matter the rhetorical wri

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Teaching Ethos, Pathos, and Logos with Commercials
Teaching ethos, pathos, and logos is paramount for older students. They should understand these famous persuasive techniques to better their speeches and papers. This bundle demonstrates examples of ethos, pathos, and logos and asks students to analyze how these incorporations persuade audiences. In

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Christmas Game {Grades 3-12}
This Christmas Fast-Thinking Game requires vocabulary and word work practice. This is a Christmas themed game so all of the descriptive words that the students generate must be related to Christmas. Game directions are included. You can encourage students to work in groups so that they can learn

Also included in: Holiday Games Bundle: 7 Fast-Thinking Games for Grades 3-12


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Pragmatic Social Language Skills (Topic Text 4 activities)
BEST SELLER! Your students will flip over these sparkly topic smart phones! This may be my favorite product and I know the kids will LOVE it!!! Included in this sparkly product is 4 jam-packed activities at one great price. Contents: 24 topic text phones 12 create-your-own phones Turn-taking ca

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Would You Rather Articulation (R)
Would You Rather Articulation - An Articulation Carryover Activity for Upper Elementary and Middle School ***Update: Now available in ink saver version!! Choose between color or ink saver black and white cards and word lists*** This packet addresses /r, r-blends, er, or, ar, ear, air, and ire/ !!!

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Social Problem Solving
This activity focuses on social problem solving in four every day locations: home, school, the grocery store, and a restaurant. The activity is geared toward middle school and high school students and is presented in an age appropriate format. There are 12 social problem solving scenario that occur

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Life Skills Problem Solving Answering Questions Verbally Speech Therapy
Verbal problem solving is difficult for students with language learning disorders and expressive language problems. Students with language disorders can have difficulty with formulating explanations or telling what to do. This is a set of 180 game cards for verbal problem solving; an important life

Also included in: Life Skills Verbal Problem Solving Bundle


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Listening and Following Directions Activity With Lesson Plan
Listening and Following Directions An Activity That Challenges Students To Pay Attention To Details This activity is designed to challenge students to listen closely to directions and complete tasks in the correct locations on a grid. Interested in more following directions and reading comprehension

Also included in: Listening and Following Directions Bundle Reading Comprehension


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Back to School ICEBREAKER Activity: "Can you follow directions?" FUN Grades 6-12
Have your middle and high school students "belly-laughing" from the beginning of the year with this unique "Icebreaker" activity! What's included? + 36 "Direction" TASK CARDS + Directions for Implementing the Activity + 1 Blank Task Card Template (6 task cards) Each card has a different instruct

Also included in: ELA Common Core Task Cards - MEGA Bundle - 326 Task Cards - Grades 7-12


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Socratic Seminar Bundle: Plan, facilitate, & grade awesome discussions!
Socratic Seminars are fantastic for so many reasons. Students love talking and debating with one another, and they don’t even realize that they’re building their critical thinking skills and directing their own learning while doing so. Furthermore, the seminars meet a TON of common core state standa

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Ad Logic: Analyzing TV Commercials - PREZI Lesson Plan
Ad Logic: Analyzing TV Commercials - Prezi Lesson Plan is a fun, engaging activity for getting students to think about persuasive techniques and to analyze validity of claims, soundness of reasoning, and relevancy of evidence.I designed this lesson as part of an ongoing unit about persuasive speakin

Also included in: MY FULL STORE! - A bundle of every single product I have


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Community Logo Activities
This packet makes two logo folders. Fast food and specialty stores. Please check the preview to see how the finished folders can look. Best if laminated and Velcro used. There are two options available for your page that stores the logos. You can use the page with the pictures for non readers (

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Interview Challenge: Speaking/Listening + Writing Activity (ELA or Journalism)
If your students are anything like mine, they perk up the second they hear the word “challenge,” which tends to invite shouts of “OH YEAH!” and “IT’S ON.” I frame this activity as a "challenge" because it challenges students to create the perfect questions to generate the details needed to write an

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Back to School BUNDLE: 5 Engaging Activities for Middle and High School
Grab your students' attention from DAY 1 this year....and have fun while doing it! I'm offering FIVE of my best-selling "Back to School" activities at a discounted price for a limited time! These can also be used THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR.⇒ ⇒Take a look at the feedback other educators have left BEL

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CER- Claim Evidence Reasoning Posters
Hang these colorful posters in your classroom that students can reference when going through the CER process. Enlarge and laminate for a colorful classroom display! There are 2 versions of each CER poster set:1. CER posters with definitions only- great for classroom display.2. CER posters with defin

Also included in: Science Poster BUNDLE


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Public Speaking Bundle
Public speaking can intimidate many students, but teenagers can learn to love this “scary” subject with fun games, relevant assignments, and creative instruction. This money-saving bundle takes the fear out of public speaking with hilarious but memorable activities that students can enjoy while lea

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Socratic Seminar/Fishbowl Discussion Planning, Tracker, & Reflection
Socratic Seminar/Fishbowl Discussion Planning, Tracker, & Reflection To hold a successful Socratic Seminar, Fishbowl Discussion or any kind of structured classroom dialogue, planning ahead is key, especially for your students who are reluctant speakers. This resource provides planning materials

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DISCUSSION PROMPTS AND ACTIVITIES: WHAT IF? This resource is sure to get even your most reluctant students speaking. The product includes everything you need to spark up friendly conversation and discussion in the classroom. It can also be used in an intermediate or higher ESL class.==============

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