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Speed Debating: Persuasive Activity - Practice Debate & Ethos, Pathos, & Logos
Looking for an engaging way to practice ethos, pathos, and logos? Want to practice debating in preparation for a formal debate? Just want to have some FUN and hit the listening and speaking standards? Feel like challenging your students to think fast on their feet? Don't know what else to teach tomo

Also included in: Rhetoric & Persuasion Teaching Bundle: Rhetorical Appeals & Devices


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20 Hands-On Projects for ANY Novel:  20 Rubrics Included
20 Hands on Projects for ANY Novel - 20 Rubrics included! Are you sick of hearing your students complain about standardized tests and essays? Me too! :) Here are 20 different hands-on, engaging projects to encourage students to be creative and think outside the box! 45+ pages of creativity! AL

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Media Literacy / Advertising Activities - Bundle
Are you looking for media literacy activities that will engage your students? This bundle includes 6 different resources and includes activities such as poetry, writing, discussion topics, ad technique, student social media survey and more! My students have always enjoyed working on a Media Unit and


Public Speaking Activity: "15 Minutes of Fame" Real World Speeches!
I'm going to go out on a limb with a big statement: this project was the most fun my class had all year. (This isn't always true with public speaking!)Almost everyone has to give a speech in his or her lifetime. In this fun project, students prepare and present SHORT mini-speeches from real-world sc

Also included in: Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}


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FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE ESCAPE ROOM ACTIVITY: Help your students understand figurative language with this highly-engaging interactive escape room / break out activity! Students will have to have an understanding of the following terms to complete the tasks: metaphor, simile, alliteration, personificati

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Advertising Techniques - Create An Ad - Media Literacy
Looking for a fun project where students create their own advertisement? Using the techniques using in advertising students musts create an ad and then justify their work by writing a paragraph explaining their choices. Excellent for a media awareness/ media literacy unit or a study on persuasive w

Also included in: Media Literacy / Advertising Activities - Bundle


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Irony Presentation: This funny presentation will not only get your students laughing, but they will also have a better understanding of situational irony! This Powerpoint includes 20 pictures that are truly ironic. I usually have my students raise their hands and tell me why it is ironic (based on

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Intro to Public Speaking Mini-Unit: Learning from Experts in Videos
Instead of lecturing about public speaking fundamentals, let students hear it from neutral experts and become persuaded about the topic’s importance! These videos are a great way to kick off a speech unit OR just prep students for a specific speaking assignment. • Play the videos in class or assign

Also included in: Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}


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Analogies, 250+ Analogy Questions to Build Vocabulary & Logic Skills CCSS
Analogies are now specifically included in middle school Common Core State Standards and these fun little puzzlers are a great tool to help students at all levels build vocabulary and logic skills.This introductory lecture is paired with 10 follow-up assignments that can serve as in-class work (solo

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The Bucket List: “Short Research Project” with Real-World Goal-Setting
Bucket Lists don’t have to be morbid; they can inspire us, give us hope, and force us to change or try new things. Setting goals is a valuable skill made even more priceless when we learn HOW to achieve them!Hook students into doing research in disguise, hiding the work within a topic that they actu

Also included in: Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}


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Classroom Murder Mystery Activity - Virtual Option Available
Engage your students in a murder mystery game in the classroom or virtually!I use this lesson before starting my mystery unit and the students love it. They enjoy taking on the roles of the characters, and they enjoy the competition and challenge of trying to find the assailant. *I say assailant bec

Also included in: Classroom Mystery Bundle


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Figurative Language Reference Sheet - FREE
Figurative Language / Poetry Terms - Definitions and examples of poetry terms / figures of speech - alliteration, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor & personification. There is space for students create their own examples. I like to give this to students as a fun review, or as a referen

Also included in: ELA Bundle - Writing, Poetry and Novel Study Activities


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Color by Grammar: Grammar Coloring Sheet Starter Pack
Wanting to switch up your grammar lesson plans, but aren't sure how? Try Color by Grammar! This is a starter pack for coloring sheets that incorporate grammar lessons. This will give you a 'taste' of how coloring sheets can work will older students, and allow you to assess if your students like thes

Also included in: Grammar Curriculum Bundle: Parts of Speech, Verbals, Types of Sentences, & More


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Genius Hour, 20% Time, Inquiry Based Learning, Project Based Learning
Have you been looking to implement an inquiry-based learning project or Genius Hour in your classroom, but you don’t know where to start or how to incorporate this in your classroom?This 40+product of handouts, guidelines, how-to's, rubrics and everything you need to get started with the inquiry-bas

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Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}
Take the fear and intimidation out of public speaking with a FULL SEMESTER bundle of classroom-tested speech activities that will safely get students out of their chairs (and their comfort zones!) Download this bundle of speaking resources to build up student confidence with projects that don’t “fee


Word Puzzles: This resource is perfect for enrichment or to give to students who finish their work early. Not only do these puzzles provide practice with problem solving and critical thinking, they are also SO MUCH FUN! ==============================================================SAVE BY PURCHASIN

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Distance Learning Riddles / Brain Teasers 1. Morning Meeting / Bell Ringer
99 Riddles Bell Ringers / Lesson Starters / Morning Meeting - Riddles for Teens - set 1Are you looking for some gripping ways to settle your students really quickly at the start of your lesson?Here are 99 of the best riddles out there that you can use as bell ringers / lesson starter activities for

Also included in: Distance Learning Riddles / Brain Teasers / Bell Ringer Activities BUNDLE


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MLA Format (8th Edition) Mini Flip Book
8th Edition MLA Format Mini Flip Book: Help your students learn how to properly format their papers and cite their sources with this MLA Format Mini Flip Book. This mini flip book includes 7 tabs to help them with MLA Format: MLA Format, Citations, Electronic Sources, Modern Sources, Print Sources,

Also included in: MLA Format Bundle: PowerPoint, Escape Room, Mini Flip Book, Source Cards


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Grade 8 ELA Common Core Checklist
Grade 8 ELA. Common Core Documentation Planning Checklist. (PDF and editable Microsoft Word versions included)Each checklist contains all five of the ELA standards (Reading Literature, Reading Informational Materials, Listening and Speaking, Language, and Writing) in an easy-to-read and record forma

Also included in: Common Core Checklists Bundle for ELA and Mathematics - Grades 6, 7, 8


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Analyzing MUSIC VIDEOS Vol. I
***For a PREVIEW of this pack, download this FREE lesson plan for analyzing the music video for ‘Hall of Fame’ by the Script feat.*** Music videos can be an amazing teaching tool in the English Language Arts classroom. Students love music and by using current music videos you will grab t

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Escape Room Bundle, Digital, Breakouts
***Grab this Escape Room Bundle, and save 20%!***What are the positive aspects of a Digital EDUcational Escape?⭐It is NO-PREP! There is nothing to make, print, cut, laminate, clues to hide, buy or locks to set. Everything is ready for your students on the Google Site! ⭐Students will encounter multip


Writing Rubrics Packet for secondary English
This writing rubric will help teachers save time and energy! This resource for grading writing contains five different writing rubrics for secondary English teachers. Rubrics Included:- Argument Writing- Informative/Explanatory Writing- Narrative Writing- Analyzing Theme Writing- Research Essay Writ

Also included in: Ultimate Writing Bundle - Secondary ELA Writing


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Social Media Literacy - Looking At Social Media Use
Social Media Use - This activity is a great way to introduce a media awareness unit and generate discussion in the classroom about social media and its influence on today's teens. Includes activities related to teens' social media use, how they spend their time online and the role of marketing in r

Also included in: Media Literacy / Advertising Activities - Bundle


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Debate Unit: 2+ Weeks of Speaking, Nonfiction, & Writing for Secondary ELA
Do you want to assess speaking skills in a low-stress manner? Need to assess argumentative writing without another essay? This debate unit is a “no stage fright” method to build student confidence, stretch critical and logical thinking skills, and engage students in spirited, friendly competition t

Also included in: Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}


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