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USA American Flag Heart Coordinate Graphing Picture
This is a great activity where students graph points on a coordinate plane and it creates a picture of an American Flag within a Heart! The clever title of "Oh, Say Can You See?" gives them a clue to what the picture will be. The points include ordered pairs from all four quadrants and decimals such

Also included in: Coordinate Graphing Pictures February BUNDLE


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Saying Goodbye: President Washington's Farewell Address-What Advice Did He Give?
Saying Goodbye: President Washington's Farewell Address-What Advice Did He Give? This lessons is included as part of the "New Nation Unit," located here: New Nation Unit: 13 engaging, Common Core focused lessons for Washington & Adams Buy the bundle and save 20%! --------------------- In thi

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National Treasure
National Treasure movie guide and National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets movie guide. Simple to use, mostly one word or short answers required for students. Twenty questions per movie with answer keys included and completely editable. Great for leaving with a substitute. Just enough to get them to p

Also included in: Movie Guides


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Bundle: What is the Electoral College?  Voting with Mystery Candidates
I've used both of these activities every year and they have always been a hit - especially on an election year! The two products in this bundle are tried and true with 7th and 8th grade students. What is the Electoral College - PowerPoint and Partner ActivityI have used this Electoral College acti


Nixon to Bush Presidents Matching Handout
Students will match the fact to the president it belongs to. Presidents from 1974-1993: -Richard Nixon -Gerald Ford -Jimmy Carter -Ronald Reagan -George W Bush

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John F Kennedy Graphic Organizer
John F Kennedy Graphic Organizer with answer key. I recently updated this handout but also included the original version. So there are really 2 graphic organizers. Key Words: JFK, Civil Rights, Berlin Wall, LBJ, Cuban Missile Crisis, Warren Commission, Assassination

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Primary Documents: Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address
This is a unit covering two of the pivotal moments in the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. The download includes two reading activities (centered around the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address), two multiple choice reading assessments, student response essay questions, guided reading

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Executive Branch : The American President
Executive Branch : In The American President students learn about how our president is elected, the three branches of government, the job of the president and the special day set aside to honor our presidents. Use all of the informational texts, or just one or two. This an engaging, learning-filled

Also included in: Back to School : The Year in Holidays!


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Formula for a President: Graphing and Analyzing Statistical Data
You are a world-famous statistician. Today you have received an urgent order from the federal government asking you to create a detailed profile of what kind of person is most electable as president. Your profile must be based on data from all 44 previous Commander-in-Chiefs. Consult your “President

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Diseases and Health of US Presidents Reading Passages
Informative and engaging reading passages and science activities for President's Day (or any time of year)! Integrate health and science with United States History by studying diseases of US Presidents.Learn about the diseases that plagued 14 of the United States Presidents. Engage your students wit

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United States of America Clip Art
United States of America clip art for history, government, or any teaching area. There are ten separate images, and the black and white versions are included. Please download a free preview to see all the items. Includes: American flag, soldier, constitution, white house, the Washington monument, Li

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George Washington Internet Exploration
This HyperDoc is designed to be used on a computer or tablet—perfect for iPads or Chromebooks! More than 30 links to outside websites are embedded in this PDF, so your students are just click away from primary source documents, additional research, videos, and more. Ideal for Washington’s birthday!

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EXECUTIVE BRANCH: powerpoint & cloze notes sheets
Executive Branch overview. 20 Slide powerpoint and 4 page cloze notes sheet. Teacher notes included with each slide. Great for many grades and ages and all items are editable.You also can purchase THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT BUNDLE at a discounted price which is this product along with the JUDICIAL

Also included in: THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT BUNDLE: powerpoints & cloze notes sheets


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Analyzing "The Gettysburg Address" by Abraham Lincoln President's Day Activity
Great for President's Day! Practice analyzing text to locate literary devices and persuasive technique using the famous "Gettysburg Address" speech by President Abraham Lincoln. Lesson includes: *A page of pre-reading/essential questions to set a purpose for reading and build background knowledge

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Analyzing Allusion in President Obama's Second Inaugural Address
Help your students understand how President Obama uses historical allusions to achieve his purpose in his second inaugural address. This document contains*the full text of the speech (4 pages)*a thinking chart for identifying allusions, making connections to the speaker's purpose, and crafting an al

Also included in: AP English Language & Composition (AP Language or AP Lang) BUNDLE


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President's Day Word Search- Harder 43 Words
President's Day Word Search- Harder 43 WordsThis is a fun and challenging word search for President’s Day. It is suitable for grades 5 and up. Contains 43 words to find. Words can be found forward, backward, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Word search is 30 letters across and 30 letters down. So

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6 Slide PowerPoint and 2 page cloze notes sheet. This is a condensed version of EXECUTIVE BRANCH: powerpoint & cloze notes sheet. Teacher notes included with each slide. Great for many grades and ages.The cloze notes are google docs compatible. Students can create a copy and fill out the notes

Also included in: My Entire Store


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Presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison Bingo
This fun game reviews the presidencies of the first four United States Presidents: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.Want to use it during Distance Learning? Play it during a video meeting!Includes:*30 unique bingo cards (color and greyscale versions, PDF, Google Dri

Also included in: Early American History Bingo Bundle (works with Distance Learning)


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"Lincoln" Movie Review Writing Assignment
Two thumbs up for this fun, educational lesson! For English and history teachers who want to use visual media to enhance their students’ understanding of Lincoln’s major speeches (ie The Gettysburg Address), the Civil War, or the passing of the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery. The movie review act

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George Washington Webquest
Students will learn about the life of George Washington by completing an internet-based worksheet. The George Washington Webquest uses a great website created by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association. The website allows students to explore the key events of George Washington life in a very student fr

Also included in: George Washington Lesson Plan Collection


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Hidden Picture Algebra - Solve Equations - Abraham Lincoln - Presidents Day
What a fun way to solve equations! You can also use this activity for Presidents' Day or any time. Your students can reveal the hidden picture while solving whole number equations. Use it for practice, fun, homework, or bonus work. It's your choice, but your kids will love this unique approach. T

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Who Am I? President Trivia Cards with QR Codes
Have your students test their knowledge of the Presidents with this 43 card set of trivia cards. Each card includes a picture of the President, location they were born in, and a fun fact regarding their life. These are perfect for celebrating President's Day! ** Please note that each President is

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Presidents Scavenger Hunt  President's Day Review
Learning about the presidents can be fun with this 44+ card President's Scavenger Hunt. Each clue card asks a question about each of the 44 presidents that students research to answer. Includes student response handouts, wrap-up activity questions, answer key, and teacher implementation options!

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Abraham Lincoln - Webquest with Key
Abraham Lincoln - Webquest with Key - This 8 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the basics of the life of Abraham Lincoln. It contains 26 questions from the history.com website. Your students will learn about the life of Abraham Lincoln in the United States. It covers all

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