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Behavior Think Sheet: A Classroom Management Tool
Use this reflection sheet as a consequence for misbehavior. The Behavior Think Sheet gets students to think about what they did, why they did it, and how it affects those around them.When students in my class choose not to not follow the classroom rules they receive a Behavior Think Sheet. This allo

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Social Skills - Special Education
This is a bundle of all of my 27 social skills worksheets. This bundle includes the following worksheets that are offered separately: Interrupting, Conflict Resolution, Peer Pressure, Apologizing, Personal Space, Self Control, Interrupting Others, and my friend worksheets: What is a Friend, How to b

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Adolescent Counseling Tool: What Are Things I Can Control & I Can't Control
This counseling tool teaches adolescents how to identify things that are within their control or that are outside of their control. This can help students with anxiety, self-control, anger, and issues with accepting personal responsibility. This packet of posters, a worksheet, and task cards will pr

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5 Minutes Left and What Can I Do? : 100 Fun and Challenging Puzzles
Thank you for visiting this page! After 30+ years of teaching, these are my absolute favorite classroom-tested time fillers. Every teacher needs to have something ready when a planned lesson ends earlier than anticipated or the kids just need a break at the end of the period. Some puzzles I have u

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Project Based Learning for Any Subject Interactive Notebook Activity
We love to use project based learning in our classrooms. But, do your students know how to engage in the process? I am using this in my own classes to introduce all of the concepts, steps, and expectations. Project Based Learning Interactive Notebook For Any Subject Includes: ★What is Project Based

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Life Skills - Restaurant Skills/Eating Out
This packet include the following worksheets; Restaurants - 2 pages on different kinds of restaurants and how they run. Paying Your Bill - 3 pages on how to pay your bill and making sure you have enough. Restaurant tax and tip - These 3 worksheets are also sold separately. 14 Restaurant role pla

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Social Skills - Interrupting
A one page worksheet on interrupting. What interrupting means. When it's ok to interrupt. The polite way to interrupt.

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Life Skills Problem Solving: In the Community
This pack of task cards and worksheet is designed for middle/high school/transition students for practice with functional problem solving for ADLs. These realistic scenarios will allow your students with autism and other challenges to engage in critical thinking and discussion about situations in th

Also included in: Life Skills Problem Solving Bundle SAVE!


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Class Escape Problem Solving Game
Modeled after the popular "Escape" games in many cities around the country, this classroom version prompts students to work together as a class to solve puzzles, connect the clues, and crack the code! This is a great activity for the first week of school to encourage teamwork and help students get

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Growth Mindset Posters 2
A Growth Mindset is something that can be taught! Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom by hanging up these posters for your students to see! NOT QUITE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? CHECK OUT THESE GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS INCLUDED RESOURCES *17 posters (Watercolor Edition) *17 posters (Brights

Also included in: Growth Mindset BUNDLE


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Life Skills Problem Solving Answering Questions Verbally Speech Therapy
Verbal problem solving is difficult for students with language learning disorders and expressive language problems. Students with language disorders can have difficulty with formulating explanations or telling what to do. This is a set of 180 game cards for verbal problem solving; an important life

Also included in: Life Skills Verbal Problem Solving Bundle


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Practical Problem Solving
This packet is full of everyday situations your students may encounter that require problem solving skills. It includes practical problems that deal with school, time management, and working with others; it also includes emergency scenarios and social situations that require taking another persons p

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Behavior Basics: Social Scenarios
"Social Scenarios" is a packet of skill building activity cards designed to help students develop strategies for responding to others in an appropriate manner. Students with social skill deficits tend to have more negative interactions with others. They often have difficulty interpreting social cues

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Higher Level Thinking: Increasing Math Rigor
DIG DEEPER in your math lessons with this fun way to question your students! Includes FIVE higher level thinking questions! I sometimes forget to ask my students the "DEEPER" questions... You know, the questions that really check for understanding... This sign was just the answer for me! After a l

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The Amazing Race: Classroom Edition (Includes Customizable Clue Templates)
This student-driven game includes 50 pages of racing material that will take your students on a fun-filled, virtual tour of 6 continents! The Amazing Race: Classroom Edition is a game in which multiple teams of two or three students compete in a race with one another. Teams strive to arrive first a

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Social Skills - Idioms
The product shows 30 common idioms with a picture of what each idiom looks like when take literally. There is a page after each picture stating the real meaning in basic terms. Too see another preview of this product go to:

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Solving and Graphing Inequalities - Foldable and Scavenger Hunt
This FREE resource includes an INEQUALITY FOLDABLE  and SCAVENGER HUNT. Students can use the foldable as a reference as they self-check on the sixteen question scavenger hunt. The foldable provides various examples of inequalities graphed on a number line. There are examples of less than, greate

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Situational Problem Solving for Upper Grades - Brain Storm!
Problem Solving, safety, judgement, perspective taking all in one activity! Brain Storm! brings situational problem solving questions to life as students learn practical and functional steps to effectively brainstorm solutions and determine the best possible solution to a problem. Explicit teacher

Also included in: Social Skills Problem Solving Bundle


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Brain Benders - Riddles and Brain Teasers 4
Brain Benders - Riddles and Brain Teasers 4!!! {10 NEW RIDDLES AND BRAIN TEASERS FOR YOUR CLASSROOM!} It's fun to solve brain teasers and I've heard your brain is like a muscle. If you exercise it (by teasing it) you'll have a fit brain. Even if that's not true, it's still fun to solve them! If y

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Interactive Problem Solving through Text Message [distance learning,teletherapy]
No print, No prep, Interactive material for those working on comprehension, pragmatic problem solving, non literal language, main idea, utilizing context clues, and inferencing. This product contains 8 pragmatic problem solving text message prompts. Each text message includes 5 questions each. Quest

Also included in: Text Message Inspired Language Bundle- no print, no prep


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Social / Pragmatic Problem Solving Scenarios for Teens - Thanksgiving Theme
Social / Pragmatic Problem Solving Scenarios for Teens – Thanksgiving Theme! I created this lesson for my socially delayed High School and Middle School students. You will find that some of the scenarios require a certain developmental understanding of that of a teenager. You will see two sample sc

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Social Story Set Growing Up BUNDLE: BOYS & GIRLS in Puberty – Distance Learning
Get four puberty social narratives for boys, four puberty social narratives for girls and 1 unisex puberty story. A narrative story set for boys and a story set for girls are both available for single purchase but are bundled here for savings.These social narratives are wonderful to use when presen


Functional Academics - Sequencing
This is a five page activity about sequencing. You will have to cut, laminate and add Velcro to put the activity together. Included in the activity is: 1. Most to Least 2. Empty to Fullest 3. Small to Tallest 4. Tall to Smallest 5. Short to Longest Each page has a graph showing four items that ne

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Social Skills Games Conversation Topic Maintenance
Perfect for a fun way to talk about a serious subject with your middle to high school students working on social language concepts such as appropriate topics, thinking about other's feelings, understanding and explaining how our words make others think about us! This social language game works on

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