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Social Group Curriculum for Middle and High School Students
An entire social group curriculum for a year! This huge 70 page packet includes everything from starting up your first social group to providing engaging and organized lessons (with all materials needed) for 20 sessions. Your students will be learning functional, real-life skills needed in order to

Also included in: Social Group Curriculum Bundle


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Social Skills Task Cards for Middle and High School - Distance Learning
This is a pack of 100 task cards that help middle and high school kids practice social skills. The social skills task cards are organized into five different sets that target different skills: Basic Interactions, Conversations, Empathy, Friendships & Relationships, and Conflict Resolution Skills

Also included in: Middle and High School Social Skills Bundle


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Executive Functioning & Study Skills Bundle - Distance Learning and Google Class
This bundle includes over 140 pages targeting executive functioning and study skills necessary for academic success at the middle and high school level. The bundle includes lessons and worksheets teaching study strategies and ways to improve executive functioning skills, lessons and printables for h


Social Skills Activities Using Facial Expressions & Body Language
Do your students struggle understanding the body language and facial expressions of others? This no prep unit will help them understand the perspective of others by using real photos to convey difficult emotions. This unit features people of different cultures in real life scenarios using full col

Also included in: Social Skills Speech Therapy Activities Mega Bundle


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Conversation Skills
Increase your students' conversation skills using these NO PREP, interactive materials for building turn-taking, topic initiation and topic maintenance. Made for helping students with autism or pragmatic language deficits, the games and activities are also great for primary grades! This packet was

Also included in: Social Skills Bundle: Middle School


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Adolescent Counseling Tool: What Are Things I Can Control & I Can't Control
This counseling tool teaches adolescents how to identify things that are within their control or that are outside of their control. This can help students with anxiety, self-control, anger, and issues with accepting personal responsibility. This packet of posters, a worksheet, and task cards will pr

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Social Skills Game: Friendship Bingo
Many kids are so desperate to have friends that they are willing to ignore rude behavior. Over time, they start to accept controlling and hostile behavior as a normal part of their relationships with other people. Help your students develop better friendships by teaching them the qualities of a

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Study Skills Workbook - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
These worksheets and guides teach study skills necessary for academic success, including getting organized, prioritizing work, studying, note-taking, using a homework folder, and more. The printable worksheets include student-friendly language, extended practice, and visuals.The study skills include

Also included in: Executive Functioning & Study Skills Bundle - Distance Learning and Google Class


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Symbol Supported Transition Interview / Questionnaire for Special Education
This is an informal student transition survey with symbol support to be used before an IEP meeting and can provide great data to include in the transition section of the IEP. This information is required for all students with a transition plan. Questionnaire is available both on paper and digitally

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Coping Skills Bingo Game
Children and teenagers often need help identifying copy skills for when life gets a little bumpy. Elevated stress levels can impact all areas of life: social, academic, and family. Coping Skills Bingo is a fun way to introduce and review strategies children and teens can do to take care of themsel

Also included in: Coping Skills Game and Activity Bundle


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Social Problem Solving Task Cards for Middle and High School - Distance Learning
This is a pack of 100 task cards that highlight social scenarios and situations that kids can discuss and identify how they would solve each situation. The social situation cards are organized into five different sets that target different situations: With friends, with family, in classes, in the ha

Also included in: Middle and High School Social Skills Bundle


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School Counselor-Test Anxiety Self-Assessment & Coping Skills Handout
This self-assessment helps students to understand test anxiety, it's purpose, and how to manage it. It allows adults to see how anxiety impacts student(s) and gives insight on how to assist. Survey also includes a "Coping Skills Guide" with lots of tips for test taking and ways to manage anxiety.

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Emotions Match Up
Your older students will love this fun, interactive card game to target social skills and emotional regulation. It's been a staple in my speech room and will most likely become your "go-to" game!   To play, students simply match card colors and numbers. Cards present thought-probing questions abo

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Teen's Edition Social Skills Activities and Printables for Students with Autism
Teen's Edition Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs. This is the middle and high school version of the Social Skills Printables. Please note that they are the same exact product as the Social Skills Printables except for the images of older students and high

Also included in: Resource BUNDLE for Teens with Autism and Related Special Needs Packet


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Career Planning Quizzes: Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Values
Career Planning Quizzes will help students to explore their work potential and gather personal insights for their own career planning strategies. The Personality Quiz asks students read questions and answer Yes or No. There are no right or wrong answers, but students are instructed to answer each

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Test Prep Questions You MUSTACHE Yourself Bulletin Board
Mustache art is all the rage! Use it to encourage your students to ‘stache their knowledge for the test with this bulletin board kit. This kit contains title letters that say “Questions you MUSTACHE Yourself About the Test”. Also included are 12 questions that can help students recall test takin

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Bullying Bingo Game ~ Helpful School Counselor
Bully Busting Bingo is a fun game that teaches students how to handle bullying. Bullying Topics Covered: Participants: Bully, Target, Bystander, and Ally Types of Bullying: Physical, Verbal, Cyber, and Friendship/Relational Aggression Effects of Bullying How to Handle Bullying Creating a Caring Com

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Inside & Out of Mental Health: Movie Discussion Questions
Guide students through an engaging and insightful discussion inspired by Inside Out. This health education resource comes with 40+ movie discussion questions and assessment ideas designed to teach students how to express their emotions, cope with difficult life events, understand the purpose of the

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Positive Thinking Counseling Pack
This activity pack features 10 common cognitive distortions people commonly experience. If left unaddressed, these flaws in thinking can make people more likely to experience stress, depression, and anxiety. The posters and activities are based on Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) principles and hel

Also included in: Self-Esteem Complete Bundle


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Cyber Bullying Awareness for Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
Cyber Bullying is a rising problem among teenagers and young people in this age of social media, so this resource of posters, task cards and printable activities will offer your students the opportunity to consider the dangers and effects of cyber bullying by encouraging them to discuss and reflect

Also included in: Anti-Bullying Resources and Activities - Bundle


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Executive Functioning Workbook - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
Teach specific executive functioning skills with this advanced workbook, including: planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Detailed information, examples, practice, and fun activities

Also included in: Executive Functioning MEGA Bundle - Distance Learning


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No Prep Social Skills Daily Journal
Social Skills Daily Journal addresses 18 different socials skills topics, plus 2 review sections! Social skills include feelings, conversations, following directions, turn taking, conflict resolution & more!Social skills are so important for students to learn and use. This journal packet will h

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Social Skills Lessons for Managing Emotions - Distance Learning
Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of managing emotions older kids, including understanding your emotions, using self-control, dealing with anger, dealing with disappointments, expressing yourself, how actions impact others, and more. This resource includes 10 core lessons, each with

Also included in: Social Skills Lessons BUNDLE for Older Kids - Distance Learning


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6 Word Memoirs ~ 30 minutes (or less) lesson plan
Can you write your memoir in only 6 words? It may seem like a difficult task, but this lesson will help students identify their strengths, talents and goals to write their own 6 word memoir. This lesson plan is aligned with ASCA and NYS ELA standards. Includes: ✔ lesson ✔ 6 Word Memoir Poster

Also included in: Lunch Bunch Starter Pack Bundle


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