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Earth's Atmosphere: Earth Science Interactive Notebook
Science Interactive Notebook - Earth's Atmosphere Students (and teachers) will love the activities from this next chapter in the Earth Science Interactive Notebook Series: Earth’s Atmosphere. Each chapter in the series will showcase many activities for the students (both middle and high school) to

Also included in: Earth Science Interactive Notebook Complete Bundle - Distance Learning


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Executive Functioning & Study Skills Bundle - Distance Learning and Google Class
This bundle includes over 140 pages targeting executive functioning and study skills necessary for academic success at the middle and high school level. The bundle includes lessons and worksheets teaching study strategies and ways to improve executive functioning skills, lessons and printables for h


Note-Taking Template for Non-Fiction Texts
Do your students need support with taking effective notes while reading in the content areas? Do they struggle with Cornell notes? Are they visual learners? Are you looking for ways to incorporate non-fiction texts into your English classes?This template can be printed and used with any history/s

Also included in: Note-Taking Bundle


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Study Skills Workbook - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
These worksheets and guides teach study skills necessary for academic success, including getting organized, prioritizing work, studying, note-taking, using a homework folder, and more. The printable worksheets include student-friendly language, extended practice, and visuals.The study skills include

Also included in: Executive Functioning & Study Skills Bundle - Distance Learning and Google Class


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FREEBIE Interactive Notebook Grading Rubric (All Subjects)
Grading Rubric for Interactive Notebooks that takes a look at Creativity, Completeness and Color to prompt students to take ownership in their Interactive Notebooks. This paper is typically placed right behind the cover sheet in my classroom for our Interactive Notebooks and allows students to unde

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Math Study Skills: Doodle Note & Active Study Stations
How to Study in Math Class: 1 page visual "doodle note" plus learning stations to practice the new study skills and tips! When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity: - ne

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School Counselor-Test Anxiety Self-Assessment & Coping Skills Handout
This self-assessment helps students to understand test anxiety, it's purpose, and how to manage it. It allows adults to see how anxiety impacts student(s) and gives insight on how to assist. Survey also includes a "Coping Skills Guide" with lots of tips for test taking and ways to manage anxiety.

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Test Prep Questions You MUSTACHE Yourself Bulletin Board
Mustache art is all the rage! Use it to encourage your students to ‘stache their knowledge for the test with this bulletin board kit. This kit contains title letters that say “Questions you MUSTACHE Yourself About the Test”. Also included are 12 questions that can help students recall test takin

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Executive Functioning Workbook - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
Teach specific executive functioning skills with this advanced workbook, including: planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Detailed information, examples, practice, and fun activities

Also included in: Executive Functioning MEGA Bundle - Distance Learning


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Getting to Know You for Middle and High School Kids
Use these getting to know you worksheets for middle and high school students for back to school. They include several different inventories that focus on their interests and learning styles. All include an editable version for Powerpoint. These printables would be great for back to school activities

Also included in: Middle School Special Education BUNDLE


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Parallel Lines, Transversals, and their Angles Foldable
Parallel Lines, Transversals, and their Angles Cheat Sheet and/or Foldable. Create a parallel line foldable or just pass out the cheat sheet, the choice is yours. Great for an interactive notebook. This unit is part of my Parallel Lines Super Bundle Corresponding, Alternate Interior, Alternate

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Effort Rubric / Self-Assessment Rubric
Looking for a way to motivate students to do their best work? Try this Effort Rubric to encourage students to fully complete their work. I've used a "Pizza Analogy" in my classroom for years to help my students understand the difference between Meeting Expectations (basic cheese pizza) and Exceedi

Also included in: Back to School Poster Bundle


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Student Guide to Organization, Note-taking, and Study Skills
These resources can be bound into a student information book, or printed as individual handouts. Topics covered included how to keep a binder organized, organization tips for at home and school, being prepared for school and study, why we procrastinate & strategies to avoid procrastination, stud

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Sketchnotes Toolbox
Would you like your students to look forward to taking notes? Note taking doesn’t have to be boring! Say goodbye to bland notes and get ready to spice up your note taking :-) Help your students retain new information better by taking “sketchnotes". Both the visual cues and the structure of the sk

Also included in: Art Lesson Bundle


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Social Studies Study Skills Doodle Notes and Stations
Students will learn how to study for a social studies test by completing an engaging doodle notes handout and actively practicing study skills in 5 learning stations.What's included:Instructions for teachers (3 pages)*Doodle notes with sections for students to fill in and color as you cover the info

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Cornell Notes & Learning Logs | Teacher & Student Instructions
Instructions Presentation (Template & Rubric)The Cornell Notes & Learning Logs- Teacher Instructions Power Point Presentation is for teachers to learn how to use Cornell notes and learning logs in the classroom. It also includes a presentation for the teacher to teach the students how to cre

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Study Skills Game and Activity Bundle
Please check out the preview and the links below to review the contents of the Study Skills Bundle. Study Skills Bundle Contents: Study Skills Bingo "I have...who has" Listening Activity Multiple Intelligences - Learning Styles Slideshow and activity Multiple Intelligences - Learning Styles Posters

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Plate Tectonics: Earth Science Task Cards
**NOTE** This Plate Tectonics Task Card set is part of the Earth Science Task Card Bundle. PLATE TECTONICS Task Cards This download consists of 40 task cards, an answer sheet for students and an answer key for teachers. This set partners as a perfect review to Earth Science Interactive Notebook

Also included in: PLATE TECTONICS UNIT - 5E Model


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Study Skills and Life Skills The Importance of Being OrganizedOrganizational StrategiesOrganization is a necessity for success. There are many studies showing a strong correlation between organizational skills and a person’s success in school and the workplace. Unfortunately, many students la

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Motivation Workbook - Distance Learning
Help kids and young adults learn skills for staying motivated in school. These are great materials to use with middle and high school students. This workbook teaches how to set goals, stick with your goals, give incentives to yourself, start small, avoid getting lazy, making checklists, visualizing

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Exit Tickets: Paper Slips & Display Questions (Any Subject)
Not enough time in the lesson for a full bell-ringer? Need a QUICK review question? Forgot to make an exit ticket? Use this PPT of formative prompts (and corresponding printables) to begin or end your lesson! Choose from the collection of 40 colorful, thought- provoking slides to find the one that b

Also included in: Bell-Ringers & Programs Bundle for HIGH School ELA


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Reducing Test Anxiety
This workbook is full of tips and evidence based strategies that can help anyone who is struggling with test and exam anxiety. There is information on helping concentration issues, study environment, helpful tools for memorizing information. Studying is hard enough as it is, let's make it easier!

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Study Skills Bingo
Reinforcing study skills can be fun! This bingo-style game covers 56 basic study skill tips. The set contains 15 complete game cards, 6 blank cards to add your own study tips, 56 calling cards, and 1 blank page for your own calling cards. S-T-U-D-Y! By Dianne Graff (digraff)

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Study Skills Activity: I Have...Who Has Listening Activity
Looking for a fun way to review study skills or practice listening with your classroom or small group? This "I Have...Who Has" activity is a great way to introduce and review study skill concepts! Check out the preview to see all of the contents. Thank you for your interest in this study skills

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