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Bell Ringers – H.S. English Vol. 1 –  Vocabulary, Grammar & Literary Terms
Use this MASSIVE bundle of my popular bell ringers/warm-ups/mini-lessons to teach the Common Core-aligned grammar, literary term, and vocabulary skills your high school students need. This FULL YEAR package of materials includes everything you’ll need to keep your students actively engaged at the st

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Perfect for life skills classrooms, this set of file folders focuses on matching picture to picture for a variety of real-life, functional items. With pictures that are a combination of photographs and clip art, this set will save you time and engage your students with colorful yet meaningful mater

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Interactive Notebook Reading Literature Pack for Any Novel or Story
Interactive Notebook Reading Literature Bundle for Any Novel or Story (Grades 6-12) This IS included in my Interactive Reading Notebook Mega Bundle. A YEAR'S WORTH: Over 90 Common-Core aligned interactive reading foldable activities for secondary students. (Many can be used for 5th grade student

Also included in: Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle


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Vocabulary Visionary - Menu of Activities [DISTANCE LEARNING]
Vocabulary Visionary Menu, Task Cards, Digital Task Cards Are you and your students stuck in the drudgery of antiquated vocabulary activities? Are you ready to lead your students down the path to become a “Vocabulary Visionary”? This product features a menu of 12 engaging vocabulary activities that

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ESL Newcomers Activities Independent Work Packet 1
Help! It’s the middle of January and they just put a beginner level English Language Learner in my History class! Help your new student feel successful and productive with these ESL Beginners worksheets and ESL activities. Each unit in the packet is designed to provide engaging, independent practic

Also included in: ESL Newcomer Activities Pack Mega Bundle Distance Learning Packets


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Upper Level Vocabulary Strategies: Worksheets + Assessment for Speech Therapy
Some days at the middle school level feel like one big vocabulary lesson. I needed a better, more complete way to teach a wide variety of vocabulary skills and, most importantly, strategies! My students needed strategies that they could use in their classrooms to understand and remember important v

Also included in: Middle School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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Vocabulary Builder, Print & Teach Vocab Worksheet, Use with ANY Text Grades 6-12
Add a little fun to your current unit with this easy-to-use handout that can be used with ANY reading assignment, including short stories, novels, plays, and even non-fiction/expository articles. Students just choose a word from the reading assignment they don’t know and then follow the simple 11-st

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Distance Learning Vocabulary Graphic Organizers Common Core Language Gr 6-12
Common Core Vocabulary (Language) Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 includes 17 separate organizers to help students practice essential skills. Updated to include a Google Slides editable version--perfect for distance learning--that can be shared digitally with your students! This IS included in th

Also included in: Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 9-12


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Greek and Latin Roots Mnemonic Unit
Teach Greek and Latin roots the fun and easy way with this complete mnemonic unit. By the time your students have finished the program, they will have memorized 84 of the most common Greek and Latin roots, along with hundreds of words that contain them. Program guide, lesson plans, flash cards, cros

Also included in: Greek and Latin Roots Mega Bundle


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Greek & Latin Roots Practice for High School, Prefix, Suffix, Roots Worksheets
Reinforce students’ understanding of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes with these five worksheets that build on students’ current word knowledge and develop creative, flexible thinking. Each worksheet presents common roots and affixes (prefixes/suffixes) that are part of hundreds of Engl

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Tone and Mood Hands-On Group Sorting Activity
Tone and Mood - This 27 page download is a FUN, hands-on activity for students groups to better understand tone and mood vocabulary. Download the free preview to see all the materials. INCLUDES: -Detailed Purpose (pasted in part below) and Instructions -Answer Key -Pictures of Completed Product Usi

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#Hashtags Reading & Vocabulary Bell Ringer Activities
Common Core #Hashtags Reading & Language Bell Ringer or Exit Slips Activities, Grades 7-12 This IS included in my growing bundle: ALL of My Bell Ringer and Exit Slip Resources. Students love to use #hashtags for #everything! Allow them that luxury with this engaging activity that is both fun A

Also included in: English Bell Ringer and Exit Slip Resources Mega Bundle


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Figurative Language Zombie Style
Your students will LOVE this zombie-themed figurative language worksheet that outlines descriptive writing over a high-interest topic using the following concepts: -Onomatopoeia -Personification -Metaphor -Simile Examples included: ~"Finish this simile: The zombie's skin is like __________." ~"Onom

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Vocabulary Games for ANY Word List and Multiple Learning Styles
At the end of every school year, I ask my students what they most enjoyed about learning English in my classroom. Each time, I hear the same response: "Vocab Games!" My students often BEG me to pull out these games, and since we began playing them, my students' vocabulary quiz scores have skyrock

Also included in: Middle School ELA Game Bundle (20% Discount)


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Compare and Contrast for Older Students
Target your teenage students with these activities designed specifically for older students. While still providing students with visuals and prompts, older students will be able to practice their compare and contrast skills in meaningful ways. Resources include a Venn diagram, worksheets, visuals, a

Also included in: Activities for older students BUNDLE


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Analogies, 250+ Analogy Questions to Build Vocabulary & Logic Skills CCSS
Analogies are now specifically included in middle school Common Core State Standards and these fun little puzzlers are a great tool to help students at all levels build vocabulary and logic skills.This introductory lecture is paired with 10 follow-up assignments that can serve as in-class work (solo

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Vocabulary Activity and Game Templates for any words or unit
This collection of vocabulary activity templates and game templates (with original examples) can be used to work with words from any story, piece of text, content area, or spelling word list. Most of the games are based on real board games. Each activity encourages students to make real-life conne

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Reading Bookmarks: DURING Reading Tools for Secondary ELA
Want to scaffold students into doing more critical thinking DURING reading? Want them to take notes without ruining the joy of the book? Want to annotate, but can’t mark in a class set of novels? Or, just as importantly: do your students have trouble meeting their reading deadlines, either for clas

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Divergent Novel Unit Bundle Common Core Aligned {Editable}
My comprehensive literature guide novel unit for Veronica Roth's "Divergent" is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and contains editable Microsoft Word versions so teachers can customize the questions, assessments, and activities to meet the needs of their students. Contains the followin


Full Semester Vocabulary Lessons for High School Students – Volume #1
Welcome to Words on Wednesday, a weekly lesson to build higher-level vocabulary in your college-bound students. These weekly lessons feature words commonly used on the SAT that educated adults also use in their everyday lives. Even if your students aren’t bound for a university, they’ll still benefi

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Vocabulary Activities Digital Notebook, Google Drive | Distance Learning
Great FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL VOCABULARY LESSONSGet ready for your technology infused 21st century classroom! Your common core lessons will be alive with enthusiasm when you bring digital notebooks to your students. #tptdigitalEducational Technology. Mobile Learning. Google Resource. Digit

Also included in: ELA Bundle for Google Drive Distance Learning and Digital Notebooks


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The Hunger Games Unit Plan: 300+ pages of Activities, Quizzes, & More
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a great classroom novel that is sure to intrigue students. This large unit plan for The Hunger Games includes several activity packs to help guide your class through the novel. It includes a reading activity pack; a reading comprehension question pack; a voca

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FREE Greek and Latin Root Word Activities
Greek and Latin roots! 3 FREE fun and engaging vocabulary activities that can be used with all levels and with any words. *A Greek and Latin Root graphic organizer *Vocabulary Cinquain Poem template and frames *Frayer Model graphic organizer ★★★CLICK HERE for The Ultimate Vocabulary Bundle★★★ Yo

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ELA Test Prep Vocabulary Escape Room Activity
Help your students learn and remember critical academic vocabulary words frequently used on high-stakes tests with this ELA Test Prep Vocabulary Escape Room Activity.This download includes teacher directions, student directions, and all of the printable resources necessary to hold an escape activity

Also included in: ELA Test Prep Escape Room Bundle


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