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This no print file is the perfect grab and go therapy solution for receptive language. Includes all REAL PICTURES so it is appropriate for all ages, no kiddish clip art graphics!The file includes six sections targeting:Object IdentificationVerb IdentificationAttribute Identification (size, shape, co
This engaging, 47 slide presentation will give a thorough look at the following figurative language devices similes, metaphors, personification, idioms, and hyperbole. Students will be given an explanation of each type of figurative language along with 3 slides of examples. While going through t
This activity packet was designed with some of my ‘life skills’ high school students in mind. In our district, the emphasis of speech-language therapy at the secondary level continues to develop into a curriculum primarily based on social-vocational language skills. The students frequently have dif
As a launch to any middle-school or high-school study of mythology, use this 45-minute activity where students work in teams of four to read and think through four short pieces about the creation of Earth/humanity. Use the five slide deck (PDF) to guide students through the jigsaw process as they fi
Use this MASSIVE bundle of my popular bell ringers/warm-ups/mini-lessons to teach the Common Core-aligned grammar, literary term, and vocabulary skills your high school students need. This FULL YEAR package of materials includes everything you’ll need to keep your students actively engaged at the st
Welcome to M.U.G. Shot Monday, where students master Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar by working together to proofread real-world writing examples. These 19 weekly grammar editing sessions address the most common errors made in middle-school and high-school writing. I present these lessons on Mondays b
Welcome to Lit. Term Tuesday – an easy way to start your class each Tuesday (or whatever day you want) with a high-interest bell-ringer lecture featuring classic literary devices paired with modern examples with which your students are certain to identify. (These literary device lectures also work g
Grab your students’ attention as you launch your study of early American literature with this dynamic 32-slide Prezi presentation. Covering the period of 1620 (the Puritans’ arrival at Plymouth Rock) through 1800 (Deism and the election of Thomas Jefferson), this slide deck will prep your students t
This is a second semester’s worth of M.U.G. Shot Monday lessons, where students master Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar by working together to proofread real-world writing examples. These 19 weekly grammar editing sessions address the most common errors made in middle-school and high-school writing. Ma
Welcome to Words on Wednesday, a weekly lesson to build higher-level vocabulary in your college-bound students. These weekly lessons feature words commonly used on the SAT that educated adults also use in their everyday lives. Even if your students aren’t bound for a university, they’ll still benefi
Analyzing literature doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, show your class the awesomeness that great writers tuck into their works and help them use symbolism to make connections between the text and their own lives.In this visually vibrant presentation, you’ll use a small slice of John Steinbeck’s c
Smoothly launch your high school English class each day with this bundle of my popular bell-ringers/warm-ups/mini-lessons to teach the Common Core-aligned skills your students need. (NOTE: This product is the first semester's worth of material included in my FULL YEAR VOL. 1 BELL RINGERS. If you've
Several teachers who are enjoying my Full-Year Bell Ringers requested another series of slides to use with their other classes, so here’s another 19 weekly grammar editing lessons to help you address the most common errors in middle-school and high-school writing. This M.U.G. Shot Pack #3 (Mechanics
Before reading this description, please know that you can always download the product preview (which is just a shortened version of the full product) and try it out with your students to see if you want to buy this resource! This Bellinger (warm-up) includes 100 STAAR-like multiple choice Editing qu
Figurative Language Jeopardy style game show for 4th-9th Grade! Want to have some fun practicing figurative speech? Here is a suggestion: a GAME SHOW!! Five fun categories that will get your students actively engaged.I've added some differentiation to this game show!! Most slides have a blue scree
This slideshow is an update of the Poetry Elements Review PowerPoint that was previously available. Hyperbole, idiom, and anthropomorphism have been added to the exercise.I hope that you enjoy this free sample. Thank you for your interest. As always, your feedback and Pinterest pins are appreciated
Math Logic Puzzles and Brain teasers are a great way to start a lesson or use as a brain break. Have them on Interactive Whiteboard displayed as a classroom entry activity. ❤️Suggested ideas for use in the classroom☀Give the students 5 minutes to solve the riddle or puzzles before revealing the ans
This item is a SMARTBOARD Jeopardy Game. The game reviews the nonfiction text features and text structures. :)
This is an awesome way to review material with a class. This blank jeopardy template is simple to fill in and use. Once you have filled in your categories, questions, and answers just click "begin slideshow from beginning" and you are ready to roll. This template works great with both regular standa
Have your kids figure out who the criminal is! They collect clues, use inferencing to guess who the thief is and solve the mystery! Great way to work inferencing and problem solving goals into the lesson! Super fun! Print the last two slides and have the kids take part in the action! Instructions:
Teach your students the MOST ESSENTIAL SKILLS OF THE INFORMATION ERA to become expert DIGITAL RESEARCHERS.⭐ How to correctly ask questions to search engines on various devices and platforms⭐ How to filter and refine your results to find exactly what you want every time.⭐ Essential Research and criti
*NOW EDITABLE! This is a fun activity to do in the early days of school. My students love it and always want to play it more than once. Basically, each student has a mini-bag of M&M’s and, depending on which color they draw out, they tell different things about themselves. Students first play in
This is a Boggle game for the smartboard. Its FREE, all I ask is you leave feed back and/or a rating please! This has extra letter pieces and a colorful template. To create a new game board just rearrange the letters or add in some new ones which are provided. It also has a timer feature to add a
This is the most realistic Jeopardy game ever! Super fonts, sounds and special effects. Two Jeopardy Boards (regular and double), Daily Doubles, Final Jeopardy -- over 130 slides. This is the perfect smart board review game activity! I am hoping that teachers will find this tool as useful as I have!

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