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Students love foldables! Help your students gain mastery of solving right triangles using trig ratios with this great foldable. Includes examples for solving for a missing side using sine, cosine, and tangent, and examples for solving for a missing angle using inverse functions. *Includes the sto
UPDATED as of 11/15/13 If you're frustrated by the inability of your students to master comma usage, this strategy, awarded "IDEA OF THE YEAR" in by the TEACHING FOR SUCCESS Journal, is exactly what you need. This method begins humorously with 5 thumbnails that illustrate how omitted or misplaced
This puzzle is a poetry and figurative language review. I give this to students in pairs. Each pair is given an envelope of laminated puzzle pieces. Make sure to keep an uncut copy as your answer key. The following terms are included in the poetry puzzle: -Alliteration -Assonance -Simile -Metaphor
At last! Concise and easy to understand. A one page summary of each type of regular verb, plus irregular hints. Helpful graphics illustrate how each mood/tense is used. Advanced students love these easy-to-read charts, and beginning students feel less overwhelmed when they see that it all fits
This product is a single-page handout to give students while training them on the short answer response portion of the STAAR Reading Test. I created it to assist my students with transition statements that invite insightful responses...and to provide them with a mnemonic device to facilitate the 3
Continents and Oceans Song MP3 from Geography Songs CD - Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory (updated 2010) Lyrics: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Africa, Antarctica - These are the continents. Indian, Arctic and the Atlantic and the Pacific and the Southern - These are the oceans
Verb Song 1 MP3 from Grammar Songs by Kathy Troxel I'm running, jumping, singing - That's because I am a verb. I'm hopping, dancing, ringing - That's because I am a verb. I'm coming, going, hitting, throwing, humming rowing, sitting, blowing, riding, hiding, gliding, sliding - because I'm a verb.
"This was an amazing resource. Very helpful and a huge timesaver!"This study guide and reference contains 30 numbered topics, plus several others that are sprinkled in wherever there is space for another helpful topic. Most items contain both explanations and examples, and several contain easy to r
This PowerPoint presentation complements a unit on memory devices and study skills for high school freshmen. A Google slideshow version is also included. The following concepts are covered in a visually pleasing manner:Memory (includes 3 brief memory exercises requiring students to attempt to reme
Now more than ever that students are glued to their devices and are not getting as much physical activity in their daily routines, use this activity to promote movement in your classroom, whether it's face-to-face or virtual. Get your students up and out of their seats and discovering how to find th
With some brightly colored xerox paper and scissors you can help students create a study guide they will be sure to use! A couple quick folds and three cuts and you have a hands-on guide in which students can write the rules for the order of operations [PEMDAS] and examples to help guide them throu
I taught middle school math and the concept of simplifying algebraic expressions seemed to be a hurdle my students just couldn't master. They seemed to think that x's could be added to x^2's or y's could be added to x's. They even added x's to numbers! What is a teacher to do? A fellow teacher g
Creative, eye catching worksheets and puzzles that teach as well as provide a fun way to learn are on this file. 36 pages of handouts, worksheets, maps and memorization ideas cover languages, capital cities, an internet research, and a review of latitude and longitude. See Preview for complete l
These bookmarks have been extremely helpful during my standardized test reviews for the STAAR test. I hope they will be just as helpful to you.I found the PQRSTU mnemonic on Pinterest, so I do not take credit for this, but I did tweak it to fit my style of teaching. I have included a pdf file of the
Teach Greek and Latin roots the fun and easy way with this complete mnemonic unit. By the time your students have finished the program, they will have memorized 84 of the most common Greek and Latin roots, along with hundreds of words that contain them. Program guide, lesson plans, flash cards, cros
This unique mnemonic device titled C.O.M.M.A.S. lists, with examples, the six main uses of the comma. Each category has a brief explanation and a few examples for the students to immitate. It is an excellent tool for teaching this confusing grammar topic. When students need to remember how to effec
This collection of 5 songs helps students remember key math concepts. The songs focus on the concepts order of operation, place value, long division, line geometry, and data (mode, median, and mean). All songs are sung to familiar tunes and are parodies of popular songs. Students love singing the so
If you didn't get the grade you wanted, it is likely I didn't get the work I wanted! This poster is print-ready in 8.5x11.
Three pages of subordinate conjunction (AAAWWUBBIS) information that can be used as handouts, blown up to be anchor charts, and used for an assessment. In a fun font and there's room for coloring in the AAAWWUBBIS letters to help students remember, too. A good introduction to the concept of opening
This poster set is for the CUBES Problem Solving Strategy for word problems. The set includes: 1 poster with the full method 1 title poster 5 posters with one letter each isolating the strategy associated with it For best results, print on card stock and laminate.
This song focuses on some geography. The main focus is on the gods of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago. Which way does the Nile Flow? The Nile River is 10 miles wide, that would be a long boat ride. The Nile is also 4000 miles long. This is the ancient Egypt song. The ancient people h
Constructed Response: Constructed Response is the new "big deal" with many states' annual testing taking on a more rigorous skill level. This download includes a presentation that explains how to answer constructed response questions and tips for teaching students how to answer these types of quest
This document is a bundle. Included in this bundle is the RACER strategy poster used for teaching students how to write for a literary analysis task and a research simulation task. I have also included a framework for the students to follow as well as a template for differentiating instruction. I u
My students were reading about the planets and wanted to be able to remember the planets in order. It is updated by not using the dwarf planet Pluto. I created this cutsified poster using DJ Inkers clip art & fonts. © www.djinkers.com My DJ Inkers license number is 0813188178.

showing 1-24 of 881 results

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