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You want your students to receive meaningful feedback on their papers and grow as writers. You also, though, need to have time to recharge on weekends and holidays without the burden of endless essay stacks hanging over your head.With my five-minute-per-essay grading system, you’ll zip through your
Argument essay writing is easier to teach when you have an EDITABLE unit with well-written mentor texts and a step-by-step process. Students will LOVE this argument essay writing unit, as well as the real-life application and mentor texts included here.Update 1: I included 40 editable pages, a Googl
I'm going to go out on a limb with a big statement: this project was the most fun my class had all year. (This isn't always true with public speaking!)Almost everyone has to give a speech in his or her lifetime. In this fun project, students prepare and present SHORT mini-speeches from real-world sc
A one trait rubric (similar to a single point rubric) is one of the fastest and most effective systems for grading student writingDoes it take you hours to grade a stack of student essays? Is your grading system too subjective and confusing? These one trait (or single trait) rubrics will help you re
Help your learners trim all the fluffy fat from their essays before they turn them in to you. This Essay Writing Revision Checklist is a great tool to walk through with your students in class. This has worked best for me when I (1) have the students bring a printed draft to class, (2) hand out the
Grading Rubric for Interactive Notebooks that takes a look at Creativity, Completeness and Color to prompt students to take ownership in their Interactive Notebooks. This paper is typically placed right behind the cover sheet in my classroom for our Interactive Notebooks and allows students to unde
Are you looking for a new, engaging way to teach literary analysis? Call the claim/thesis a "conspiracy theory", and tell students that they have to "prove" it!Ideal for students who are new or intermediate with lit analysis, this project makes students use inductive reasoning without realizing it.
This writing rubric will help teachers save time and energy! This resource for grading writing contains five different writing rubrics for secondary English teachers. Rubrics Included:- Argument Writing- Informative/Explanatory Writing- Narrative Writing- Analyzing Theme Writing- Research Essay Writ
Help students write scientific explanation summaries and support their claims with evidence and reasoning (CER). This is great for integrating the Common Core into your science class.Common Core in the science classroom is all about supporting your ideas with evidence. This is a simple graphic orga
Do you want to assess speaking skills in a low-stress manner? Need to assess argumentative writing without another essay? This debate unit is a “no stage fright” method to build student confidence, stretch critical and logical thinking skills, and engage students in spirited, friendly competition t
Independent reading assessments are always tricky: you want students to read something they enjoy, at their reading level and at their own pace. How, then, do you assess them when they are all over the place? How can you give an assignment when some have finished three books, while several are str
Need a seasonal literature activity with a text that’s complex enough? Do you want to teach a short story, collaboration, essay writing, and/or literary terms?This collaborative unit teaches the short story “The Gift of the Magi” in a way that engages every learner from start to finish! Pick and cho
Need narrative writing assignments that are fun without being too juvenile? Want to help them improve drafts, increase peer feedback, and offer a TON of choice? Use this bundle of assignments, prompts, and feedback/revision tools to help your students find their inner authors! These tools have wid
Writing and sharing poetry can be intimidating – take the fear out of the presentation. Turn your classroom into a multimedia, high-energy performance space with a DIGITAL poetry slam! The digital poetry slam is a great jumping-off point if you're unsure how to assess poetry, want to bring in more
Linear Equations Performance Task In this performance task, students take on the role as a member of the student activities committee with the task to plan the 8th grade dinner-dance. This task utilizes the concept of writing linear equations in slope-intercept form given the slope and y-intercept
Here are ten projects and Activities intended for Gifted and Talented students. In my English class, I sometimes find that the projects my general education students are working on are just not challenging enough for some of my advanced students. This product offers great ideas that students can c
One of the best ways for students to edit, is with their peers. Often when editors get a chance to look at another person's writing, they can pick up on quite of few of the mistakes that the original author never would have noticed. This peer editing sheet was created in order to give students a st
Presentation Rubric - EDITABLEThis is a simple presentation rubric that the teacher can use to evaluate students. It covers the following categories:1. Content - focused and appropriate topic, age group appropriate information, references2. Presentation - organization, knowledge of information, voic
Help your students read graphic novels with purpose and analyze them more deeply with this Graphic Novels Before and After Reading Teaching Activity Bundle. Included in this bundle is a PowerPoint to explain the basics of graphic novels to your students, including: * the characteristics of graphic
Teach Persuasive Techniques and Propaganda with this bundle of bellringers, projects, PowerPoints, and quizzes. Engage students with interactive practice, analysis, and creative projects. You get worksheets to scaffold understanding and rubrics (both holistic and analytic) for clear expectations and
Writing can be so difficult to teach . . . and to grade! So many papers! This is why an essay writing rubric is the teacher's best friend. You're still able to provide feedback to your learners, but you save all the precious time of having to write out the comments. Last year using rubrics, my stude
Problem Solving, safety, judgement, perspective taking all in one activity! Brain Storm! brings situational problem solving questions to life as students learn practical and functional steps to effectively brainstorm solutions and determine the best possible solution to a problem. Explicit teacher
Enrich your study of Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter” with this print-and-go writing activity. Students assume the role of either Mrs. Maloney’s prosecutor or her defense lawyer in the trial for the murder of her husband. Given the evidence in the story, students write a “closing statement” def
An annotated bibliography helps you make sure your students are reading their source material. This pack contains4 assignment sheets which allow you to choose whether to require one paragraph or 2 paragraph annotations and to choose either a standard 5 source annotated bibliography or fill in your

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