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With references for slope, y-intercept, x-intercept, origin, grid, graph, table, x and y axis, domain and range, increasing and decreasing, quadratics, graphing exponential functions, systems of equations, systems of inequalities, parallel and perpendicular lines on the coordinate plane, compound in
This product is designed to strengthen a student's testing vocabulary throughout an entire school year, with one word used per week (with a total of 40 words) in a regular classroom, speech therapy room, ESL/ELL room, or Title I room. This is appropriate for upper elementary, middle school, and hig
This Bundle of Algebra Math Anchor Charts! This bundle currently includes about 40+ total charts, and some may get added over time up until 50.If you purchase this resource, you will receive an update in your purchases letting you know to re-download the updated charts for free!This resource was pu
This is a set of 32 posters with song lyrics that are either actual lyrics or "math modified" ;)These can be hung up in a cluster in one part of the room or spread out to bring some cheer :) Words for the title "Math is my jam!" are also included in this set for making an easy bulletin board!Artist
This is a set of 72 landscape posters that highlight many of the key vocabulary terms used in Grade 8 Math as well as Algebra 1. This set also comes with a title banner that says "Algebra WORD WALL" :)This word wall can be displayed altogether all year long (which is what I do above my main teachin
This is one of my first files, and it has recently received a giant makeover. New pages added, and a vivid, NEW LOOK!Paper pattern is called "crumpled paper." All pitch colors correspond with boomwhacker colors.Download the Sample file to see an HD version of all three printout options included with
With references for transformations, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallel and perpendicular, polygons, similar and congruent, circles, angles, special right triangles, similar triangles, triangle congruencies (SSS, ASA, AAS, SAS, HL), geometric mean, Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, midpoint fo
Help your students review and prepare for their STAAR Reading Test in a fun and strategic way! This test prep bundle includes both fiction and non-fiction practice tests. It also includes vocabulary cards for your classroom word wall, STAAR like question stems, set of inference task cards and a read
With references for parent graphs for absolute value, radical, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, rational, linear, constant, greatest integer (a step function version is also included), cubic and cube root functions, domain, range, increasing and decreasing in interval notation, zeros, vertex and
Help your students review and prepare for their STAAR Reading Test in a fun and strategic way! This test prep bundle includes both fiction and non-fiction practice tests. It also includes vocabulary cards for your classroom word wall, reading comprehension practice 4-week review and a reading test s
All-in-one slope notes page is intended to be used as a reference and reminder sheet for students to refer back to throughout a unit. Concepts can be added to the organizer as they are introduced throughout the unit. Includes space to record how to find slope from tables, points & an equation.
Included in this set are 56 pages of Algebra Word Wall Strips. There are multiple printing options. There are pdf pages that print 2 of the Algebra vocabulary terms to a page, pages that print 1 card to a page, and png files of each Algebra term card so they can be printed whatever size you would li
This a Bundle of 50 Middle School Math Anchor Charts! This bundle will contain charts useful for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8! This bundle is a completed set, however: if you have an suggestions for additional charts, please feel free to "Ask the Seller a Question." I may use those suggestions f
Over 110+ Concepts and Formulas from Algebra 1 and 2. Download the preview to see all the words. Includes a clickable table of content for easier navigation.‚úé Slope‚úé Quadratic Equations‚úé Linear Functions (Equations)‚úé Function notation‚úé Domain‚úé Range‚úé Types of numbers‚úé Properties of real numbers‚úé I
This product is a word wall to help teach important social studies vocabulary words to upper elementary or middle school students.The specific regions included are Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Canada. However, the domains include geography, government, economy, and history
I have created a set of 20 Literary Device posters. You are getting the following posters: 1. Title Poster - Literary Devices 2. Personification 3. Hyperbole 4. Onomatopoeia 5. Metaphor 6. Simile 7. Alliteration 8. synonym 9. antonym 10. homophone 11. idiom 12. palindrome 13. pun 14. oxymor
Make your Word Wall POP with Grammar Dots. Are you tired of fixing the same errors in your students' work? Post these colorful grammar dots in your classroom and watch the errors disappear! This file, Grammar Dots 2, contains over 50 commonly misspelled words for middle school. Also check out my
Use this document to help students vary the type and number of transition words in their writing. The words and phrases are categorized to help students learn how and/or when to use them in their writing. It could also be used as a mini writing word wall.
These free worksheets are designed to help increase your students' vocabulary and assist them in learning the meanings of new words. This could be used in speech-language therapy, small groups, or whole classroom instruction.I print off multiple copies for each student, and when they come across an
Are you tired of correcting the same errors in your students' work? Post these colorful grammar dots in your classroom and watch the errors disappear. 24 common grammar errors are included covering homophones, contractions, possessive forms, and more.Check out my new Grammar Dots 2 which contains
These EDITABLE vocabulary templates for personal use are perfect for introducing and reinforcing vocabulary with your students! THESE VOCABULARY TEMPLATES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AS A COMMERCIAL USE PRODUCT! These vocabulary templates have been used in my own classroom and I have seen HUGE gains in my
This is a list of 174 different Character Traits. So often when I was teaching I wanted a list of traits so that my students could look at the list while describing characters. This also helps students get to know and understand different character traits. Mrs. R.
Blank editable multipurpose tags to use around your classroom. These handy labels come in nine bright colors with white polka dots. Use them to label bins, student name tags, lockers, book baskets, etc. So many uses.. You pick the font you would like to use and type the labels to suit your needs.
Welcome to Schoolgirl Style!Imagine carefree days filled with laughter and sunshine! These silhouettes are the perfect accessory for your Rainbow Chalkboard theme!Select your favorite Rainbow Chalkboard Silhouette to create a versatile Bulletin Board, a fun Classroom Center Theme, OR use these swe

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