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Here are newer Math Stations or more if your students want more than just these: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/2nd-Grade-Math-Stations-4153603This bundle includes 1 math station for each of the second grade common core math standards!There are 26 stations in all! That is LESS than $1
Properties of Multiplication 7 Day Unit 3.OA.5 This 7-day unit is designed for your students to learn about 5 different properties of multiplication. The properties taught in this unit are: Zero, Identity, Commutative, Distributive (2 differentiation options), and Associative. Download the 16-page
Watch, Think, Color! Students watch the board, think about the clues to figure out the number, and color the spot indicated. When they are finished, they have made a picture. This game is also included in the Video Game Bundle. Click here to check it out! In this version of the game, students pra
65 Low Prep and NO Prep activities and worksheets to help your students master simple addition and basic facts! This pack includes are a variety of differentiated worksheets and activities and enabling students to explore addition strategies such as * Doubles* Near doubles* Friends of 10 * Commutati
Addition Strategies, Properties, and Pictures…Flip Flap Fold Booklets! Your students can create and use these tools during math journaling, fact practice activities, or math centers. Use these flip flap fold booklets as visual organizers to review the following addition strategies:Counting UpAdding
3.OA.9 Multiplication Table Explore the multiplication table with your students! Included in this purchase: I Spy With My Little Eye…: Half pages prompting students to fill in the missing products. Pages included for all sets of factors 0-10. Cover page included for option to turn half pages
Reinforce the distributive property of multiplication with this great homework pack! This pack can also be used for classwork or be used as independent practice at a guided math center! Students will: Find "hidden arrays" within a larger array Write equations for these arrays using the distributiv
Mindful Math is a comprehensive math curriculum for second grade. It includes 10 math units with lessons each to teach the concepts and math standards 2nd graders need to learn in math. Every unit is a jam-packed, mind-focused math curriculum that provides teachers with EVERYTHING they need to teach
INCREASE ADDITION FACT FLUENCY!Super fun flash cards! Excellent Test Prep Tool for you to get your students ready for taking standardized math tests!Flash cards work great for students quizzing each other, and it is a fun and easy tool for students to practice on their own! This set allows you the o
Are you looking for a quick way to introduce your students to the concept of Division? If so then this FREEBIE might be what you need! This simple fill in sheet will allow your students see that a multiplication problem can: *Be explained using words *Be used to represent/count equal groups *Be use
1.OA.7 of the Common Core standards indicates that students will understand the meaning of the equal sign and determine if addition and subtraction equations are true or false. (Ex. 7 = 8 - 1 is true, and 5 + 2 = 10 - 2 is false). This packet will assist you in introducing the standard to students,
Arrays and Multiplication Task Cards Looking for a way to review your lessons on arrays and multiplication? With these task cards, students are prompted to answer four different types of questions: Green Frames: Students are shown an array and they have to identify the multiplication sentence th
First Grade Common Core - Two Digit Addition with/without regrouping. Students roll two dice to create their own addition problems. Can be used to review addition with or without regrouping Differentiated and Higher Level Thinking.
Get your students excited about the associative property of multiplication with this fun and interactive cut and paste activity! Students will solve problems using the associative property and then match them to the correct answer. They will cut out the problems and paste them under the correct numb
This 97 page Multiplication Unit includes everything you will need to teach or review the basics of multiplication. This is great for 1st and 2nd grade common core and a great way for 3rd grade teachers to review with their students! Below is a description of the activities and other resources incl
31 pages of addition and subtraction worksheets that are organized by strategies for students to practice or for the teacher to use for assessments. Review pages of mixed addition and subtraction strategies are also included. Worksheets include practice with plus and minus 0 or 1, doubles, double
Watch, Think, Color! Students watch the board, think about the clues to figure out the number, and color the spot indicated. When they are finished, they have made a picture. In this version of the game, students practice the common core standards for multiplying (CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7). Ther
This unit was created to cover understanding numbers. There are activities to introduce and review even and odd numbers (recognizing up to 1,200 and pairing up to the number 40), comparing numbers up to 1,200, ordering numbers up to 1,200, and number lines. It includes 20 days worth of lesson plans
Watch, Think, Color! Students watch the board, think about the clues to figure out the number, and color the spot indicated. When they are finished, they have made a picture. This expanding bundle currently includes: Hundreds Chart Fun (Numbers 1-120) - ALL 5 DESIGNS Reading Number Words - ALL 5
This Math Clock will have your students thinking about math facts in many different ways. Using what they know about numbers, students will create various number sentences to equal the numbers 1 - 12 (those found on a clock) They will then layer all of their number sentences together to create one
Long Division... What to do? When to do it? When do I bring a number down. How am I going to remember all of this? Are your students struggling with what to do next and when to do the steps in a long division problem. NEVER FEAR SUPER HERO DIVISION FAMILY is HERE! ;o) Thanks to an awesome cus
The bundle include 4 individual clipart sets with 200 images (40 icons / 10 per theme with 5 steps) with white centers for easy layering. Students will love following these step by step illustrations so much they might forget they’re learning! These are pre-made step by step graphics will make your
Sequencing is a reading skill some students struggle with. These sequencing pictures will help them grasp the concept! Place them in order in your resources and have students label each picture or have them cut the images and place them in order. Perfect for practicing chronological order or storyte
This interactive math bulletin board is a great addition to any classroom from 1st to 6th grade. Noggle is the Math Number version of the popular game Boggle. Students use touching numbers to create equations. All numbers 1-100 plus larger numbers are included to meet the needs of your classroom. Se

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