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These Penguin Word Problem task cards use addition and subtraction to 20.You can laminate the cards and fish manipulatives. These fun penguin cards have our original penguin characters on them. They can be used as task cards in a center, or taped around the room for students to work on. You can al
A set of 9 printables giving information about different types of triangles. Includes: title page, properties of isosceles triangles, right angled triangles, scalene triangles and equilateral triangles with additional exemplary posters for each. Treetop Displays - printable posters, classroom resou
This test is aligned with the grade 2 Ontario curriculum. It is an addition and subtraction test that includes:- word problems- find the missing number- fact families- vocabulary words& - base ten blocks
Super fun, low prep engaging ways to encourage your students to identify angles. Two activities:SCOOT (comes with 24 different question cards)Angle mazeAustralian Curriculum Links:Year 3: Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations (ACMMG064)Year 4: Compare ang
Australian Curriculum Links:Year 2:Describe the features of three-dimensional objects (ACMMG043)Year 3:Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations (ACMMG064)Make models of three-dimensional objects and describe key features (ACMMG063)Measure, order and compare
I hope you enjoy this fun and engaging math game! This game has a Winter/ Christmas theme. The calling cards have 8 addition word problems and 8 subtraction word problems. Each word problem is easily decodable for young learners. Each word problem has an answer within 20. Included in this pack
Common Core Aligned: 1.NBT.2 Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. Product includes 4 complete matches with seven to eleven cards in each match (36 cards total) Each match contains: - expanded forms - base-ten models - standard form Created as a
Shape Monster Template (2D Shapes)
This blank numberbond is perfect for your students to slip into protective sleeves. Then they can write on and wipe off their answers over and over agian. This is a great activity for teaching addition and subtraction.
Fun Farm Glide Problem Solving is a totally adorable game to practice finding the perimeter. Game includes: Fun Farm Glide game board 24 Questions about Perimeter 2 Pages of Answers Simply roll the number cube and move to the square. When you land on a farm clipart you get to choose a coor
If your child is struggling with math, then this book is for you; the short book covers the topic and also contains 30 practice problems to work with. This subject comes from the book “Second Grade Math (For Home School or Extra Practice)”; it more thoroughly covers more fifth grade topics to help
Part Part Whole math addition word problem journal entries. These do incluse regrouping. Goes along with Common Core :-) Can be used for journaling or worksheet !!! Created by: Cupcakes and Polka Dots Fonts by: The Learning Tree
Created by a Montessorian with many years of curriculum development experience! Save yourself LOADS of time and research. I have used these presentations with my own class.The Constructive triangles are another of Montessori's well-known didactic materials to help children experience plane geometry.
We are learning the basic 2D shapes!
2D Shape Warm Up PowerPointUse this powerpoint to introduce or revise the concept of 2-Dimensional shapes. Inside the 52 slides you will see: 2D shape overviewNaming 2D shapes Describing 2D shapes Guessing 2D shapes in the real word Matching 2D shape to it's name2D shapes included are: circle, squar
I created this measurement study guide to hand out to my 2nd grade students at the beginning of our measurement unit in math. They can use this study tool throughout the unit to prepare for our test. It includes length, mass/weight, volume and temperature, with words and pictures. It covers what
This beloved Montessori material from the Sensorial area of the curriculum inspires such creativity! Geometric discoveries abound! But what a nightmare to sanitize! If your kiddos love cutting, why not use this? They can cut, design and paste what they make. There are the traditional red, yello
• SHOCK YOUR SUPERVISORS and COLLEAGUES with a year-round ROTATING DISPLAY of hundreds of colorful posters in your classroom! • Give your students a unique visual perspective to help them to retain complex math vocabulary. The set of 275 POSTERS illustrates the mathematical terms covering K-9 vocab
MATHEMATICS WORD GREAT WALL • SHOCK YOUR SUPERVISORS and COLLEAGUES with a year-round ROTATING DISPLAY of hundreds of colorful Math posters in your classroom! • Give your students a unique visual perspective to help them to retain complex math vocabulary. It is really GREAT WALL! The set of 400 PO
A handy little pdf: A printable protractor template, great for when you need protractors for the entire class, or to give to student if they left their protractor at home. There are two protractors on a single sheet. One has the degrees from 0 to 180 going clockwise. The other one has degrees runnin
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Students will change degrees, minutes, and seconds to degree decimals. 44 Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Task Cards Plus: *Teacher Answers *Student Answer Sheet *Blank Worksheet Border (create your own worksheet) *Blank Task Card Border (create your own task cards) *Blank Stud
FACT-->Many students do not know how to take notes in math class. This template makes it easy to organize information with examples/diagrams and definitions that streamline horizontally with the concept being discussed. As a bonus it comes with rocketbook technology allowing students to easily
This bundle contains Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 combined with 100 questions. (58 Pages) MATH QUIZ 1 This quiz has 50 questions with multiple choice answers. Topics Covered : Numbers Trigonometry Probability Algebra Word Problems The answers are provided. MATH QUIZ 2 This quiz has 50 questions
This poster is 18 inches horizontally by 12 inches vertically. It is best to take this poster in to a printing store because it is larger than a regular piece of paper. The background is an old fashioned green chalkboard with all the fixings (chalk, erasers, and a red apple to boot). On the chalkboa

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