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This bundle contains the following Africa resource pack files – Geography of Africa, Environmental Issues, Population and Trade, Ethnic Groups, Governments: Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, Education, Health, and Famine, Economies: Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, Voluntary Trade and Trade Barrie
This is a set of images connected with South Africa. The images included in this set are: girl in traditional Afrikaans dress, South Africa boy, flag, map, desert scene, baobab tree, basket, babotie, boerewors, woman grinding maize, Zulu dancer, springbok, Table Mountain, tuk tuk, voortrekker monum
Africa Scavenger Hunt and Internet Task Cards. A geography scavenger hunt of the continent of Africa. Fill-in-the-blank. Reflects current African geography of the continent. Students can also explore the different regions using the internet to research answers. Includes 2 scavenger hunts. Students
This file is a resource pack about the major physical features in Africa: the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, tropical rain forest, Congo River, Niger River, Nile River, Lake Victoria, Great Rift Valley, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Atlas Mountains, and Kalahari Desert (as outlined by the Georgia Standard of Excellence
This color-by-number coloring activity is the perfect way for your students to review key concepts of Africa's Geography (as outlined by the Georgia Standard of Excellence: SS7G1). Your students will have fun answering the review questions and coloring in the corresponding answers on the coloring pa
West Africa Empires Web Quest! Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Mansa Musa, Salt Gold Trade!This West Africa lesson is included in the larger unit on Islam and West Africa, located here:Islam and West Africa Unit Bundle!Purchase this and save significantly!--------------In this highly-engaging web quest on Wes
This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about animals, food, art, language, clothing and the culture of Nigeria. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Nigeria or Africa. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 q
Cover many important features of African geography with this amazing word search worksheet bundle. Word search puzzles are a great way to introduce and review just about any subject. This bundle includes a large variety of subjects including African biomes, countries, and many geographical feature
Your students will be excited to learn about African American History during Black History Month with this product! There are 50 African Americans in this pack. Profile Pages are included, as well as simple biographies in case you do not have resources for students to research. Blank templates allow
Through this lesson, students learn about the Atlantic Slave trade and the Middle Passage by visiting 5 stations that discuss Triangular Trade and the experience of enslaved Africans along the middle passage. Students practice writing a historical context through their exit tickets. This activity is
These word wall cards are the perfect way for your students to familiarize themselves with important vocabulary words from the Africa Unit (as outlined by the Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS7G1, SS7G2, SS7G3, SS7G4, SS7CG2 and SS7H1). Please see the preview file for a complete list of the words
Nelson Mandela collaboration poster designed to integrate art into your classroom while learning about Nelson Mandela and South Africa. Two Nelson Mandela poster lessons are included plus bonus activities. These art activities are intended to complement/supplement any Nelson Mandela or South Africa
This lapbook was designed to meet Tennessee’s 3rd Grade Social Studies Standards for the continent of Africa. However, this lapbook could be used in any upper elementary classroom. The focus of this lapbook is African’s history, culture, and geography. This lapbook can be made into a custom lapbook
This file is a resource pack that explains the differences between an ethnic group and a religious group and analyzes the diverse cultures of the people who live in Africa. (as outlined by the Georgia Standard of Excellence -- SS7G4). There is a presentation that includes important facts and images
This file is a resource pack about the major environmental issues in Africa: water pollution and the unequal distribution of water, poor soil and deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa, and desertification on the environment of Africa from the Sahel to the rainforest (as outlined by the Georgia Standar
This product is a great resource for a unit on Africa! Includes close reading passages on Africa and a paper bag book with pages on geography, culture, wildlife, and more! Students will use text evidence from the passages to complete the pages. Directions for book assembly included! Paper Bag Book
Harlem Renaissance: Students Investigate Great Migration & Harlem Renaissance!This lesson on the Harlem Renaissance is included in the Roaring '20s, 1930s, and Great Depression Unit Bundle, located here:Roaring 20s, 1930s, Great Depression Bundle! 11 Fun Resources for the 20s & 30s!-------In
This is a fun, exciting way to get your students to role-play in groups as explorers crossing the Sahara during the gold-salt trade. Students must work together in a caravan to make the right decisions along the journey to avoid losing too much health or too many blocks of salt. Just print one game
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Tunisia?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Tunisia through the eyes of a Tunisian girl named Amal. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Tunisia, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might
Black History Month: This black history month word search celebrates the African American heroes throughout history. The solution to the puzzle is included. This Word Search contains the following people:          ♦ Booker T. Washington          ♦ Coretta Scott King          ♦ Dorothy H
This resource includes over 10 interactive paper notebook graphic organizer and the Ancient Egypt digital interactive notebook for Google Drive, corresponding interactive PowerPoint notes (informational text), 40 task cards, a 3D Pyramid foldable, an Ancient Egypt Daily Life booklet, an Ancient Egyp
This map lesson focuses on West African geography and the Medieval Empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Students will locate and label African deserts, rainforests, and savannas in order to analyze how trade was affected by different types of geography. A digital version for use in your Google Clas
This file is an interactive review game for Africa's geography, history, civics, and economics (as outlined by the Georgia Performance Standards SS7G1, SS7G2, SS7G3, SS7G4, SS7CG1, SS7CG2, SS7E1, SS7E2, SS7E3, and SS7H1. Students will work together to answer 9 rounds worth of questions, and then the
This file is a resource pack Compare and contrast different forms of citizen participation in government, specifically in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa (as outlined by the Georgia Standards of Excellence-- SS7CG1). There is a presentation that includes important facts and images; as well as many

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