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Sometimes, you just need to have some nerdy English teacher fun. Make your students groan, roll their eyes, and maybe even smirk with this collection of 101 teen-appropriate puns presented on nine separate “Tearable Pun” fliers. Post them in your room as a Friday treat or make a bunch of copies on c
Newly updated! Whether you are starting a new student council group, organizing your existing group, or looking for new ideas, this binder organization set can put you on the right path. This Student Council Binder Set Includes: Binder Cover Pages: "Forms," "Selection," "Building Community," "Lea
With ready to use forms, contracts, ballots, handouts, surveys, and planning tools this Student Council Advisor’s kit has everything an advisor needs to pull off a successful year without pulling all their hair out or wasting hours coming up with forms you aren’t even sure how to make. When I took
This is the ultimate guide to get you on track for a successful year as a student council (or other student group) adviser. I have combined my Organizational Binder, Leadership Lessons, and Leadership Retreat products along with a few features not available in these products when purchased separate
This is an application for students wanting to run for student council. It asks for information such as other extracurricular responsibilities, grades in current classes and their intentions for becoming involved in student government.
This one is sure to be a hit for the first days of school or any other day for that matter! It combines two classic games, musical chairs and truth or dare, to create a unique and side-splitting ice breaker activity. It is played similar to musical chairs, but if you are left without a chair, you
Transform your middle or high school Student Council group and Leadership course with this whole-course MEGA bundle!This bundle includes everything you need to kick-off, grow, and run a fantastic year as student council government advisor and/or leadership teacher. Everything from ice-breakers and g
Wide-eyed in your first year serving as ASB Student Council or Club Advisor, tasked to lead this year's staff PD or meetings, or simply want to raise your Leadership students out of the poster-making rut?This quick, no-nonsense flip deck of the best strategies for team building and teamwork will set
This activity helps me get to know students on the first day of school by remembering something unique about them. Instead of asking generic questions, these quirky questions inspire thought and discussion throughout the whole class. 1. Each student draws a card and answers the question in front o
Start your Leadership class or Student Council off on a successful year with this introductory unit filled with enough student-centered, get-them-thinking activities to use for 2-3 years before any repeats- great if students are in student government year after year! Then, culminate student learning
Student Council gives children an opportunity to take a responsible role in creating a positive school community. I have run our school's student council for six years and worked hard to make it a success for our school and our students. In this file are the forms to run for office, letters of congr
If you are interested in beginning or strengthening your current Elementary School Student Council then this is the resource for you! This comprehensive 33 page document includes everything you need to begin a Student Council at your school. This document includes:Election procedures for classroom r
This lesson is engaging and powerful for students and their parents. It includes 2 class games, a video link, letter home, reflection activity, and bookmarks for students. The objective of the lesson is to teach students about the different types of peer pressure and help them reflect on their cor
Federal, State, and Local Governments are made simple for your students with this power point. I use the first part of the power point after the students learn about the constitution in the fall, and then show the whole thing in the spring when students campaign and are elected for the Leadership Cl
What in the world...makes you laugh? Students answer the questions and the rest of the class guesses who said what. Stimulates discussion, debate, and humor! Get to know your students in a new, fun way! Perfect for the first day of school, ice breakers, team building, student council retreats,
Develop student leaders among your school and in your classroom! This product highlights 21 character traits that help strengthen leaders. The worksheets can be a great companion to focusing not the traits that make a valuable leader. This product includes:-Leadership: Worksheets (21 options)Char
Strengthen the skills of teamwork, problem-solving, and trust building in your Leadership class or Student Council with these structured yet fun and interactive lessons! Make this year a little less about making posters and performing skits and a little more about teaching the soft skills of patien
Are you looking for lesson ideas for structure your student council or other student leadership group? This product includes 14 lessons along with quarterly goal setting sheets for students. The lessons included focus on leadership, communication, active listening, conflict resolution, working tog
Send out the gift of gratitude and kindness in your leadership, student council, social studies, or ELA class with this thank you letter writing project. This 3-part project starts with a school-wide thank you note card flash mob and ends with researching a never-met-before hero to offer a letter of
This is a SGA packet to get your Student Government Association up and running. All the documents are editable to make it fit your student government program. Documents included in this packet: 1. SGA Constitution (Governing document) 2. Election ballot template 3. Peace week packet 4. Spiri
This is the Ultimate Guide to starting and Elementary Student Council! It includes everything you need to elect and lead a student council. This pack is ready to be printed to create your Student Council Advisor Binder.Materials Included:Electing your Representatives:Classroom teacher letterStudent
This is a description of what is expected from student council members in a middle school. I provide a bullet list of responsibilities and expectations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Classroom Representative. I have advised Student Counc
Help your students keep track of their grades and set personal success goals! How I use these: Each student receives a manilla file folder. Every grading period, I give them a new "Grades and Goals" slip that they glue in. We talk about their grade from the previous report card, and where they wan
Strengthen the skills of active listening, public speaking, and verbal and non-verbal communicating in your Leadership class or with you Student Council with these structured yet fun and interactive lessons! Make this year a little less about making posters and a little more about the soft skills o

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