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Are you looking for a way to ★ MOTIVATE ★ your students to memorize the multiplication facts? If so, use these karate belt award tags that you students will WANT to learn the facts in order to earn each level!★ Listen to what these happy teachers are saying about using these Assessments and Karate
This Fraction of the Day resource can be printed and used for daily warm-ups and weekly quizzes or used digitally for distance learning in Google Classroom. It is perfect for reinforcing common core fraction skills for your upper grades students (4th-6th). This resource includes both printable and
This is a 2.5 page pdf file designed to meet Common Core Standard 7.G.1 : Solve problems involving scale drawings of geometric figures, including computing actual lengths and areas from a scale drawing and reproducing a scale drawing at a different scale. Page 1 is the student worksheet. There
These graphing calculator reference sheets, for the TI-84 graphing calculator, guide students step-by-step on how to solve, graph, or identify the following:1 - Linear Regression2 - Quadratic Graphs3 - Absolute Value4 - Quadratic Regression5 - Polynomial Graphs6 - Inverse Functions7 - Evaluating Fun
Do you recognize the importance of problem solving and realize that you need to infuse more challenging word problems into your teaching, math workshop, or guided math groups? So if you are looking for quality word problems--read on!This BUNDLED set of 80 mixed operation (addition, subtraction, mult
This engaging activity will have students finding common denominators and either adding or subtracting! Students will use differentiated questions to figure out missing measurements in a super slime recipe. There are more simple questions for your struggling students and more complex questions for
Students will show what they know about slope intercept form, linear equations, and x and y intercepts in this fun and creative art math project! Perfect to use as an activity and assessment while teaching slope.Students will use linear equations in slope intercept form to plot and graph a variety
This Thanksgiving math activity gives students practice with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. There is a printable version as well as a digital version included (great for remote learning).***Check out the last page of the preview file for a free page***Georgia Standards of
This set of 20 multi-step word problems reflects the Common Core and other rigorous state standards for grades 4 and 5. Problem solving is such a critical part of math instruction, yet low ink, multi-step word problems are hard to find! With this resource, word problems are included in THREE for
BUDGETING: FINANCIAL PLANNING AND GRAPHING: FINANCIAL LITERACY This fun unit on budgeting features interactive activities to enable students to plan a budget taking into account earned income, expenses and a short-term spending goal. All written content in this unit is editable providing you with th
This is a fun and easy way to work on multiplication facts. Your students will enjoy bringing this picture to life. It also works on prime and composite numbers. Check out the FULL preview. The answer key is included. Merry Christmas!
Long Division - 2 Digit Divisors- Color by Answer*Even older students love to color, but it is impossible to justify the time! This fun activity allows students to solve long division math problems and know immediately if they are working with accuracy! The correct answer will show up on the colorin
3 Posters that give examples of three multi-digit multiplication strategies, including the traditional algorithm, partial products, and lattice. Check out my Multiplication Task Card Bundle Check out my Multi-Digit Multiplication Project!
This freebie is just too good not to share! When quizzing multiplication facts, I used to have to have a million copies on hand. Some of my students would be testing on 3's, others on 4's, and some on 10's. It was just a nightmare trying to keep all those copies and tests straight. This has save
Multiplication: Mastering the 30 Toughest Facts w/choice menu for drill and practice includes: *Suggested implementation with model lesson for determining the 30 facts *Five quizzes reviewing 30 different multiplication facts from 3-12 (randomly sorted to avoid memorization) *Choice menu for mult
How would you like two other freebies from my store?!?! FREEBIE #1 FREEBIE #2 This cute little owl is all ready for Halloween! You are getting 7 levels in one: 1. Color by Number 2. Addition 3. Subtraction 4. Multiplication (also identifies prime numbers) 5. Division 6. Missing Addends 7. Missing
Students will practice finding the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms with this set of 24 task cards. Use these volume and surface area task cards as a whole class activity, a math station or in small groups. Task cards # 1- # 12 focus on finding the volume of rectangular prismsTask car
2 x 2 Digit Multiplication Fill In The Blanks. 10 pages of problems and 10 pages of answer keys. Great for practice or speed tests.
Math practice in a "color by number" manner. Skills and pictures in this file include: adding and subtracting one-step equations (GHOST), two step equations (BAT), easy order of operations (MUMMY), dividing decimals (TURKEY), decimal operations (PUMPKIN), adding and subtracting fractions and mixed
Students will have fun learning about Tree Diagrams and Probability using this handy activity to solidify information they have learned about probability and combinations or as a way to introduce new concepts and the relationship between tree diagrams and the use of probability when combining differ
This is a fun and easy way to work on multiplication facts. Your students will enjoy bringing this picture to life. It also works on prime and composite numbers. The answer key is included. Merry Christmas! Please leave feedback, and if you like this freebie become a follower! Thanks
In this set of 16 task cards students will work with complementary angles, supplementary angles and algebraic equations too find missing angle measure values.For each task card students will use their knowledge of the relationships of complementary and supplementary angles to write and solve an alge
Start a "Problem of the Day" program in your middle school math class!This product is included in my bundle 180 Daily Middle School Word Problems, as well.This zip file contains 45 "real world" word problems for middle schoolers in 3 different formats:- a powerpoint presentation that contains one qu
This resource is intended to help your students enjoy math as they problem solve. To make the activity interesting some of the zoo animals included are extinct (dinosaurs, woolly mammoth, dodo bird, etc.), endangered, or just regular animals.This is the opening scenario for this 41 page Design a Zoo

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