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This Yearbook Starter Kit for Advisers includes everything a yearbook adviser would need to kick the year off and manage the program throughout the year. This is a one stop shop for getting your program going. The pack includes:-- an extensive application for new staff members (printable and digita
The folder contains two files. The first is a PowerPoint file that guides your students through the basics of using the Lego Mindstorm robots, from using the software, to using move blocks, to what buttons to press on the robots, and so on. It also presents four challenges for students to complete
Big Ideas, Essential Questions, Competencies, Vocabulary, etc... If your head is spinning and you've no clue where to begin, then start right here. This is an original contemporary art curriculum for an art elective in middle or high school levels, following an overall theme of self-guided conceptu
Everything you need to start a school broadcast with proven curriculum and lesson format. This package was made as a result of years of planning and practice. Use these documents to ensure you create a quality product that changes the culture of your school. Broadcasting really is easy if you follow
This is a syllabus I created for my middle school creative writing club, which is more like a class than a club. Includes the following sections: club/course description, goals/objectives, attendance/membership, required materials, expectations, disciplinary procedures, instructional philosophy, rec
If you've been assigned to teach a media literacy, multimedia communications, or good old fashioned Journalism I and aren't sure where to begin, or if you'd like to propose such a course for your school/district, or if you'd just like to update your current course, this curriculum is for you. The do
With the success of Christian films such as Soul Surfer, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and now Courageous...the movie industry is taking note! Have your children or students learn the basics of making movies. Who knows, it may spark an interest that may one day lead him/her down this exciting and
Αυτό το πακέτο διδακτικού – υποστηρικτικού υλικού περιλαμβάνει:• Πληροφορίες για το τι είναι η συγγραφική τεχνική των 5 αισθήσεων, στις περιγραφές και, συνεπακόλουθα, στις αφηγήσεις και σε διάφορα κείμενα γενικότερα και ποια είναι η αξία της (με παραδείγματα)• 12 εισηγήσεις για τη διδασκαλία και εφα
This packet contains AVID Bulletin Board Header This is perfect for decorating a cute bulletin board to get students excited about the AVID program! Check out some other fun products! Back to school - 7 coming soon posters for bulleting boards First Day of School Game - Get to Know you Question
This is the Wesley Academy Technology Curriculum Guide for K-8th Grades. It has a general scope and sequence, unit titles and which TEKS/NETS they cover. Individual lesson plans are not added though. This is just a general overview of what I teach and does not include the actual lesson plans. You
I was the go-to Creative Writing teacher at my school. When my wife needed an assignment that was a bit more creative, she'd come to me. When other teachers at my school wanted to change things up a bit in their classes, they'd steal one of my ideas. Some of your colleagues may have used some of my
Here is a handout I gave to another faculty member who was inquiring how I conducted my mock trials in class. There are detailed steps on how to create and conduct a mock trial in the classroom. This is can be used in Middle School and High School.
This is a contract of 20 choices to along with a brief written report assignment for our European Explorers unit in US History. The students must complete a report with note cards & a bibliography for 65 points (or a "D"). To earn a better grade, they choose alternate activities within various
Students research mathematicians who have made famous and well known mathematical discoveries that have led to the mathematics they learn today. Some of the mathematicians are known by name, while others are known by their work. This project targets Common Core Technology Standards, mainly for gra
How did we name our planets? What about the days of our week? Months of the year? This is a collection of mythologies from the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse traditions. It has been written with the average middle-school student in mind. (So the gory, disgusting, and socially objectionable parts of thes
This geography bee course is a program designed to prepare students for the National Geographic geography bee. It has a scope and sequence of topics and maps to master. The difficulty levels flow from beginner to medium to advanced to expert. Each topic has a link to a video, game, or other resou
The folder contains two files. The first is a PowerPoint file that guides your students through the basics of using the Lego Mindstorm robots, from using the software, to using move blocks, to what buttons to press on the robots, and so on. It also presents four challenges for students to complete
Learn and Teach this Fast Addition and Subtraction technique of Fraction (different denominator) in your class. Students will be able to master Addition and Subtraction of Fraction (with different denominator) even in 2 days! Easy method, easy to remember which will sustain and motivate student to
What better way to get kids interested in engineering than getting them to think like one first! Join me as I lead teams through fun and challenging games, while teaching them to think like an engineer. I’ve been writing Engineering articles for Highlights magazine for children for several years… a
Thanks for taking a look at my product! I have spent countless hours developing the curriculum for my Music Technology courses and I found that creating the curriculum map was one of the most time-intensive parts. I sincerely hope that this resource will be a huge time-saver for you. As you browse t
A fun, low risk assignment for students without internet access.
This is my quarter long curriculum to teach basic leadership skills to incoming seventh graders. This program has been so successful that our school has determined it necessary for every incoming seventh grader to take. The concepts may seem simple to adults, especially those of us well versed in op
Need a creative way to teach Ser vs. Estar...well you can use the ser vs. estar wars. Use this as a starter, more episodes
This product is designed to help students keep up with the Table of Contents the ENTIRE year. I created this after finding my students had a hard time keeping up with Table of Contents beyond the first month of school. Instead of glueing one large Table of Contents to be used the entire year in

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