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This unit was made to go Patricia Polacco's book The Junkyard Wonders. Included are 18 pages of activities to challenges your students to think more deeply about the story. The unit was created with the 4th and 5th grade Common Core Standards in mind. Topics explored are theme, setting, character
Students will be introduced to the four main philosophers of ancient Greece (Sophocles, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle). Students will critically examine two notable quotations from each philosopher, asking what they felt the message of each idea meant. Next, students will write and share whether the
This is a winning grant proposal to purchase LEGO Mindstorm Invention System robotics kits to use for science, physics, technology and engineering activities. A state electrical cooperation awarded $1500.00 for this grant in 2002. This proposal is customizable and can be adjusted to compensate for t
This successfully funded Chromebooks grant provides a complete written proposal for you to get funded. I received $800 worth of technology from this proposal I wrote and you can too. Use Chromebooks in your classroom for technology fluency, project based learning. digital publications, literacy and
This download is a bundle of 6 of my successful grants written to obtain technology for my classroom. I wanted to gain items for digital storytelling, using green screen video FX in movie-making, and the apps and styluses needed to create iPad Drawings and Animations. I wrote these grants for our p
Project-based learning activity is entitled "Make a Difference" because it challenges students to select an issue in their school, community, nation, or world that concerns them. They research this issue and write a report explaining statistics and logical information to support the need for their
Use this successful grant to enhance your grant proposal and make yours successful too! This grant was written to purchase school iPads and was approved twice! Just tweak it to match your goal's proposal, the student body, and the things that make your building unique! This product is fully edi
This 18-page packet of fun, engaging, and hassle-free activities is the perfect way to introduce, supplement, and assess your study of Memorial Day with your students. Activities include: Reading Comprehension (and questions) K-W-L Charts (3) Vocabulary ABC Order (and answer key) Parts of Speech So
This grant proposal, written in early 2012, allowed the special education department in my middle school to obtain 40 iPads and peripherals (Apple TV and projectors, etc). Because I teach a multi-subject program, it covers all academic areas, including math, language arts, and social skills. The pro
Sweet poem to your students as you wrap up the year! Send them off with a bag of items that hold a lot of meaning :) - Includes a message from you to put on the outside of a goodie bag (and an area for you to sign) - Includes a poem explaining the items in the goodie bag and their meaning
Students will be shown how to break-down ELA test type questions by putting them into more a simple question. This will help students more ably make their correct choice and gain a greater understanding of the question. Students will then apply this strategy on a non-fcition text, a fictional text a
This is the narrative for a success grant to obtain several eReaders for the school library. It includes rational based on a variety of needs, including serving ELL/ESOL, special education, and all student needs.
This is a completed grant in which you can edit, copy, or paste information in order for you to get a SMARTboard in your classroom! The grant highlights the many positive aspects of this great technology, and explains why it should be implemented in your classroom! (Please note, the attached bud
To date, I have received more than $250,000.00 in funding from various sources for tutoring, books, and classroom manipulatives. This cheat sheets provides you with a step by step process of applying, receiving, and monitoring a grant. Good luck!
This is the written proposal for a successful grant application for six video cameras and accessories for a school library. This could be used to support a grant for a classroom or technology lab, as well. Successful uses are highlighted, as well as future plans and how they can be used to enhance
Gamers in the Classroom: Improving Academic Skills4 page WINNING grant proposal**Please note: item does NOT include technology, ONLY grant application to submit for your school/classroomPrimary Grant Focus:Language ArtsMathematicsComputer Software/TechnologyGrade Levels Targeted: 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
This is a $495 grant I won to build on to my elementary library Makerspace. The focus is on science concepts so it goes perfect with STEAM. You'll find Page 1: Tips and Resources Page 2: Photos of my Makerspace Pages 3-6: Grant My 4-6 grade students have access to the Makerspace during their library
In this lessons students will learn about the four governments of ancient Greece (monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, democracy). Students will read a text about each type of government, and will then record the findings (who had the power, the positives and negatives, etc.), on a graphic organizer.
Grant Proposal: Grant Proposal for Ar-kid-tecture using STEM activities. Would you love to write a grant for your elementary classroom but just can’t seem to get started? This winning proposal may be just what you need to jumpstart your ability to plan, write, and carry-out an innovative teachin
Here you will find a copy of a grant that was written for the purchase of two Kindles for the classroom. The Kindles are used during literacy stations and are loaded with different leveled eBooks. The Kindle has the feature of making libraries for the different levels allowing for differentiated i
I have had over 50 funded grants. This three paragraph succinct letter to a politician is funding the school library with more desktops, a Smartboard and other technology. Components of the proposal include statistical information in a structured and formatted manner. Purchase of this proposal wil
To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Chart guides learners in analysis of the 6 parts of the plot (Freytag's Pyramid):★ Exposition (setting, characters, and background info)★ Conflict★ Rising Action (3 events or details)★ Climax★ Falling Action (2 events or details)★ ResolutionTEXT: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by H
Grant Proposal: Grant Proposal on Team Building Would you love to write a grant proposal but just can’t seem to get started? This winning proposal may be just what you need to jumpstart your students’ ability to work together in problem solving challenges. Building strong peer relationships is v
Students will be able to analyze two emperors in ancient India who ruled under the Mughal Empire and compare and contrast them with each other. The students will also look at this reading and videos to determine why and how the Mughals took over India.

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